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  1. You know, instead of waiting for some replies, there are some steadily available channels on youtube you can watch instantly. There's like an entire niche genre for these type of recommendations. They aren't hard to find from my recollection.
  2. It's one of the many forms of entertainment I watch when I'm feeling bored. Sadly, I don't have some sort of tragic backstory in which I can share about how much anime means personally to me. It's just something I do to kill time.
  3. The first episode of great. In all honesty, the first season of Konosuba wasn't as funny pass the first episode, everything else only made me chuckle at best. I've had some genuine laugh this first episode, I really hope I'll continue laughing this much. Really looking forward to the second episode.
  4. All manga vary in size. So, are we talking about "on average" then? Kind of misleading title, but whatever I suppose. 10-?? minutes. The thing is, I've seen HUNDREDS of manga titles, and dropped hundreds more. I'm trying to make a habit of reading AT least 3 chapters of a manga before making the rash decision of just dropping it. (I have high standards) It takes usually 10 minutes (probably a little less actually) to drop a manga. And if by the miracle of a god I manage to stay, I don't know how long I would stay for. Like I said earlier, all manga really seem to vary in size. It's like women, some like them small and thin, some like them average, and some like them big. kappa
  5. You can check your MAL (If you have one) for the titles that you previously added on your MAL. Share what you've seen the past month. Drifter Kizumonogatari 2 All out! episode 1 Yeah, It's not much. My interest for anime has sort of dwindled.
  6. Yeah, sure. Just watch a few episodes and see how you like it. But I think It's important to mention a couple of things. For some people, (especially for people who aren't used to subtitles) the subtitles working in conjunction with the action can be distracting, and can ruin the action for some people. I mean, how can you watch the action if you're constantly looking at the bottom of the screen? Also, on the whole "Sub isn't as good as dub since there's less emotions", I feel like it's important to consider the possibility that we don't know the Japanese language as intimate as English, and because of that, we can notice a lot of mishaps, and mistakes the voice actors make. As English speakers, we have TONS of points of references in peoples voice when conveying emotions. Whenever that would be a fight with your friends, or making your parents cry, etc. Unless you yourself speaks Japanese, and is well equipped with experience in drama from both languages, feel free to inform me.
  7. Also, we wouldn't know the implications of a cyborg anyways. That's way too far into the future to apply our current understanding within making fair judgement in the court. Our understanding of ethic change as other variables enter the picture. You can see this all over history.
  8. I wouldn't define humans as a certain benchmark in mental capacity. There's still a physical property to humans that is indistinguishable to anything else, and the origin of the human (Part of the evolution tree, women womb, etc) So no, I wouldn't really consider a sentinel AI a human, since it lacks the physical properties of a human. And if a robotic has the property of the physical element of a human, and the intelligence of an AI, I think we can safetly conclude that's a cyborg. And I don't know about you but, humans =/= cyborgs.
  9. Flood ALL the recent posts. :naughty:

  10. I mean, these are cool and all, but I just got a couple of questions. Can you see the dakimakura in the darkness? What's the point of getting a specific pillow for its outwards appearance if you're not going to see it majority of the time when laying in bed. I know this varies from person to person, but the average time it takes to fall asleep is 10-20 minutes, does looking at a pillow for 10-20 minutes in the dark justify buying one? Unless you sleep with a night light or something, which I can imagine a lot of people don't pass the age of 6. And don't get me wrong, It's fine getting a pillow for outwards appearance, but why on a bed? I can totally get buying a pillow like this for your couch, where people/yourself are places you actively look, but do you personally look at your bed on a daily bases? And if you do often, does it justify buying a pillow that is anime themed? And to add. If you're hugging a pillow that's pointing up, and you're sideways, would you even see the characters face? Of course, you can redirect the pillow directing right in your face, but gravity will eventually re position it to its natural position. Pointing upwards.
  11. ???? What for? Most anime gets translation within a day span, and is learning one of the hardest languages, ESPECIALLY if you come from an language with a similar grammar structure as English justify watching a movie in Japanese a couple of months early? I can totally get learning a new language for its culture, or for certain enjoyments where there's a lot inaccessible due to a language barrier like Doujins, erotic games, manga, etc. Anime itself has a pretty dedicated community where fans/pros are actively translating almost everythi, this is pretty evident between these forum communities itself. Seriously, no offence, but what sort of idiot would learn Japanese JUST for anime? Does the subtitles take away something so intrinsically valuable in which you must spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours practicing a "trade". (It's questionable whenever learning a language is a trade or not, but that's for a different discussion). It honestly just seems that specific individual is seriously undermining the actual difficulties, and dedication it takes to learning a language. Languages goes beyond just learning a couple of terms in a foreign medium. /rant over
  12. I watch anime in my room obviously. Duh.
  13. Why the "lol's" man. C'mon. Is it really so funny about me returning? Feelsbadman. Unless you were laughing at my content, but I'm going to be a bit skeptical if you people were actually "Laughing out loud".
  14. Aside from its ethical implications. Murder can only be conducted to the race of humans. It's the very definition of the word. "the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought" Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/murder AI aren't human, therefore the law doesn't apply to these creations. /discussion
  15. I recall making a couple of reviews here. And I wish to revise/view them. But it seems that my reviews are gone. I can't seem to view my "One Punch Man" review, or my "The World God only Knows". I vaguely recall making other reviews,but I can't seem to remember the title of the material I was reviewing. (Weird, I know. ) Were they perhaps deleted, or is there a function in which I can just filter out everything, and view strictly my reviews?
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