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  1. I just don't know how much more will the signature system get...

    It says that the image is larger than the allowed resolution when the image is clearly smaller than the required resolution, someone needs to fix this.

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    2. Sakura


      It looks like it's stretching? Are you uploading it from a URL or uploading it as an attachment?

    3. KeyDee


      as an attachment...

    4. Sakura


      Okay. you may want to just hit "insert other media" and the click on "insert image from url" and copy and paste the URL for it over. Then it won't stretch and look weird like that lol. 

  2. Exaimistis; School of Warriors #Webnovel https://www.webnovel.com/book/10902567306202505/Exaimistís%3A-School-of-Warriors

    it's another book that I want to share, it's not that much but I'm making progress atm...

    A little information about it:

    The story centers around people called Vassals, who are possessed by the spirits of gods from different mythologies all over the world and are given powers in accordance to the that god's abilities, Exaimistis was a school of vassals and was prominent as one of the academies in nurturing vassals.

    This story is a battle between different mythologies...

  3. IS IT WRONG TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR KOUHAI? #wattpad https://my.w.tt/clfqMHE7fT




      Awesome, busy with school-work but I read a bit and I am loving it; obviously it needs some touching up but I can see it is a WIP after all; honestly, great job so far. ;D 

    2. KeyDee


      woah seriously? I didn't know someone liked it...

  4. I have this story on Wattpad and I want to know if you guys'll like it or not, if YES then I would continue writing it, if NO please give me suggestions and advices :>>


  5. What are the animes in the animeforum backgrounds? I want to know them, and if you may.. list them according to their order 😃, sorry if I'm asking too much..

  6. 😂😶 Damn I sound so cringy, I'm trying to dub a scene from attack on titan, though I've done some bit of work, I don't call it progress..

  7. Can someone help me? 

    I really need advice on how I can I have confidence in facing or even approaching other people especially people I know too well. It 's just that, we see each other all the time but I just don't have the confidence to approach her and talk to her. Moreover, I'm about to teach them a presentation regarding world war 1 ( she's my kouhai ) and I really don't want to embarrass myself in front of her. 

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    2. XII360


      chillax when you approach them, and act care free, atleast, i do that

      im a senior myself in the hospital now (we have 2 new juniors, thus my kouhai's), and well, they pretty much rely on me and my partner on most things, other kouhai seems to be doing daijoubu, but the other one seems to be having a hard time, my group and the section were in typically doesn't care much and doesn't teach much, so im teaching her as we go on things, and also helping her whenever she needs a helping hand, 

      an example of helping her when she needed is todays extraction on a 1 month old baby, i couldn't segway to go with her since other group mates were with me, and she had a hard time extracting the 1 month old baby (she needed to collect blood for Complete blood count test), and she was endorsing it to someone else, but that senior pretty much negated her and said she can do it, and said if she fails again he will go in, 

      by sheer luck, i had an extraction request arrive, thus i rushed in to go after her, reached where she was and told her "it's ok's man, ill be there to watch, and if sh*t goes bad ill assist you and show you how to do it"

      so typically she couldnt do it properly, so i toke baby's feet and showed her how to hold it, and told her to give me 2 capillary tubes (just google wtf it looks like if you're interested), and then showed her how to pinch on babies feet when she needs blood for test, collected 2x tubes np, but couldnt get extra one for slide, then told her she can just do the smear/slide using the tube she collected, and told her "dont tell our groupmates i did it, tell them you did it, and just do it again next time like i showed ya xD"


      after which i extracted guy and chilled for a bit so no one would notice i helped her, and acted like "i had a hard time extracting the patient", when in reality, i was just making it so i had a time-span difference from when she went back to our ward xD


      but yea, sh*t went story mode about wtf happened, but yea, long short

      long short version: just act chillax and talk to her, dont be afraid of making a mistake, we're just humans, we make mistakes, nothing we can do about it, only thing we can do is fix our mistake and try to minimize any mistake we did, show her you a smart boi and a reliable senpai~


      its more scary and harder to talk with, if you're a perfect guy who knows everything and can do everything, rather than someone like her who makes mistakes and doesn't know some stuff


    3. KeyDee


      What do you work as btw? I seem to have gotten curious out of the blue...

