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  1. I have!... XD Feels, cake is delicious!... I missed it too... v_v
  2. I have a ps4 pro and I love the way it looks... The perfect squareness of the other systems is boring... At least they are trying something different rather than just following the others... >_>
  3. I do enjoy survival games lol... Some aspects are better than Ark but other parts are not as good as Ark... Somebody just needs to take the best parts of both games and put then into one game... XD
  4. Glad to hhear things have been good atleast... I've just been playing Conan Exiles and FFXIV... :3
  5. I'm pretty good thanks!... Enjoying my 3 day weekend... I hope you are all enjoying your weekend as well!... :3
  6. Thank you!... *noms*... I hope you have a good day as well... :3
  7. I'll Take The First Bite!

    1. Banri


      Offers @xWickedNekox a slice ^_^



    2. Seshi
  8. I'm glad to hear it... :3 Work has been a little stressful but that's normal... Other than that things have been good... :3 I hope things aren't stressful there either....
  9. Hello!... I am thanks... :3 How about yourself?...
  10. Hm, sounds like a plan to me...
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