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  1. Here you go,laugh your ass out... 1. I was still in school,just starting high school and I was out with my best friend and two of us were with this two guys,also best friends but we also had crushes on those two boy,and after while we split up and I was with a guy I liked,we were like talking,joking and everything and I was really nervous,so he asked me something and I was going to answer him but the moment i opened my mouth to speak i belched,ai tried to hide it with cough but I know he didn’t buy it,that was 5 years ago,I still have trouble sleeping when I think about it(nothing ever happened with a boy,he soon started to be depressed jackass because of some girl) 2. This is a bit shorter,I was meeting with my best friends and They live next to another and I lived about 10min away,so I was a bit late in meeting them so I decided to take a shortcut,long story short,a really hot guy was going toward me and I wanted to look a bit feminine but the shortcut was going downhill,pretty hard,and there is a track where bycicles were going and it was raining few day earlier so the earth was still wet and I stumbled and fell,the guy was few meter in front of me,to make things worst,when I got back up I was so embarrassed and decided to dodge the path where guy was so I took the other path which was not a path but a lot of gras on that hill and I had high heels so you can only guess how that looked,walking on a wet grass with heels and then running to the path a near...oh I guess it’s not shorter
  2. My favorites change so fast but currently my favorite is Porcelain Face and it has been for a 2 week haha
  3. I'm really open for anything and everything that can be considered paranormal,I'm actually pretty sure I have no power whatsoever but some people in my family think I have,I don't wanna get into why because in my opinion it is nothing big and even tought no one we know can do it I'm pretty sure it is not anything like psychic oh and I don't know anyone who has any power or they just don't want to tell me because they probably think I wouldn't believe them.
  4. Hmm,I would recommend you ookami shoujo to kuro ouji,it’s typical shojo romance manga and it ended so you don’t have to wait,I think it’s pretty good for start(my opinion)... And to answer original topic,my first manga was tokyo ghoul,even tought I don’t read it anymore(I have to start again) I read a lot of manga and I mean a lot,I actually have this ritual,one month i watch anime,like,only thing I do is watch anime,then other month I read manga,same like anime,only manga,then book and then movies and series and games.
  5. I don’t think you are missing a lot,coming from a family that is cursed with alcoholism from generation to generation and seeing some really good people ruining their life just for a sip of alcohol I actually really admire you. And the fact that you can’t add a lot to that,well you can always talk about your friends who get drunk,it’s always funny seeing that and then telling them day after what they did,so funny.
  6. I like to get drunk but I don’t like the taste of any alcohol except a “coctail” from my country which we call bambus it’s a mix of cola and black wine 50/50 and gemist which is a mix of mineral water(or however you call water with bubles) and white wine also 50/50,at first you think it’s not hitting you and you can drink it a lot but then when it hits you,it hits you and the best thing is you usually don’t have a hangover (or maybe that’s because I’m still only 19) but even my parents don’t get hangover (if it’s good wine,ofc). Oh,btw. I said I don’t like the taste of alcohol but that ,sadly,doesn’t stop me. Also,I did try sake but I really didn’t like it,like,I couldn’t even swallow it.
  7. I would have to say that Charlotte should be mentioned here,not only the animantion, but the soundtrack and whole concept is original and different,it has plot twist it has fighting,school life,love,harsh life,depression and when you take all that(usually you get cheesy anime) but I wouldn’t say this came out like that but really hartbreaking and interesting anime worth watching.
  8. As an animal lover I cannot choose favourite but I have a hedgy and a dog and also planing to get a cat (sphynx).
  9. I think it’s funny but only in some situations,when you don’t expect it and then it happens,but usually not really
  10. Thank you very much,now we’ll wait and see if it worked
  11. I would have to say i can relate a bit with Touka from Tokyo Ghoul,in the matter where she eats things from her friend even tough it hurts her,but it’s her friend and she wants to...just to say,I don’t mean that eating food from my friends is hard(it is,but not the point) but doing things for them and for yourself because more than you wanna,you need it
  12. I would have to say i can relate a bit with Touka from Tokyo Ghoul,in the matter where she eats things from her friend even tough it hurts her,but it’s her friend and she wants to...just to say,I don’t mean that eating food from my friends is hard(it is,but not the point) but doing things for them and for yourself because more than you wanna,you need it
  13. Hm,I live in Germay,just moved here few months ago,good thing about Germany would be that they also have a lot of different people so you get to meet people from all around,I just met a guy from Egypt which wouldn’t happened if I stayed in my home country. And a bad thing,well one of, is that(at least for a city I live in) they think only about work and money, I mean that is okay to one point,after that you are like chill man,but they are just,arbei,arbeit,arbeit.... also,It is wrong for me to say this because I did move here because of the work and money,because my home country is reall poor,but it still bothers me a little.
  14. I really like fantasy anime because they usually have the most beautiful animations like for instance The Ancient Magus’ Bride,there are a lot of mythical creatures like fairies,dragons...
  15. I’m currently watching Nodame Cantabile:Paris-Hen, last few months I’ve been watching or/and reading only fantasy and fighting animes,mangas and books so I wanted to watch something realistic for a change...It’s not mindblowing but it is interesting and even tough I don’t like classical music because of the feeling it gives I can stand it,even like some things
  16. Wow thanks guys,I actually didn’t think I would have any comments on this and that they would be really helpful...since I’m pretty shy,and posting this here,to me,was really hard but I’m really glad I did it
  17. So,I’ve been on Internet for about almost 14 years and I still never had any online friends, I’ve been on a lot of pages and apps for a different things like anime,manga,books,movies,games,itc. but I could never find enough courage to comment on things so ofc I couldn’t get friends but even if I did I see no way that could help me make a friend, so here I am,properly asking you my lovely otakus,how do you do it?
  18. I think it would be pretty amazing to become exorcist so going with ao no exorcist or even black clover,getting a grimoire,but well,with luck I have I would probably be normal human being with no magic at all.
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