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  7. Favorite tsundere

    Buffsuki is the best tsundere and if anyone says otherwise they're gonna get their shit pushed in by her
  8. Favorite 90s or old school anime?

    One of my favourites from the 90s was definitely Outlaw Star along with Cowboy Bebop, but youve probs seen them before
  9. Dieselpunk Anime?

    Cyberpunk, I think, is at the most basic, the genre which encompasses both Steampunk and Dieselpunk, but it also includes many other sub-genres which all revolve around the idea of futuristic high-tech, but frame it from the perspective of different time periods. There are a ton of these different 'punk' sub-genres which even includes a sub-genre called stonepunk, which is based on, you guessed it, the Stone Age. Whilst cyberpunk can be used to encompass all these sub-genres, it is still its own genre and I would say it is based on the near and far flung futures from the current day and age. It has seen a crap-load of movies, anime, books, etc. and has become probably the most popular of these sub-genres. This, i would say, is followed in popularity by Steampunk with its iconic style and its moderate focus on adventure and discovery. Although Dieselpunk is somewhat a popular genre, it is nowhere near as popular as the aforementioned cyber and steampunk, and I feel it is a shame that these smaller sub-genres go mostly unnoticed and they only have a small following of fans today.
  10. Dieselpunk Anime?

    I somewhat agree, however i wouldnt go so far as to classify dieselpunk as being during the early industrial revolution as the industrial revolution revolved around the mass production of steam powered machinery. I would say this era lines up better with the steampunk style and i would say that dieselpunk is more modern and alined with the public introduction and production of the combustion engine all the way to the end of WWII. Regardless, i love the dieselpunk style and genre.
  11. Dieselpunk Anime?

    Its basically sort of like 1920s to 40s, era style but more futuristic tech. Dieslpunk has a very industrial, dirty look and feel to it as everything is usually powered by diesel and petrol engines
  12. Dieselpunk Anime?

    Hi everyone, i'm new to this so bear with me. Just wondering if there is anyone who is at all interested in dieselpunk as a genre and if they have any anime recommendations for this genre. Its one of my favourite genres of anime and art in general and if done right, can be a real good story, take Last Exile for example, that is up there on my list. Also some movies from Miyazaki have a very nice dieselpunk feel to them. First one that comes to mind is Laputa, Castle in the Sky. Anyway, if anyone has any recommendations for me, or just wants to talk about the genre, just let me know
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