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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn (PS5) I spent the past few days playing HZD. I'm replaying it due to the fact that I actually never beat the DLC yet. I got as far as crossing the bridge on my way to Meridian. AC Valhalla (PS5) I keep putting this game aside for some reason even though I really like it and have the season pass. So spent a few hours on this searching for wealth and some side missions.
  2. I hope everyone who was hit by Hurricane Ida are okay!! 

    1. efaardvark


      Yeah, I have people in Louisiana who are saying it was the strongest to hit them since Katrina!  I hope that isn't the reason for the (ominous?) silence here in the forums the last couple/few days.

      Meanwhile hydroelectric dams in Minnesota are being shut down for the first time since 1988 due to drought and low water conditions on the upper Mississippi.  Wildfire warnings are even going out for the area too.  Guess it isn't just us here on the West coast who have to worry about that kind of thing anymore.

      Crazy stuff.

    2. EnviousEnvy



      Oh jeez... yeah the nearest wildfire towards me is 3 hours away. I'd rather take snow over fire any day... 

  3. Ark (Xbox One) Spent about 6 hours playing this with my fiance and a friend. Rain into a few issues with connecting to servers but after a few tries (and my fiance having to restart his entire character over due to a glitch where he couldn't craft anything even if he died or restarted the game) we finally got it working. We got pretty far, built a base (I think that's what it's called ), built some structures as well as tamed some dinos. Currently we have 2 triceratops that we ended up breeding so in the end we got 3, also tamed a tech Dino and a couple of others that I can't remember the species at the moment. We did run into a few raptors that would not stop terrorizing us until we eventually got fed up with dying and went after them . I believe we even tamed one which we did lose for awhile until my friend accidentally came across it again (we forgot to turn off wandering for it, lmao). It ended up 4AM before we realized just how late it actually was and quit for awhile to get some sleep (oops).
  4. ACNH (Switch) I recently got the AC Sanrio amiibo cards from my local Target. So I am finally able to nab all the Hello Kitty merch in the game as well as the other items. Other than that I haven't played a whole lot of games today due to the storms and not wanting to deal with the power going off and on throughout the day/night. Oh and I also got the red PS5 controller today as well.
  5. Finished up Demon Slayer now I'm currently rewatching NANA (I'm obsessed with the anime and manga).
  6. Chris Sabat - Piccolo & Vegeta (DBZ), All Might (My Hero Academia), Alex Louis Armstrong (FMA) Caitlin Glass - Winry Rockbell (FMA), Haruhi (OHSHC) Colleen Clinkenbeard - Riza Hawkeye (FMA), Rin (RIN: Daughters Of Mnemosyne), Akito (Fruits Baskets 2019 Edition) Steven Blum - Spike (Cowboy Bebop), Darcia (Wolf's Rain), Mugen (Samurai Champloo) Johnny Yong Bosch - Vash (Trigun), Ichigo (Bleach), Sasori (Naruto), Kiba (Wolf's Rain), Kaneda (Akira)
  7. Which voice actors/actresses do you like and what are some of characters they voice? Bonus Question: If any manga could be made into an anime which character would you like your favorite voice actor/actress to voice?
  8. Ratchet & Clank (PS5) Started the new Ratchet and Clank a couple of days ago. Had to defeat robots and thugs during the celebration and ran into Dr. Nefarious whom ended up breaking the Time Rift early on in the game. Ratchet soon became separated from Clank and Clank ran into Rivet. Rivet supposedly is the female version of Ratchet. I beat the first planet and second planet today then worked on finding new armor and the hidden bolts. The Speedles are also a serious pain in the butt to navigate.
  9. Haven't done much gaming but have picked up this bad boy
  10. Rewatching True Blood on HBO Max. Honestly, I've only ever watched seasons 1 through 6. I started 7 but couldn't finish it due to it getting boring. But I'm trying again, lol. Lafayette is still my favorite character.
  11. Crash Bandicoot (PS4) Finally beat that one level in this game. Literally took me like four hours ACNH (Switch) Tia asked to leave the other day so I had to go villager hunting today. Honestly thought it was going to take me a few hours as normal to find a villager I vibe with... nope. After I think 3 villagers I ran across Melba and went with her. She seems cute and not snotty. I also just got Mira's photo and now she can leave. She just started getting snotty with me so I'm done with her, lol. She better change her tune otherwise I'm having hasenfeffer for dinner.
  12. Checked out the newSpace Jam the other night on HBO Max. It's pretty good, definitely more funny than the 1st but honestly... nothing beats the the 1st, lol.
  13. Stardew Valley (PC) Finally bit the bullet and married Sam even though I wanted to wait another year. Need to work on upgrading the house again too. I have added more cheese machines and added my first Mayo machine as well. I want to upgrade my barn and chicken coop really bad too. ACNH (Switch) I almost forgot about fireworks on Sunday but luckily I caught it on time and got almost all of the items from Redd's box (I think I'm only missing one).
  14. Oh I agree. I love My Little Pony and I enjoy Bluey as well as Paw Patrol but there's a nasty stigma that circulates on the web and in public (at least my town) if they catch wind of you liking a show/movie that is directed for younger audiences (unless you have children). I'm autistic too so I guess for me people don't really look into much when they find out I like those shows (doesn't cause sensory overload nor are they overwhelming). Still though shouldn't matter but there will always be those that "assume".
  15. Life has become so hectic right now. My anxiety just won't quit either...

  16. Akiba's Trip: Hellhound & Debrief (PS4) Just started this late tonight. Didn't play much of it though but I think I'll like it (I have played the other one about a year ago and liked it a lot).
  17. Right?! Honestly though I should be able to watch even the anime that is appropriate for kids (like Zoids, etc.) without getting hate.
  18. Fruits Baskets is a good one... same with Ouran High School Host Club. I haven't read/watched many in the Slice of Life genre but I do love the genre.
  19. I love anime and have no real reason to hide it. I guess the only person that I know of that makes kind of a deal out of it is my step dad. He usually says something along the lines of "You'll grow up someday." because he still believes all anime is for children. However I have my own place so it's rare for him to say anything unless I'm actively watching it at his house which after moving out years ago, I haven't... I watch it at my own place. I don't see it as embarrassing or taboo if people find out I do watch it. Most of the people I talk to are either into it like I am or only like a certain series or two and that's about it. But honestly if someone does have an issue with it then they don't have to talk to me. Simple as that.
  20. Stardew Valley (PC) I don't think I'll ever make money in this game. I always spend more than I make, ugh. I'm focusing on crops and livestock mainly; also doesn't help that I hoard practically everything just in case. Mass Effect (PS4) I livestreamed for a little over 2 hours. I made it to Peak 15 and defeated Liara's mother. I also saved the Rachni queen.
  21. Watching some more Demon Slayer today. I absolutely love this anime. I also finished Fruits Baskets a couple of weeks ago.
  22. Resident Evil Village (PS4) Finished the game finally (probably the first game I finished in months though ).
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