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  1. This was a really good episode. The whole past thing and the expansion of the Yu's ability was great! It was also pretty cool to see other kinds of abilities that others possess.
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    Welcome to AF! I am the fabulous Nuh!
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GtPW4nB3Ro
  4. 1) Go to a cat cafe 2) Visit Akihabara bc I'm cliche like that 3) Take 1000+ pictures with the pokemon mascots and travel in general XP
  5. Welcome to AF! I am the fabulous Nuh!
  6. Well I'm off to Canada! *narrows eyes* Don't you go and have fun without me ;-; xP

    1. Ryuji


      *goes off and has fun* :p Later that night *cries because he misses Nuh* *watches anime to feel better*

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      Rejoice mortals! For I have returned from my expedition!

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLYlMq6MU2s
  8. Oh god flamingos Life Angels curse! Wilt!
  9. I just realized you're the one who recognized me on OR! xP
  10. Goddamn, I didn't expect Ayu to die, some injuries but death was unexpected. But I think that's what made the episode so great, It was interesting to watch Yu's fall into depravity, and see the extent of his powers. Which I was all for, and I don't really do relationships, but it was really kind of Nao to bring him up to the light again. The feels though ;-;
  11. Well it's as the name says Example: Person 1: Smacks you wish a fish! Person 2: Smacks you a pan! Haha!
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    Hi !

    I'm sure you'll be great! I, myself, am the Rp mod
  13. Oh we've been to two places, there aren't many up here in New york. One was "Cousins" which pretty good and inexpensive and the other was "High Velocity" Which was really expensive but the maps were really cool and overall it was great! Where do you go?
  14. Ahahah I used to to do that same thing, but maybe I was more stealthy since I never got caught
  15. I've never played airlift before, though I've done paintball many times before, it's a little anxious in your first few games but once you get the hold of it shots near anymore won't hurt as much. I remember be and a friend of mine were sheltering behind a bus and he was refilling his tank and he shot in my arm which was only a couple on inches away. Hurt like hell, but I was fine after a few moment other than the scar that the cut left behind. I've heard a lot about airsoft particularly about how the pain is more realistic, though I don't know how that would work.
  16. Well antisocial me tries to go to the self-service one whenever possible, but if there's a free cashier nearby I just go them and try not to be awkward Though I've noticed that here too, where I live, before there used to one or two self-service counters but now theres as many as 5, which is surprising since it's taking away the jobs of many people.
  17. Sorry I just saw this Dx Right now, I have a macbook pro and it works marvelously! It fast, sleek, and can go a long time without needing to be charged depending on the activity, though the only downside to this are these popups that come up and won't go away. I usually have to shut down the whole browser to get rid of them.
  18. Heyo! Welcome to the forums! I am the fabulous Nuh!
  19. Nuh1000

    Hi !

    Welcome to the forums! I am the fabulous Nuh!
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