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  1. DEDSEC. 2 years late to the Watch Dogs 2 train, but I really loved this game. 

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    2. alupacard


      Ohhhh my goodness. Now that you have opened the door to your PC specs, I wanna know now. What GPU and processor do you have? Do you cool it? High res is just b e a u t i f u l. I have a build of my own so I am curious~ I also have a 3DS and love it ^^ I rarely use the 3D function tho or I'll get dizzy after some time. I am the opposite of you with console tho bc I have a PS4 but no access to an xbox. 

      Hm. That is high praise... I might have to check that one out now. Just the fact that you'd SOLO it. 

      Thanks! Ah yes, true. P4 is classic :D I wanted a Vita just for Golden, but tbh, I don't have money for that rn. I tried Don't Starve with my friend and it was pretty fun actually. I like how unforgiving it is at times lol

      Yeah, I agree. I didn't end up playing some of the more recent games bc I am not a huge fan of all of the "extra" stuff. I played most of the early games on GBA to start so I like classic mechanics there. It would be cool to have a hard mode to cater to some more experienced players. I think Let's go Eevee looks really adorable, but I'm going to have to wait for my friend to let me borrow her switch... Are you excited about it?

      No worries! I like long messages lol

    3. FinDee


      Oh my.  Lol.  Well at the time my PC was built just under top of the line to save some money. I remember I bought a Nividia quantum? Nividia....ummmm....hmmmm...  My buddy and I put it together.  Sadly at this time I don't remember anymore xD  If I still had access to what I build I'd let you know but it's probably do for a beef up.  I've had it a good 4 or 5 years.  I'm hoping if I can get some extra cash sometime I can buy better parts and update my PC but for now she runs beautifully.  About all I remember is what I've already told you.  I guess I can open her up and snap some pics for you.  It does have a fan for cooling.  I've thought that maybe the next one I'd do liquid cooling.  But I'm still not sure.  I'll probably just look up my next build on newegg and price parts.  

      The 3DS 3D function is a bit too much.  The only time mine gets use is when I accidently slide it on.  Other then that it was a never.  Never touched it. But I did replace my joystick nub on it with a psp joystick slider pad.  I had to just to be able to use it for monster hunter. 

      Don't starve can be pretty unforgiving at times.  them resources can be scarce.  I totally want to play it again now.  I like playing as the little girl that burns everything.  Silly girl keeps her sanity with fire.  OMG GBA!!!  I still have mine.  Tend to play Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced a lot.  :)  I also have a gameboy color and Pokemon Red that I still play.  Beating a good classic is hard.

      As for Let's go Eevee/pikachu.  I'm a bit disapointed but still want to play it.  If that makes since.  I mean it's pokemon Go for the hermit.  That's all it feels like to me.  A huge pokemon go remake with gym and battle system that pokemon go should have had.  But I really don't want to put it down before I try it.  It is a pokemon game. So I'll probably love it. 

      Glad you like long messages.  I have a tendency to ramble lol.

    4. alupacard


      Oooh I was hoping you'd say you wanted to try liquid cooling in the future. That is some fun stuff to set up ^^ If and when you do upgrade your PC, let me know if you can :D Building PCs and tech specs are one of my top interests ^^ But for the most part, as long as you're happy with your build, it is more than good enough :) I do know I get attached to some parts in my PC and when the time comes to upgrade, I always hesitate. Out of sentiment or just the money I have to spend, I can't say lol

      That is smart to put a protector on that nub. Good idea -- gotta get on that. But good that someone else has similar 3D habits. My cousins always tell me that I'm wasting the potential but like... not really wasting if all of the newer games are on that platform and I just needed to get a 3DS for that anyway

      Ahhhh you should play it and I TOTALLY AGREE. She is awesome. I am a pyro myself so. Nice!!! I play Fire Emblem at time, but I still remember the good times with pokemon ^^ Man, the nostalgia. Pokemon Red is a total classic. 

      I get what you're saying there. I'm sure you'll find something you like out of it :) Pokemon Go was so hyped and it was fun for a little bit... but I didn't really like the whole walking around aspect. It just seems dangerous in cities.

      Lol same. ^ case in point

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