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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kYsxoWfjCg
  2. DRILLLL I MISSED YOU! Thanks! I hope to see myself more on the site too lol, and thanks!
  3. Ohmygod I feel so bad for being away for so long ;-; But hopefully I'm here to stay for a while. School's just been taking up so much of my time ;-;
  4. Well I got a pair of proper sneakers after 5023223 years since I've only ben wearing boots and hightop since like forever
  5. This seems like a cool idea! I'm up for a good game
  6. Ryujiiiiiii

    1. Ryuji


      *tackle hugs Nuh!*

    2. Nuh1000


      *collapses* ahahah

  7. I love Magi! It a perfect mix of humor and action! Although I'm still waiting on the third season
  8. Welcome to AF! Enjoy your stay! I am the fabulous Nuh!
  9. Welcome to AF! I am the fabulous Nuh! I hope AF will be our antidote
  10. Welcome to AF! I am the fabulous Nuh! Enjoy your stay!
  11. I'm screaming this is not okay I totally did not expect Nachentanya to be a lowkey psychopath, and I agree with Drill, too many questions have been left unanswered. I really hope a second season is coming to answer more questions and maybe actually see the battle with the demon king >.>
  12. No, I don't its ridiculously unhealthy for you, so teas the way to go for mee
  13. *whispering* you shhhoooullldddd It's always great to watch it in anime form xP and for the second season, I am honestly so excited for it 0-0
  14. Heyo! Welcome to AF! I am the fabulous Nuh! Enjoy your stay~
  15. That's a nice Avi and occupation you got going there xP

    1. feelme


      Thanks bby! ;o

  16. Dark Yu is awesome! I agree, I can't imagine Charlotte ending with Yu only having one eye 0-0
  17. I've hear about this before as well. Tbh I really don't think it's going to get passed since it affects a lot more than just anime, and there would too much of an opposition to this from most of the population.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddg_K1izcUE
  19. :O:O Theres too much left to solve ohmygod :'( I really hope this gets a second season tbh
  20. 0-0 this episode 0-0 I actually felt bad for Kumagami, the way he died was terrible. how many more episodes are left? ;-;
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