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  1. Billy02

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    I am playing Battlefield 3, on ps3 i like to play it online as it tests some skills, some time you really get hard player which dont allow you to stand even for a second and that my friend enhances your game, and sometime you do things that even surprises you that you got some amazing skills. i really like the metro map, as its best for close combat and its pure team vs team. well that is what i like.
  2. Billy02

    When Did You Give Up on Naruto?

    As you finished naruto and i only started, you have more knowledge then me, i was looking for naruto throwing cards, i guess there are types, i was able to find one but i dont know what else is there, let me share mine https://swordsswords.com/ancient-deception-naruto-throwing-cards.html, if you know of something better can you kindly let me know. much thanks.
  3. Billy02

    When Did You Give Up on Naruto?

    Same, i saw naruto with his sword and the sword attracted me, so i also figured to give it a try and lets see how interesting it becomes.
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