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  1. On 3/18/2020 at 8:28 AM, Anime loveer said:

    Right now , all schools in Maryland are shut down until March 27 . Been shut down for 2 weeks , its not so bad here , but still no one goes out shopping or anything , and makes it hard for shop owners and stuff , and same for my dad too , he owns a carry out but rn he doesn't get a lot of people to come anymore

    Schools in my state are closed until further notice, possibly until September is what they are looking at.

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  2. @Beocat I feel better and I agree with you there to be honest!

    Haven't had any storms here and just a sprinkle of rain. Supposed to get thunderstorms today sometime and I'm hoping so. There hasn't been a decent thunderstorm where I'm from at all this summer which is making this season laaame. Plus we are below average on our rain too. If this storm misses us I won't be surprised if we get listed as drought. 

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  3. 6 hours ago, Beocat said:

    In my job market you would only have a 3% chance of getting an interview, so try not to quit unless you can get by on just your husband's salary alone.  Start revising your resume and making your cover letter look good and apply to everything you see.


    I will say, this happened to a coworker once.  They made him work every weekend for 3 months.  He saved up his schedules and approached them about it and they pretended to be shocked it had slipped by.  It was obvious (and honestly, I expect that kind of crappy treatment from that group of people) that they were doing it to try to force him to quit.  Making the job undesirable to a fault.


    He did eventually quit, got a job working at a place that did maybe an 8th of what he was expected to do there, got the part time hours he wanted at a higher hourly pay, and is living the dream retirement life that he always wanted, no weekends at all.  I'm jealous truth be told LOL. 

    Oh god no I won't quit until I have a guarantee job at another place. I made the dumb mistake of doing that once and I don't plan on repeating myself, lol. Anyway, the manager of a past job wants me back and it's looking better and better but I still don't want to leave just yet honestly. I'm thinking about just biting the bullet and wait it out, then think about going onto school just so I can get the hell outta there.

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