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    I need help to find an anime I saw years ago.

    Hey I am so sorry but I am also looking for an anime I saw ages ago. It was on German television if that's any help. I think I just saw a few Episodes before the finale. It was a group of teens and tweens with different roles in the group and they tried to defeat a guy who collected time. The bad guy killed the boy (maybe even protagonist?) of the group and they were so devestated with his death but the fight against the bad guy went on and as they finally manage to destroy the mech the bad guy hid in they took the time the bad guy collected and activated it so they could return to a point before the guys death but the time he collected wasn't even enough to return to that point and as the (still alive) villain saw that the time wasn't even enough to turn back to that point he realised that all that he had done these past years was useless and he lost all his motives and broke down. The anime can't be too recent. It should be before 2014. Does anyone have an Idea?
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