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  1. Being sick absolutely sucks

    1. Animedragon


      It certainly does. I hope you'll feel better soon.

    2. EnviousEnvy


      @Animedragon Thank you. I hope so as well.

    3. Bulleje76


      get well soon

  2. DDLV Continuing on getting as much Halloween stuff as I can. I was able to get the Oogie Boogie costume and Jack's hill. I also completed some Halloween quests so I was able to score a few Jack 'o lanterns as well. Coral Island Been working on this as well. I finally upgraded my house and been making a dent when it comes to diving.
  3. Grounded Decided to start Grounded up again only on PC this time since it's been over a year when u last played (back when it was still in early access). Focusing more on the building this time instead of just doing the main quests. DDV Grinding hard-core to get all of the Halloween items before they are gone. Damn it sure takes awhile.
  4. FaeFarm Just started this game last Friday and haven't put much time into it yet. Been playing here and there... believe I got as far as chapter 3. Palia Got a closed beta code about a couple of weeks ago. It's another Cozy game that reminds me of a mix of Stardew and a little bit of Zelda. It's a free to play game that is surprisingly enjoyable. There is a **ton** of grinding though. Starfield Holy cow is this game overwhelming for me. There really is no sense of direction so besides the little bit of tutorials you are left with your own devices. Very different from something like Skyrim. However, it does give a bit of a Fallout feel though.
  5. Guess it's been awhile...

    On some new medications so I've been really out of it (headaches, fatigue, nauseous, brain fog, etc) and been focusing on my livestreams. So in other words, I've been pretty busy lately.

  6. I'm really impatient for the 6th episode of My Happy Marriage on Netflix and need something similar to tie me over please Current streaming services: Netflix Hulu MAX FUNimation Crunchyroll HiDive Paramount Plus
  7. Currently all caught up with My Happy Marriage and I cannot wait for episode 6!
  8. My Time At Sandrock After getting my steamdeck I feel like I've been playing this nonstop and enjoying every minute of it. Made it to rank 2 and really trying my hardest to reach rank 1 but probably won't make it this year (still on year 1 and it's already autumn in the game).
  9. Steamdeck should be here Tuesday! Yay!

  10. Dreamlight Valley Think I got everything I wanted from this season's items. Still working on character quests though and need to unlock Simba and Nala's realm as well. Exciting news is that I ordered my steamdeck last night. So I'm definitely looking forward to that!
  11. Ordered my new steamdeck last night

  12. Disney Dreamlight Valley Unlocked some more characters and have been progressing in the story more as well as still farming pumpkins for coins, lol. House Flipper Been on a House Flipper kick again. Figured out how to unlock pets now (took forever to find out, xD). Bought my first house and I'm nearly finished with it. Just need to work on the bedroom then I think it can be sold. Kitchen is the hardest for me I think.
  13. The smoke from the fires located in Canada is making me sick as heck. Bleh.

  14. Not looking forward to the wait time on the Diablo 4 servers tonight. 😒 

  15. I CANNOT believe it's June already, damn. Summer sure is flying by. 😫

    1. Animedragon


      I know what you mean. I always find that January and February last forever! Then all of a sudden it's half-past 2023 and June, July and August are over in a flash ☹️.  I heard yesterday that our local business association were starting to plan the annual Christmas fair 😱.

  16. Diablo 4 Been binge playing as a necromancer since early release on Thursday. Honestly, had no interest in the game earlier so I didn't get it until last minute. Now I'm obsessed with it. I can see why people were hyped about it. I'm currently level 17 and have been playing mostly the side missions as well as upgrading my armor and weapons as well as exploring.
  17. Disney Dreamlight Valley Binge playing this again. Missed out on most of last updates stuff but gonna try focusing on this one. Also been decorating the map more as well. Final Fantasy XV On my 2nd playthrough to prepare for Final Fantasy XVI. I remember when this game seemed to be really long and now that it's been out for awhile it seems short compared to today's games.
  18. Finally got my Cpap machine last friday. The first few nights with it were literal hell for me. Panic attacks from claustrophobia feeling, dry/sore skin, tossing and turning throughout the night, etc.

    I'm still not 100% with it yet but I'm getting there. 

    1. Bulleje76


      i had one. You get used to it after a week

  19. I rewatch quite a few. Any that I buy I'll rewatch from time to time but the ones I'll watch over and over within the year are Ouran High School Host Club Wolf's Rain Vampire Knight Fruit Baskets
  20. Zelda Breath of the Wild Finally finished the last 2 divine Beasts and went up against Calamity Ganon... he was definitely a challenge for me. Took me 2 hours to succeed in taking him down. Zeld Tears of the Kingdom Got it when it came out but didnt download it until yesterday. Was able to play through the prologue before having to save and quit due to a busy weekend. Hoping to get back into it later today sometime.
  21. The side effects of my new medication have been making difficult to play games for longer than 5 minutes. Have played a bit of Coffee Talk throughout the week. I also got Dead Island 2 and Jedi Survivor that I'm hoping to start this week.
  22. I'm still alive guys. Sorry been incognito. On some new medication so been out of it.

    Been watching anime more now than ever. Trying to catch up some series.

    1. Ohayotaku


      What are you into currently?

    2. EnviousEnvy



      As in anime? I'm almost caught up with Attack on Titan and same with My Hero Academia. Started watching Spy X Family as well. 

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