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  1. Fiance travels for his job and lately depression has struck me because of it.

  2. Again haven't really done much gaming (depression has struck me). I just started getting back into it. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (Xbox) Did some minor missions, not much. The Hunter Call of the Wild (Xbox) Started in on this game tonight out of the blue. I actually like it so far.
  3. Haven't done much gaming this week due to covering other people's shifts for them. I did however order a new computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers. So I can't wait for that...
  4. Cannot wait for my new computer to come in!

  5. @Ohiotaku Yeah I keep forgetting about the whole covid thing (I'm a hermit anyway, lol). I'm definitely glad I got Crunchyroll now though. So now I'm all caught up. Momiji is definitely adorable and is very smart even though he acts all cutesy and innocent.
  6. I ended up getting the premium version of Crunchyroll since it appears that FUNimation isn't airing Fruits Baskets for whatever reason and I got tired of waiting. Never had an issue with subtitles I just watched the dub version on FUNimation because my fiance has a paid membership on that one. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, poor Kyo has really been getting teased the last two episodes and Tohru going through the haunted house was funny. Momiji is such a sweetheart coming to her rescue, lol. One of the reasons why he's my favorite character (Shigure is my other favorite).
  7. Yeah I have a paid FUNimation account so I wonder why it isn't up. FUNimation is usually on the ball with this so I'm confused. I'm guessing if it's because of the Coronavirus...
  8. Does anyone know when the next Fruits Baskets episode will air? Just curious because I could of sworn it's been over a week and no new episode yet (or maybe I'm just imagining things).
  9. I've played some of the old DS, Gameboy as well as played Dragonball Xenoverse 1 & 2 (also anime games that included some DBZ aspects such as Jump Force). Xenoverse was cool for it's time on PS3 but it became meh for me. A lot of anime games have those "Lobbies" and doing random a** missions via stage fighting and I absolutely hate it. I was very disappointed in Jump Force for this reason as well (I thought it would be more roaming around like Destiny 2). So I avoid those now. I think that's one of the reasons why I like Kakarot so much. A single player game that's RPG but isn't exactly open world but can still fly around, collect items, do side missions as well as main missions and fight random enemies. I guess it kind of reminds me of the Naruto Ninja Ultimate Storm games only you can do a little more roaming around than in Naruto. Also Kakarot isn't really stage based fighting either (Naruto is).
  10. Ooh okay. I think last year it used to be Sundays that's probably why I keep forgetting, lmao.
  11. Persona5 Royal (PS4) Defeated Kamoshida and am working on the trials in the metaverse (the ones the twins have created) until Kamoshida finally comes forward.
  12. If you're talking the night it updated, no it didn't change anything until the next day. Earth Day event goes on until May 4th.
  13. Honestly it would be Ramen. But what some people don't realize is you can do A LOT with it besides just putting boiling water and a seasoning packet in it. You can fry it up, add different things to it (I prefer adding ham and hot sauce to it) like various veggies, eggs, meats and other seasoning. One of my family members makes a salad out of it and brings it to family potlucks and it's freaking delicious. Also whatever fresh veggies and fruits that are on sale for that day (cucumbers were 2 for $1.00 and oranges were .63 cents each). For cucumbers I peel, slice, throw them in a container with some garlic pepper and a little salt, mix and I eat that. Chicken Gumbo sloppy Joe's (aka BBQ's). You brown ground hamburger, drain the excess grease, buy a couple cans of chicken Gumbo soup (any brand, I usually use Campbell's) pour that into the hamburger, add a few squirts of ketchup and mustard (your preference on how much), salt and pepper then let it heat up on the stove. You can eat it on bread or buns or even Doritos (nacho cheese flavored chips). It's fricking amazing. I'll also buy frozen hot pies too every now and then. My fiance travels for work through most of the summer so it's really just me and my two dogs which makes it hard to make a meal so most of the time I'll pop in a frozen dinner or ramen for myself then snack on veggies or junk food.
  14. Nothing like your dog accidentally jumping on your face, causing your bottom teeth to sink through your bottom lip. It's not too deep but hurts like crazy...

    1. Ohiotaku


      If it had been a cat, it wouldn’t have been accidental 😈


    2. EnviousEnvy


      @Ohiotaku I have a cat actually (her name is Gotham) and she isn't an ass really. She likes to snuggle up to me in bed. The only time she feels like being a jerk is when her food bowl looks to be lacking of food, lmao. Otherwise she's pretty good. 

      I have a min pin who is pretty good too but my fiance has a 60 pound dog who can be an ass. 

  15. I'm not time traveling in this one but have to admit it's hard not to. I believe I caught all the fish for the month of April with the exception of the Blue Marlin and Tuna. I almost have all the bugs for the month too. I am excited about the Earth Day update that happened late last night (not sure if Southern Hemisphere is getting it as well but I'm in Northern).

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