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  1. Hiya! This game is very simple! Just ask a dumb anime question! Rules: No rude comments That's it!
  2. Yeah, but I only watched 2 of the episodes! If you want spoilers just ask!
  3. Rias Gremory - High School DXD Rias Gremory is the sister of 1 of the Devil Kings! She is also apart of the Great Gremory family! She is the youngest. She starts loving ISSEI Officially in ( season 1 episode 12) Rias Gremory is Beautiful, her boobs are very busty also! She is a high ranked devil! And really Badass woo!
  4. Hm, when did you guys start watching THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS? The anime is pretty good, I just got into the 2nd season, well I read most of the manga, I just wanted you to give an opinion on the show! My favorite character is BAN ! Maybe GOWTHER also! If you haven't watched the anime I suggest you watch it on Netflix or Kissanime.
  5. Well, In 2010, I was bored and I decided to watch netflix! I couldn't find anything to watch so I just picked random shows. Then I found "Rosario + Vampire" it was a really good show! I watched "SGT Frog" also! Then I started watching more and more anime until I forgot how many animes I watched lol. 1,000 maybe.
  6. Optic

    Welcome to AF!

    1. Tama


      Thanks! o/ I'm really happy to be here! xD

  7. FullMetal Alchemist - Again
  8. Hm, well! I just met you. I don't think a simple "crush" will describe my feelings. Anyways, love doesn't make any sense!
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