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  1. Almost 4AM and still can't sleep... someone come over and hit me with a frying pan 😂😂

  2. Might wear makeup 💄, might not (haven't wore it in a few months). If I do I'll post a picture of it either in the comments on here or a whole new status update, who knows? Lol

  3. Currently obsessed with the new Assassin's Creed Valhalla game. Also liking the photo mode as well. 20201124_002836.thumb.jpg.f07c999f93b878878ec9f99be3c41924.jpg


    1. Zila


      I'm having so much fun with this game! I've already sank a lot of hours into it and hardly scratched the surface. xD Looove photo mode. I think Ubi did good on this. :) 

    2. Wedgy


      I only recently picked up Odyssey. I'll more than likely grab this one later on. So cool!

    3. EnviousEnvy


      @Zila Same here. The game is so beautiful and I'm totally immersed in the game

      @Wedgy I like Odyssey a lot too but Valhalla has literally one my heart. Definitely pick this one up too when you can!

  4. Looks like the site got an update? That's awesome. Liking the look and the feel... ❤💜💜

    1. XII360


      same, im especially liking the tenshi theme i recently found out about 

      seriously, how did i forget that theme button >_<

    2. EnviousEnvy


      @XII360 I forget that I can change the theme too. Finally did so after about 2 years, lmao.


  5. Covid Update:

    No more nose congestion and less headaches... downside? Well I can no longer smell 🙃 

  6. Guess who caught the Rona?


    Now I gotta quarantine for 14 days... 😬

    1. XII360


      stay safe in your own room, and away from your family man

      take care, you aint dead yet!

    2. Beocat


      Lol....I'm on vacation so maybe when I get back I can test positive and get to self quarantine too. Seems to be what my boss does every single time he's vacationed since March.


      Rest up. :)

    3. EnviousEnvy


      @XII360 Only symptoms I have so far are dizziness, sore throat, nose congestion and headache. Any type of playing games kicks starts my dizzy spells so unfortunately no games until then. 

      @Beocat Man, I wish I was only joking. It kind of sucks. Nonstop headaches and the dizzy spells are annoying, lol. 

      All I do is rotate between sleeping on my bed and the couch, lmao.

  7. Girl Talk (don't read below if you can't handle it) 


    Why am I suddenly getting nauseous when working out after getting my period? It happened again and my anxiety is now through the roof. Currently relaxing in a warm bathtub to help ease both the nausea and anxiety. I'm about ready to give up exercising whenever I'm hit with my "gift". It's been riding me hard lately since I started (haven't had my period since June and it is now November). It's annoying...

  8. Can't believe how fast Halloween is coming up. This month literally just flew by, ugh.

  9. Decided to somehow slice my finger with a potato peeler...

    Sharp objects and I don't seem to mix very well... 😬😅

    1. efaardvark


      I feel your pain.  I’m not quite that bad - never managed to cut myself with a potato peeler (yet) - but if I pick up an x-acto then it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that there will be blood before the project is done.  Our trash collectors don’t pick up trash that doesn’t fit in the bin so we have to cut up our cardboard boxes too.  That’s another hazardous chore that I approach with extreme caution.  One time I managed to cut myself just by picking up the box-cutter.

    2. EnviousEnvy




      I do most of the cooking and baking at home so I try to take extra time with knives. Apparently though the potato peeler somehow magically slipped and caught my finger this time, lol.

  10. I ended up purchasing all of the Saints Row games, oops. Lol.

  11. Had to laundry at the laundromat because my dryer decided to f**cking die out of nowhere. There was an upside though.... 


    Got my fiance to play the Switch, lol.



  12. Jackpot! 



  13. laying in bed, tired but can't sleep, ugh. 😫

    Also it's almost 3:30AM and I have to be up before 10AM today, lol. I'm gonna need some extra coffee or tea when I wake up...

  14. Can't wait for this weekend!


    1. Ohayotaku


      What’s got you fan-girling? 😁

    2. EnviousEnvy


      @Ohayotaku Getting the Animal Crossing Switch this weekend. I have the v1 right now so I can't wait to get my hands on the v2. Honestly though I just really want those joycons 😅

  15. Really been slacking off cleaning my home. I'll focus on it this Wednesday while my fiance is at work, lol.

  16. This is why I don't go to weddings. The next day I'm always sore and feel like crap, lol. 🥴

  17. I hope I can get out of this depressive mood. I haven't felt like cleaning, gaming, coloring and I've been avoiding my online friends for the past week and a half. Ugh.

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    2. XII360


      @EnviousEnvy i-if it helps...i too, felt like this when i woke up, (i woke up 2pm, when i had plans to wake up at 8am), but even after waking up at that time, my body was heavy as hell, and i kept going "oh hey, i have chronic fatigue syndrome, ""chuckling""

      though, i overslept..and overslept can sometimes make you tired..soo..?!?!

      im assuming you've watched all the hyped anime ?, i heard oregairu was hella happy, but saddening aswell

      there's also exercising! (though i haven't been able to jog, due to how its raining everytime im about to jog....being 5pm), you could get motivation by exercising!

      100 pushups, 100 situps, 10km jog, THE SAITAMAN WAY!

    3. EnviousEnvy


      @XII360 I usually stay up late watching anime or livestreaming but usually wake up around 10:30AM or 11AM (I have dogs so sleeping any later and my dogs would go off the wall). 

      I've been meaning to try and go to bed at a decent hour and I really need to start exercising too (but it's been raining all week so far even on days where the weather man said it world be sunny. sigh).

      I'll definitely try and force myself out of this depressive episode. 

      Also being severely low on potassium is another contributing factor to why I'm always sleepy.


    4. XII360


      (but it's been raining all week so far even on days where the weather man said it world be sunny. sigh).

      this is mood though

      Also being severely low on potassium is another contributing factor to why I'm always sleepy.

      ah, hypokalemia, that's really dangerous (specifically, being low or high in potassium is dangerous), you should eat some banana's (being they are the best source of potassium), and drink water, if im not mistaken, having hypokalemia, one symptom would be dehydration (could have reversed it with hyper though, i tend to do that)

      well, if you ever feel depression is too much to handle, you know where to find us, AF-people

      in af-forums, incase you didn't know

  18. 703080_screenshots_20200922205651_1.thumb.jpg.1c1dd9d0fd25f02acfd54c57157a887e.jpg

    Love how the pictures look in this game 


  19. Tired of console wars. People wanting to pick fights, ugh. 😩

  20. Must of overplayed tonight/today because my wrist is literally killing me.

  21. Downloaded Super Mario All-Stars at midnight on Friday. Was only able to beat the first boss because I have to go to bed soon. ☹

  22. Is it bad that I totally forgot that I bought the DLCs for Planet Zoo? 😅🤣

  23. My dryer decided to crap out on me... 😑

  24. This rain and literally stop any time now... It's literally been raining for the past 3 days so I don't want to do anything but lay in bed under the blankets. 🌧 🥶 

    Autumn is my favorite season but I'm not all about this wet and rainy part. Ugh. 

    1. Ohayotaku


      Blankets are my kryptonite

  25. Fiance was able to come home for Labor Day weekend (came home Saturday) and went back to work late Monday night. Gonna miss him again but glad I was able to see him finally (has been 3 weeks otherwise since the last time I seen him).

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