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  1. well i don't know if i can make one up now but i found a really horror one that i wrote in my notebook when i was 15. A little girl was walking home from the mall one night and she heard someone coming close to her. "Who's there?" She said without turning around. When she stopped, the footsteps stopped as well. Sophia was really scared. She started walking a little more and the footsteps behind her followed. She started to feel scared inside and outside. Then she started to walk a little faster but when she was almost at her house she turned to see a tall pale white creature with arms and tentacles and the head had no eyes or mouth, grab her and she was gone forever. never to be seen again.
  2. Yes all the time but only little waits that is all. if i am doing bigger ones then i couldn't left them. wait what am i talking about anyway to answer your questions all them are yes.
  3. Belated welcome to the anime forum community. hope you have an awesome day here.
  4. Hello everyone! Spring here! So today let's talk about anime. Yes anime you say? Well, I do love anime but i am also a big fan of the idolmaster. What's the idolmaster....... Wait what am i saying?... Oh yeah. sorry! lol! Anyway today's topic is first and second character favorites. tell me who is your first character favorite and your second character favorite. it can be either anime or some other character from a different show. anyway can't wait to red your messages. GETTING SO EXCITED OVER HERE!! Sincerely, Glitter Spring
  5. Belated welcome to anime forums. hope that you have fun here.
  6. Hello there this is your friend glitter spring. Today this is going to be a relaxed day for all of us to have a lot of fun together. ANIME FUN!!! If you can't do this fun stuff it is ok maybe you can think of a way to have some you time. Fun time is beginning. What kind of fun time will you do. Fun time stuff: Watch anime shows Draw anime Write anime stories (your own way) Etc. What kind of fun things will you do with your friends or for yourself.
  7. This is Glitter Spring speaking, Hello everyone. Today is the day that we are going to talk about the season of spring. So what are you going to do in the spring time? Winter will be over soon. Hope to read what you are saying here. Have fun with spring time. Yours truly, Glitter Spring
  8. Welcome to the anime forum. I hope that you and me get to be best friends. Have fun here.
  9. Hi everyone. Glitter Spring speaking, What are you going to do for the Christmas holiday. Something fun or exciting. Whatever happens for the fun time. Explain your Christmas holiday this year. Yours Truly, Glitter Spring
  10. Hi everyone this is Glitter Spring speaking, What are you all going to so for thanksgiving break? Something exciting, boring, cool, or business. Talk about your epic day that will happen on the holiday. Yours Truly, Glitter Spring
  11. I like @XII360 profile. It is so awesome.
  12. Well i like cute anime couples and i always love to print them out or maybe draw mt own cute anime girl couples drawings.
  13. I did not know which one is canon but here they are Yuno and another girl I think that she is from hide and seek. Because I just found her.
  14. I'm in i will start now and then i will post my drawing tomorrow.
  15. This is neko girl speaking, Congrats to the new staff and the manager and content congrats Sincerely, Neko girl
  16. Hi there welcome to the forum of anime have fun and i hope that you and me can be friends soon
  17. Hi there welcome to Anime Forum. i hope that you have fun here and I hope that you and me can be friends soon and get to know eachother
  18. Thanks pierrem I also love your avatar as well I hope that we can be great friends and get to know each other
  19. Hi there I hope that you and me would be great friends soon. Sits down on the chair. And I hope that we get to know each other as well ☺
  20. Neat I also love ramen noodles too I always eat it for lunch and dinner and it was so good. And I also love your picture of the noodles it makes me want to eat it for breakfast as well.
  21. Hi there welcome to the forum of Anime. I hope that you and me can be friends and get to know each other.
  22. To my oppinion I think that that picture is real because it's love that's all.
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