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  1. I’m currently watching monthly girls Nozaki kun. I didn’t think I would like it at first.. but after watching a couple of ep it’s quite funny gives me Saiki k vibes would definitely recommend to watch if you looking for someone light hearted to watch
  2. Not particularly .. here’s a few that we have seen already that might give u an idea... Rurouni Kenshin- not sure a spelt that right One Punch Tokyo Ghoul Attack on titan Bleach blue exorcist skip beat samari champaloo code geass Thanks .. might have a look have seen a couple already like cowboy Beebop , samurai champloo and space daddy which were all awesome
  3. Looking for a new anime to watch with a friend. She not really into watching subbed anime I’m not that bothered but was wondering if there were any good English dubbed anime people have watched .. we had a good look around on the web but most that we had found were the usual like death note , Bleach etc . Let me know any??
  4. Hi , these are some of my favourite anime that I think you could check out.. Relife - not to lovey dovey but the storyline is really fun. Skip beat- I just finished watching these and I loved it so much. Orange - a cute love story
  5. I was obessed with digimon as a kid .. had the bracelet for years .. still catch myself singing the theme tune ... I have heard quite a lot about Fairy Tail .. is it any good or does it drag ..
  6. I’m currently watching this .. and I have to admit that I wasn’t that into his character at the beginning ..but as it goes on he becomes more likeable and grows in personality. He is pretty cool ..like you said
  7. Your right they are all pretty great ..have you heard about the Suwa spin off that’s going to come out I think November this year ?? Seems to be interesting.. I am pretty new to anime but one of of friends was super into it and I used to be that person who was like isn’t that for kids..now when someone says that I get a little mad.
  8. It truly was great ...I loves every single person in it they were just a cute group of friends .. I think tho my fav had to be Hagita. who was yours ??
  9. I have been meaning to watch this for awhile but couldn’t find it anywhere . Was over the moon that it was added onto Netflix ..watched it straight away.loved it so much ..it was an emotional rollercoaster tho...but would definitely recommend to anyone. Plus it buts across an important message on how bullying can affect you later in life. ️
  10. My favourite is a toss up between Orihime and Urahara.
  11. NG-Anime


    I started reading the manga and I was not Loving it ..cause they dragged out the start before he takes the pill ..but I am so pleased I kept reading cause I feel once he exactly starts the experiment and all the characters are introduced it’s so good. And the anime deffo of me didn’t disappoint. Chizuru was my have loved how direct she was..feel like life would be so much easier if we all had a little bit of her attitude.
  12. Hi , maybe check out Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo
  13. Myself I would recommend the following .. Relife, Noragami , Bleach, Blue exorcist and Deathnote. Feel like it’s a good mix depending what appeals too you.
  14. One anime that I thought I would love cause all my friends were raving about it at the time was fruits basket .. but I couldn’t get into. Just found it a bit dull and boring. Was thinking to give it another chance now but not sure...
  15. Hi , Death note is a good one .. I feel like it’s one that really sucks you in too ..I remember watching it all in one week ..needed to know what happened !! Have been meaning to check out Code Gease as it comes up as recommended after watch death note. my second anime was Noragami which Is about gods.
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