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  1. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond (Switch) Played this for about 6 hours today. I didn't get too far since I've been focusing on leveling up and catching more Pokemon. I did defeat the first gym leader though.
  2. Red Dead Redemption (PS4) Played online with my fiance and a friend. We finished all the honorable story missions so now we have to gain dishonor in order to complete those story missions. We also did some bounty hunting and I got a black and white mustang finally. ACNH (Switch) Didn't do much on here due to the fact that I was busy. I was able to water my crops and dig up fossils... that's about it.
  3. Code Vein Final Fantasy XV Sword Art Online (there's multiple ones) Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Persona 5 Royal Genshin Impact Attack On Titan 2 (Don't bother with the 1st one. This one covers both season one and two) Digimon World Digimon Story Cyber Slueth These are the ones I can currently think of.
  4. Topics/threads/etc. Is there any way we can get an option to report entire threads? I've been noticing some threads that may be spam but don't see any way to report it besides the comments themselves.
  5. ACNH (Switch) Added more pathways and changed up some of the decorations. I also donated all of the bells needed to open up Cyrus's furnishing business for tomorrow. Planted carrots and potatoes too. I did get the DLC yesterday but still haven't attempted to play that as of yet. Hoping to get to it by tomorrow but I'm so easily distracted lately, lol.
  6. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) Playing another session of RDR2 Online with my fiance. Did more story missions and bounty missions.
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) Played the online part with my fiance for a couple hours tonight. Made it to rank 11 after doing some of the story missions. ACNH (Switch) So I'm not sure if the new ordinances are working correctly or not because I chose the one where flowers get watered and weeds get picked. There are literally still weeds everywhere (because I was being neglectful). Also been working on doing some more landscaping and added new stuff. I'm debating on removing my Festival stuff on my island but still a bit unsure on that.
  8. Death Stranding (PS4) Didn't do much on here... did a few more deliveries and had to toss a bomb into the water for Fragile. ACNH (Switch) Haven't played this since the new update until late last night. I did time travel a bit so I could get Brewster today and not have to deal with the Museum being on lock down. I also am tearing up my island more now too; trying to make it look a lot more nicer, lol.
  9. So not a big achievement or anything but I did drop 4 pounds!

    1. RyePotatoes



  10. Thankful to have the friend that I do

  11. Subnautica (Xbox One) Came back to this game today. Finally got a wetsuit to protect against radiation, upgraded the CO² tank and got a scanner. Forgot how much I missed Subnautica. Farcry 6 (PS5) Haven't gotten far into this. Just started but my dog ended up having a seizure so haven't had a chance to get back to it. Will soon.
  12. Currently watching the first episode of Mieruko-Chan
  13. Recently watched the new Cruella movie on Disney Plus. I actually really enjoyed it to be honest.
  14. Life Is Strange: True Colors (PS5) Been dealing with some personal stuff so I haven't gotten very far in the game but what I have delved into I enjoyed so far. I think Alex has seen pretty majority of the main characters by now. I also made sure to check her messages and the app as well as reading her journal entries. The only character that seems to automatically despise Alex is Mac (with good reason I guess since she did punch the crap out of him).
  15. Sorry haven't really been on or playing much games lately. Anxiety and depression has been at an all time high.

    I have been watching NANA though which for some reason helps boost my mood.

  16. @efaardvark Oh I know... my fiance and I have been looking up stuff for awhile and seems like it's all pretty vague. Also doesn't help that we don't make the game easier by changing the options in the server menu. I feel like it kills the game otherwise.
  17. Conan Exiles (PS5) Expanded the house and added more work stations (carpenter's bench, Forge, etc). Also recently added an animal training pen but unsure on how long it takes to "train" said animal. Otherwise I'm somehow messing up.
  18. I was good for months but then BAM! I got hit with allergies, ugh. 

  19. Conan Exiles (PS5) Worked on this with my fiance for a couple of hours. Still trying to figure out the taming part of the game, lol.
  20. Right, lol. I'll wait for a game but I won't stop talking about it or looking stuff up on it, etc.
  21. Damn. I got it all on sale for $85USD on the Playstation Store.
  22. Conan Exiles (PS5) Started a whole new save file with my fiance. After him dying half a dozen times he finally agreed with me to build a safe house to get away from the sandstorm and not have to be respawned to the beginning of the map.
  23. So uh I made the mistake of playing Pokémon until almost 3:30 in the morning 🥴

    1. efaardvark



      Been there.  Done that.  :D  Books and anime too.  I have to be very careful to not get sucked in.

    2. EnviousEnvy


      @efaardvark Yeah oops, lmao. I got sucked in big time. 

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