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  1. have you seen it ? or just from the pic ? LOL he is so my type - Complicated, tough, never smiling, sexy voice
  2. Im linux person yes but i know the manga is still going so i hope for another season soon!! that been said, i just watched : shingeki no bahamut virgin soul OMG! i can say that this is my FAV anime ! Yona and this are same place now ! you haveee to watch it! it has a first season calld : shingeki no bahamut genesis the first season is mm ok - was intersting and the story very intersting BUT the second season shingeki no bahamut virgin soul was like OMG i saw it in 2 days i couldnt stop! let me know what you think your next crush is :
  3. vampire knight - defently dark romance! has 2 seasons.
  4. YAY it seems that we have the same animes on our list then i will probly ask you to recommand me all the time, and also! when you watch the vampire knight let me know (rewatched it at least 7 times) and norn9 i liked so much that they had saskue voice, if you watched naruto ..yull know
  5. Ha acutally - Dried banana its holiday for the trees here.. yea dont ask
  6. haha watched Snow White with the Red Hair right after Yona! you should try Noragami and even norn9 - have you watched vampire kninght ? the only other seris that made me feel like what yone anime did for some reason lol. i think about yona it was that firstly, it started with a tragic and i was like O-O and then you have Hak which u fall in love with one look i love it when they show somone or somthing in the episode - like the dragons or so woon and Hak and then they go back to the past and Yona is developing throw the show which made me LOVE her! and the dragons story is just sooo... im in love! you saw the ova also ? that was a total my heart burnedd that episodes. why did you like it ?
  7. i will give it another try, i do have the tendency to like animes that start of with a big tragedy lol. now on the forth episode of shingeki no bahamut genesis so far so good, and i cant watch multi animes at a times thank you.
  8. what do you like in an anime story ? romance ? demons?
  9. norn9 - they have saske voice there lol Akagami no Shirayuki blue exorcist Noragami Koe No Katachi- movie started Made in Abyss - stopped after 6th episode :\ now started : shingeki no bahamut genesis
  10. here also! and ofcours .. Shirayuki from Akagami no Shirayuki
  11. i dont like it at all, if an anime has alot of it then ill probly loss interest :\
  12. Hey thanks! i have watched the first 2 episode of Ancient Magus' Bride. and it didnt really itrest me, maybe i should give it another try and Strike The Blood? is on my list! i will watch it.. just started shingeki no bahamut genesis
  13. you didnt finish it :0!!! you have toooo!!!! i loved it and the ending is the best i dont want to spoiler
  14. yes i saw it too!! loved it, have more recommantions?!
  15. then recommand me on somthing you think is BEST i wanna watch! and i like recommandtions! i try it! if you loved Yona then if you have somthing you loved also i will wanna watch it! let me know.. have you watched Noragami ? yes!! have you watched Noragami ? Vempire Knight ? (i think its more like it somehow ) and if you have recommantion i love to hear!
  16. umm, its true i love it when there is a little bit of romance, on the other hand i also loved naruto which didnt have so much... and also watched blue exorcist lately (have you watched it ?) loved it also and no romance.. i dont really knows what affects me to love this animes, i think it has to do with them starting with a big tragedy
  17. i saw the first episode of Arslan Senki and i didnt relate to it.. should i give it another try ? and yona of the dawn is THE BEST ANIME i saw since i saw vempire knight, it has romance, HOT dude (HAK) , action and some VERY SAD parts. loved it !!! if you will watch it let me know and also, this is better then noragami!
  18. haha i got confused at first! Noragami - liked it alot its demons\gods and have romance there also! you should watch , but if theres an anime i HAVE to recommand is Akatzki no yona - have you seen it ?
  19. hey im new also! i dont know even if there somone here in my age but it would be great! im 27 and a big fan of: Akatzki no yona , Noragami ,blue exorcist, inuyasha, bleach,naruto nice too meet you!
  20. blue exorcist-Recomended! Noragami - Recomended! Akatzki no yona - SUPER RECOMENDED! now looking for somthing new like these animes
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