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  1. I will never understand how some gamers can rage and literally scream at their other squad mates because things didn't go their "way". It's no wonder why I rarely game with others when it comes to Fortnite and COD. Just showing me that I have some toxic, child-like friends. 🙄

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    2. EnviousEnvy


      @Wedgy This person is my friend (and still is) and I've actually seen first hand how he treats his other friends while both gaming or just talking. If you aren't doing exactly as he says or the conversation isn't revolving around him he gets mad and will either start flipping out and leave or will just boot you from the party during days we just talk. He never treated me like that before just his other friends. Well last night/this morning it was just him and I and it happened to me for the first time. 

      I didn't yell at him back or mouth off, I was relatively quiet after he started getting grumpy. He started name calling and I couldn't believe how toxic he was becoming. Like I said I just ignored it. He then left after we lost a match after screaming at me.

      Like I said he's still my friend. He's vented to me before saying how he can never keep friends for long and now I understand why when he treats others like he does. I have mental health issues too which is probably one of the reasons why I stick by others who have the same or similar issues because I know how it feels. 

      Everyone can be toxic every now and then but I had to vent my frustrations out on here (this helps my mood greatly). I still see him as a great friend but the way he acted earlier, not cool. 

    3. XII360


      @EnviousEnvy yea you should probably steer clear when he invites you to play games, atleast in terms of games

      personally, if he goes "your avoiding me" or some crap, id remind him what he did to you

      though, not gonna lie, he sounds like a spoiled brat

      excuse my language

    4. Ohayotaku


      Some people take their “fun” a bit too seriously 

      Was going to comment that when what you do to de-stress starts stressing you out it’s time to find a different hobby, but considering how worked up Fruits Basket has been getting me, sounds kinda hypocritical :P Though it’s more cathartic than anything

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