    4. XII360


      not a work, but also kind of one, im a medical technologist intern/ scientist intern student

      mainly my job is extraction of blood from patients and reading/processing them xD





                    In a rather simple high school was where a boy’s story would begin. One day he was walking through the corridors when he bumped into a cute girl with glasses which was his fetish, the only problem was that it was his junior or rather that wasn’t a problem. For the next few months they were hanging out together, even chatting in social media sites such as Fesbook and other platforms. The two grew close and eventually led into a confession made by the girl, the boy was shocked thinking it was just him who felt love towards the girl, and everything went rather awkward the days that had passed, but it seemed like their love would last.

                    One day, they met in a convenience store to stop by for some drinks, the boy then started a conversation.

                    “ Uhh, Maika-chan,” The boy said.

                    “ Ye... yes?” The girl replied.

                    “ I want to tell you something, something I’ve been longing to say for the past few months, I just... didn’t have enough courage to say it until now.” The boy said.

                    “ What is it?” asked the girl.

                    “ It’s just uhh, can you be my girlfrie-“ the boy said.

                    Before the boy could even finish his sentence, the girl was in total shock, she never thought it would come to this, and at this early of a time. The girl couldn’t deny her feelings, she felt the same way and wanted what the same.

                    “ Yes!” the girl answered.           

                    “ Really!? That’s awesome! I have a girlfriend!” the boy said, jumping around the convenience store like some child who was given a Christmas gift. “ Umm, Kitaru-kun, don’t be so loud, you’re embarrassing me..” said the girl eventually blushing in the process.

                    “ I’m sorry Maika-chan,” said the boy. “ I’m just really happy right now, I can’t stop myself.”

                    “ Umm...,” said the girl in a rather shy manner.

                    “ What is it?” asked the boy.

                    “ Uhh.... are you free this Saturday?” asked the girl.

                    “ Oh ho ho, why do you want to know?” said the boy.

                    “ I’m just wondering if you could come with me to the cinemas, like I have a movie I’d like to watch and I mistakenly bought two tickets, and no one else in the family would come with me.” Said the girl.

                      Sure! That sounds like fun, and I wouldn’t let go the opportunity to spend with you would I?” the boy replied.

                    The following day, after the alarm went off, Kitaru quickly stood on his two feet and prepared himself for his date with Maika. He ran down the stairs rapidly as if his life was depending on it and caught his mother’s attention.

                    “ Kitaru? What’s the hurry?” asked the mother.

                    “ It’s rather important,” said Kitaru, picking up a bread from the refrigerator and ran towards the door. “ I’m off mom,” said Kitaru.

                    “ Take care!” reminded his mom.

                    When he reached the mall, there Maika chan sat on a bench patiently waiting for Kitaru. Kitaru successfully made it and she was still there though he late.

                    “ You’re late Kitaru-kun!” said Maika then pulling Kitaru’s shoulders into the mall proceeding to the cinema.

                    What Maika wanted to watch was a rom-com about couples who were heir of a ‘prestigious’ mafia group and the traditional Japanese yakuza who were arranged to marry each other on behalf of both organizations’ relationship.

                    “ Oh, it’s that movie!” said Kitaru.

                    They watched the cinema and Kitaru enjoyed the movie which made Maika happy. She leaned her head over to Kitaru’s shoulder and enjoyed the movie alongside him. They were the only people who were watching that movie, so they were alone and Maika was scared of the dark but Kitaru being with her made her feel comfortable.

                     As the movie ended, they both left the cinema room with their hands intertwined. Not long from the cinema Kitaru was attacked and he was bleeding on the floor deliberately holding on to his life as some crazy person devoured his parts starting from his neck.

                    “ Kitaru.... kun?” said Maika.

                    While watching the bloody scene in playing in front of her, she shouted in terror and caused a group of zombies to run towards her and biting her in the process. She continued to shout Kitaru’s name but to no avail, his body was stone cold.

                    “ What?” said a voice and footsteps grew near while the grunts of zombies followed by a gunshot, and bodies falling to the ground.

