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  1. Yeah, it' pretty bigm but that comes with it's own problems I love this small community, though I'd love to see it grow!
  2. Welcome to Anime forums! I am the fabulous Nuh!
  3. That girl with the knife was lowkey crazy >.> It was a pretty good episode, and it seems like the episode are starting to connect instead of individual short stories in each episode. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next with Ayu. and does anyone know who that girl with he orange hair is? I suspect her to be a recon for scientists but I have no clue.
  4. Woah that episode was packed, it flew by. Adlet isn't helping his case so far by kidnapping Fremy and what not. Though I admit I didn't think Chamot would be the one, perhaps maybe she's seeking some attention of glory. 14 year olds amiright xP
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5MYy2Mi4c0 She strikes again <3<3
  6. From my list; Charlotte, Card Captor Sakura, Fairy tail are a few great ones you might like!
  7. Welcome to the forums! I am the fabulous Nuh! btw I love that Sylveon avatar
  8. SASS BUDDY WHAT ;.; I had high hopes for you jkjk
  9. Trinnn, nah no one else heres from the base only moi Never saw a better intro post *judges* xP
  10. Pretty slow episode, imo. but does anyone know why that group attack on Nao took place?
  11. Two of the majors are definitely aesthetics and battery life. Mainly so I can work on it outside my home without having to worry of how it looks or it running out of battery.
  12. Welcome to the forums! I am the fabulous Nuh! I've been hearing much more of Yu Yu Hakusho, Is it really good?
  13. Nuh1000


    I only go to McDonalds once a month and thats only for their fries and hot fudge sundaes
  14. Heyo! Welcome to the forums! I am the fabulous Nuh!
  15. Welcome to the Forums! I am the fabulous Nuh! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! ^.^

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      Oh wait! Actually, do you know what the resolution is for the profile cover?

    3. Nuh1000


      Sure ask the one question I don't know the answer to xP However I did a little shuffling here and there and I think this is it: 1158 x 347

    4. feelme
  16. Pls stop the lies ;.; My eyebrows are terrible ;.;
  17. That's what they all say! I'll be keeping my eye on you(o^.^o) xP
  18. Just saw this, It was really great! Stirred up some old emotions xP
  19. I went from FireFox to Chrome and now I've been using Safari. Which is pretty good IMO.
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