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  1. I know... v_v It was good... It was my birthday on Sunday, and I got a lot of food... XD How was your weekend?...
  2. Yay, more people!... *offers cake to everyone*... :3
  3. That time I got reincarnated as a slime Dororo Shield hero One piece Mob psycho Fairy tale Radiant Kakegurui Boruto
  4. I am well, thanks... How is everyone?... :3
  5. Thanks!... :3 That's good to hear... :3 Is Gemz okay?... Ahh, I hope you are able to figure it out... Just the usual makeup videos, random games, and artsy stuffles... How about yourself?...
  6. Hello you two!... :3 I have been well for the most part, thanks!... How about yourselves?...
  7. I also really love "Is it a zombie?"... I know it's technically not a "magical girl" anime but there is a magical girl as one of the main characters... XD
  8. Idk where you got those but it wasn't from here lol... How could I forget?... I am still shaking ny head over that... XD Hm, a simple cup of joe with some sugar and creamer please... Also, just so y'all know, I don't condone people eating pokemon here... That was only rice in the shape of a Pikachu... You guys are silly...
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