                    “ Did I just heard those two speaking in Japanese?” said the guy who was carrying a Mosin-Nagant rifle. “ I can’t believe I would find a pair of weebs here in the mall, and worse; a couple.”

                    Andrei Drake, is the main character of this story in this apocalyptic dystopia, he’s stuck in the city and he needs to survive, with only a Mosin-Nagant rifle in his hand.

    Prologue END



  9. Heey guys, it's good to be back!



      Glad to see you back, how ya been! :D 

    2. KeyDee


      Great I guess 😂, actually I just forgot my username and password and I was too lazy to change my password so I stopped for months..



      Haha, sadly I can relate; I have been off a separate forum for close to a year now simply because I could not remember my password (or email) lol. 

  10. Now my thoughts are all mixed up, I don't know how Darling in the FranXX is gonna end, but my hunch says it's a good one. I don't worry about all the Death Flags..

  11. Steins;Gate 0 Recent Episode Update:

    Oh! Things are happening again!! Will the guy time leap again?

    IDK!!! But things are getting interesting!

    El Psy Congroo

  12. Thanks for the follow SayuriChan! I promise I'll do good in Unotaku!

    1. SayuriChan


      No problem! I'm sure you will 😊

  13. Woah I'm almost finished with Shakugan no Shana! It's so Amazing! :o :o :)  Why you bad bruh?

    1. Optic


      Shana is such a cute tsundere. :) And her voice is in so many other tsundere characters.

    2. bootsies


      I adore Shana!!! She's cute and badass! ^.^


    3. Ryuji


      All 4 seasons? I loved the first three. Season 4 was alright but I felt it was written by someone different.

  14. Man, someone's cutting the onions while I'm watching Yuuki's Death..


  15. Going to AnimeForums isn't really that different from going full dive inside the NerveGear in SAO, at least for me..

  16. *Thanos snaps finger*

    Purple Heart & Neptune: " KeyDee, I don't feel so good"

    My profile and cover photo disappears, eventually replaced by other photos..

  17. It's pretty amazing to know that Toradora and Shakugan no Shana has some similarities (based on my opinion (and some facts as well))..

    First: Taiga and Shana has the same voice actors

    Second: They're both Tsundere

    Third: I can never stop thinking of Toradora whenever Shana shouts "Yuji!" cause my head suddenly generates Ryuuji's name instead of Yuji.

    Fourth: Yes the male protagonists of both series coincidentally, are closely identical.. just without the R.


  18. Some live action adaptation of anime may be considered as good - Your Lie in April for example (though it's only my opinion and some of you may have your own disagreements towards this opinion and mine. 

    Well continuing with the topic at hand, some are bad - Attack on Titan for example, which clearly went far-fetched from the story line and changed Levi's name to Shikishima and eventually turning out to be the armored titan and an old man as the colossal titan is pure blasphemy.

    and please don't ever mention Dragon Ball: Evolution, that thing is pure as trash. 

    " What? there's something much more garbage than that adaptation of Dragon ball?"

    *searches up other adaptation*

    WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? AND WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE FREAKING DUBBING!? (WatchMojo Reference from Top 10 Anime you didn't know had live action adaptations)


    Xin qi long zhu (1991).jpg

  19. Finally made a signature, fine I guess.. Not really into editing stuff..


  20. Supposedly, I was to stop watching tragic anime (Clannad, Angel Beats, Plastic Memories, and those other things that will make you jerk tears..) Now I switched to Darling in the FranXX, and what the heck do they give me? Another tragic ending.. ☺️

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    2. Ryuji


      I don't know what the Spoiler Paradox is.

    3. KeyDee


      people who likes spoilers..

    4. Ryuji


      Ah okay. I'll explain it in a private message later. Don't want to spoil it for anybody who doesn't want to be spoiled. Alas, it's after midnight now and I'm about to go to bed. Goodnight!

  21. Currently writing a novel concerning a tale of three realms, namely (Arcadia, Incendium and Earth) mainly focuses on the two main protagonists relationship, an angel and a human.. I don't know how it'll turn out though, still on the 2nd chapter I guess.. planning to write 30 Chapters at the very least..

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