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  1. Back has been acting up again, awesome. Might have to make another trip up to the doctor sometime soon.

  2. Is it April yet?? Really want to watch the new Fruits Baskets... hurry up!!

    1. LonelyPoet


      There's a new fruit basket coming out.? Awesome I remember reading the manga in middle school.

    2. Ohiotaku


      Yup. It's supposed to be a complete adaption of the manga this time. Starts in early April, though at the moment it looks like Funimation's site is the only one that will be streaming it (legally anyway :P)


    3. EnviousEnvy



      I have FUNimation and cannot wait! 😊😊😊

  3. The Sims 4 (PS4) Still been spending my time into this game. Otherwise I haven't done much else.
  4. Devil May Cry 5 (PS4) Started this game but didn't do much. Completed two missions. Sims 4 (PC) Broke down and bought Strangerville Gamepack. Didn't really get to play it yet.
  5. Currently binge watching Date A Live at the moment.
  6. Sore... fell on some ice on my steps. Cut up my knee and bruised my leg. Actually brought tears to my eyes. Didn't mess up my knee thankfully (born with deformed kneecap). Hurts though.
  7. Farming Simulator 19 (PS4) Was waiting for another game to install so I killed time by farming for an hour or two while listening to Spotfy. Need For Speed: Payback (PS4) Wanted to race and it's pretty much the only racing game that I have for the PS4.
  8. This is the first young sim to die on me and I'm super annoyed because I worked so hard on her and no way to get her back without having to have another sim work on skills I don't particularly care about so I'm screwed, ugh. I need to get the strangerville gamepack. Maybe next week sometime. Looks pretty interesting. I'm still new to the Get Famous since I got back into Sims 4. I have a habit of being into a game for a long time then quit for a few weeks before getting back into it, lmao.
  9. In a coloring mood tonight


  10. Any movies you like that may be considered weird, strange, messed up to others? Which movies? (Please no judging other people's likes) One movie in particular that I recently watched and now consider a favorite of mine is The Danish Girl. A movie loosely based on Einar Wegener's determination on transitioning into a full woman named Lili Elbe after his/her wife asked him/her to pose for her latest artwork when the actress whom was intended to pose had canceled. Sometime afterward, as the days passed by Einar began to see himself/herself more and more as a woman than man; eventually after years of stress and doctors claiming Einar/Lili was mentally ill, he/she found a doctor to help Einar to officially transition to Lili with the help of Einar's wife. I can't help it, not only is the story very interesting but I was always intrigued by men and women transitioning as well as their life before, during and after. Now I'm not saying I'm interested in seeing the procedure done, no thank you (I have a weak stomach when it comes to any kind of surgery). Just the person and their life itself. I guess you could say, taking a walk in their shoes. Why does this interest me? I have no clear idea, just that I want to understand other things.
  11. Sims 4 (PC) The sim character that I've been working on becoming a actress while she was a teen died today, on her birthday... 😥 Persona 5 (PS4) Took a timeout to play some more of this. Still stuck on Kaneshiro's palace, ugh.
  12. Devil May Cry 5 (PS4) Started and beat the demo version of this game. Have to say it looks pretty wicked but the fighting is the same, or at least very little has been changed. I am hoping they speed up some of the characters during battle mode. The characters you play seem to be a little slow when throwing hits. Otherwise it looks to be a decent game.
  13. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (PS4) Just recently got back into this game and made it to Chapter 4 until I decided to quit for the night.
  14. They declared an emergency for us. They stopped all plowing until tomorrow sometime. They announced that there are 10 foot snow drifts and those who decided to travel and get stuck will remain so until tomorrow sometime.
  15. Does it have to be cannon couples or just couples we would ship together?
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