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  1. Can someone help me? 

    I really need advice on how I can I have confidence in facing or even approaching other people especially people I know too well. It 's just that, we see each other all the time but I just don't have the confidence to approach her and talk to her. Moreover, I'm about to teach them a presentation regarding world war 1 ( she's my kouhai ) and I really don't want to embarrass myself in front of her. 

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    2. XII360


      chillax when you approach them, and act care free, atleast, i do that

      im a senior myself in the hospital now (we have 2 new juniors, thus my kouhai's), and well, they pretty much rely on me and my partner on most things, other kouhai seems to be doing daijoubu, but the other one seems to be having a hard time, my group and the section were in typically doesn't care much and doesn't teach much, so im teaching her as we go on things, and also helping her whenever she needs a helping hand, 

      an example of helping her when she needed is todays extraction on a 1 month old baby, i couldn't segway to go with her since other group mates were with me, and she had a hard time extracting the 1 month old baby (she needed to collect blood for Complete blood count test), and she was endorsing it to someone else, but that senior pretty much negated her and said she can do it, and said if she fails again he will go in, 

      by sheer luck, i had an extraction request arrive, thus i rushed in to go after her, reached where she was and told her "it's ok's man, ill be there to watch, and if sh*t goes bad ill assist you and show you how to do it"

      so typically she couldnt do it properly, so i toke baby's feet and showed her how to hold it, and told her to give me 2 capillary tubes (just google wtf it looks like if you're interested), and then showed her how to pinch on babies feet when she needs blood for test, collected 2x tubes np, but couldnt get extra one for slide, then told her she can just do the smear/slide using the tube she collected, and told her "dont tell our groupmates i did it, tell them you did it, and just do it again next time like i showed ya xD"


      after which i extracted guy and chilled for a bit so no one would notice i helped her, and acted like "i had a hard time extracting the patient", when in reality, i was just making it so i had a time-span difference from when she went back to our ward xD


      but yea, sh*t went story mode about wtf happened, but yea, long short

      long short version: just act chillax and talk to her, dont be afraid of making a mistake, we're just humans, we make mistakes, nothing we can do about it, only thing we can do is fix our mistake and try to minimize any mistake we did, show her you a smart boi and a reliable senpai~


      its more scary and harder to talk with, if you're a perfect guy who knows everything and can do everything, rather than someone like her who makes mistakes and doesn't know some stuff


    3. KeyDee


      What do you work as btw? I seem to have gotten curious out of the blue...

    4. XII360


      not a work, but also kind of one, im a medical technologist intern/ scientist intern student

      mainly my job is extraction of blood from patients and reading/processing them xD


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