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  1. Got married March 17th 2023! ❤️❤️ Obsessed with my wedding ring-9e5fr7.thumb.jpg.77ef101f7466ab50e2d3ee9fd8374888.jpg

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    2. Rebel Spirit

      Rebel Spirit

      Congratulations, you love birds. I hope you'll live a long and happy life with each other. ^^

    3. viruxx


      Congratulations! Wishing you the best!

    4. Animedragon


      Congratulations. Today starts a new chapter in your lives. which I hope will be long and happy.

      That ring does look impressive, my late mother's was just a plain gold band.

  2. Getting married in just 4 days 

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    2. KaiyaSaysHaiya


      congratulations!! I hope all goes well ^^

    3. Bulleje76


      Very nice. Have a great day

    4. viruxx


      Congrats! Best wishes! 🤩

  3. Tempting to get Son of the Forest. Been watching Twitch streams of it nonstop, lol.

  4. Supposed to get 24 inches of snow and 45mph winds starting tomorrow. Looks like I'm not going anywhere lol.

    1. Ohayotaku


      Here the temps are supposed to get into the 70s Thursday, then a high in the 30s Friday 😅

    2. Animedragon


      24 inches wow that's a lot of snow! If we got 2.4 inches of snow it would cause chaos on our roads, railways and airports because we just don't get much snow regularly so we've little or no infrastructure to cope with it.

  5. Really need to get myself a Steam Deck so I can just lounge on the bed or couch. Binge playing on my desktop while sitting on my computer chair hurts my butt so bad. 🙃 😂😂

  6. Got into my first car accident last night and I hope it never happens again. Thankfully no one else was involved in it. Car made it out too with only a few dings. Had it checked at the mechanic shop to make sure. Everything is good to go.

    Now I'm just gonna take the next couple days to relax because I'm sore as heck and my anxiety is still a bit on edge. 

    1. viruxx


      Those car accidents are no fun at all. Glad you're safe and hope you feel better soon.

  7. Ugh cramps are horrible tonight 

  8. Hope everyone had a great New Years

  9. First the snow storms and -45 °F weather and now it's reaching the 40°F's. Weather sure is wild this winter.

    1. Kōyamaki


      When in doubt...blame H.A.A.R.P.



  10. Wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive lol

    1. Dimitrios


      Welcome back, Envy! 🙌

    2. EnviousEnvy


      @PogFrog Thank you! I've been having some health issues so I took a hiatus from the site for a bit. Still not 100% but I'm getting there.

  11. Haven't been on here in awhile, oops.

    1. efaardvark


      NP.  Everyone should do other stuffs now and then, and there's only so many hours in a day to do all the stuffs.  Welcome back!

    2. EnviousEnvy


      @efaardvark Normally I hop on every other day or so but it's been a few weeks, lol.

  12. Not feeling the greatest today (the stomach bug I think). So playing relaxing games on the Switch while watching movies. 20220808_175432.thumb.jpg.14bbbd2c7aa28320b4906fd9b37d7d97.jpg

  13. Can't believe I'm dirty 30 now (birthday was the 5th of July)

    1. Ohayotaku


      You get used to it :P 

      Happy(?) belated Birthday 🎂 



    2. EnviousEnvy
  14. These snapchat filters give me life 😂IMG_20220614_153300_204.thumb.jpg.04911f30fe45180f3833d0970a622e8c.jpg

  15. Watching the new Fantastic Beasts movie 

  16. Late night of laundry so gonna do some gaming, lol.

  17. I just realized I've been a member for a little over 4 years now, lol. 😅

    1. Wodahs


      I just realized you've been a member for a little over 4 years now, lol. 😁

      me its been bout 6.5 years woe 😵

  18. Come to the conclusion I'm allergic to pet dandruff. My dogs get bathed regularly (once a month) but my roommate's dogs does not and I just had a freaky sneezing fit with a runny nose after petting them. Ugh. Hate allergies... can't take anything either because of the medications I'm on. 😖

    1. Hällregn


      Aww, I'm sorry. Hopefully they will make an effort to lessen the pet dandruff! 💛

  19. Supposed to be 75°F this Saturday and I would be looking forward to it if it weren't for the fact that it's going to be storming. 😑😩

    1. Ohayotaku


      They’re saying  it will be in the 80s here on Saturday & Sunday. Not predicting any storms, but will probably spend most of it doing yard work. 🤧

    2. Wodahs


      gonna be 79 here tomorrow and a little warmer on sunday , tho monday will be as warm and with showers and a rainy week forecast


    3. EnviousEnvy


      @Ohayotaku @Wodahs It wasn't rainy all day and when it was rainy it wasn't heavy. The downside was that I ended up being sick, ugh. Lol

  20. Woah, I've been a member here for almost 4 years now? Time sure flies fast, lol.

    1. peachtea


      Congrats on the seniority! x3 I agree, time is going by so fast. April the 1st already?!

  21. Apparently yesterday morning (Tuesday) I woke up to my fiance's alarm clock (set for 4AM) and for some reason my half tired ass kept trying to tell Alexa to shut up, lol. 😂

    1. Wodahs


      that be better than waking up to my fiance's alarm clock and telling google to shut up as there'd be two questions that would need answering



      what you doing with my fiance and when did i get a fiance


  22. I am back.... sorry for the absence lol

    1. Otaking66lives


      We were getting worried...glad you are back!

    2. peachtea


      Welcome back! ^^

  23. I like cleaning... actually enjoy it sometimes but what I don't like... is not even 5 minutes after cleaning something it is messy again and the person who did it leaves it. 😕 😒

  24. Cannot believe February is almost over already... could of sworn this year just began, lol. 

    1. Animedragon


      Yeah, subjective time is a funny thing. January & February seem to have just flown by. But it feels like we've been living under covid restrictions for decades.

  25. Think I'm going to start waking up and staying up at 4AM during the week days. So much more time to do things I need to do plus I'm not as sleepy either. Just need my coffee as usual, lol.

    It's currently 3PM and I'm just now feeling tired.

    1. efaardvark


      I've always been a night person.  Left to my own devices I'll go to sleep around 3-4am and get up at around 9 or 10.

    2. EnviousEnvy


      @efaardvark I'm usually a night person too but if my fiance sees me up at 4 AM (when he gets up for work) he isn't very happy about that, lol. He says he likes snuggle time at night so now I'll play my Switch while laying in bed 😅😅.

    3. Wodahs


      been getting up at 4am on the main for years , but then again im leaving for work at 5 and there at 5.30am tho i do prefer staying up all night then waking up to the sun mid morning

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