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  1. DEDSEC. 2 years late to the Watch Dogs 2 train, but I really loved this game. 

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    2. FinDee


      He is a pretty great friend.  Helped me out of jams more times then I can count and I do the same for him when I can.  That's just how we've always been.  We just got done playing some co-op "No Man Sky".  

      Most of the time fantasy roll playing I suppose.  I am pretty into Dungeons and Dragons when I get the chance to play.  I enjoy final fantasy and lately I've been into a game called Divinity II which is fun. I'm looking forward to the update this august.  I normally just enjoy games where I can build my own character.  choosing between multiple mage powers/fighting styles (Mostly falling into the necromancer path when given the opertunity) to do as I please. Or throw a pokemon game at me and I'll be good for a while.  Gotta catch em all ya know xD I really do try and attempt to make it fun by challenging friends to build battles.  We normally train a team up to level 50 no switch outs and duke it out to see who wins but attempt to never re-use any pokemon more than once.  So we constantly have a team change up and never have an over broken team.  So it's not always a full team of legends battling it out. 

      What about you?  what are your preferences?

    3. alupacard


      Then you're both really lucky :) That seems like fun! Are you both PC gamers or console gamers?

      You have an awesome taste in games!! I really like final fantasy as well and have played a fair amount of pokemon. Have you attempted any challenges? I attempted Nuzlocke a few years ago and it was... kinda fun? Challenge for sure. 

      For me, I like JRPGs the best. Not a fan of FPS games. I really like strategy games also that have darker themes. I like fantasy, but ones that are more post-apocalyptic in nature or are possible in the future. The reason I enjoyed Watch Dogs 2 is because it is possible that tech might reach that level in the future where there may be corruption or security concerns. I also really like the Persona/SMT series. Nier Automata was another really cool concept. In general, most games I appreciate have to have appealing artistic styles along with a good plot but I am up to try anything. ^^

    4. FinDee


      We are actually all around games.  We don't really lean more one way or the other.  I have a pretty fair pc for art and also use it for gaming since I have a terabyte hard drive in it.   And a gaming graphics card.  I can play most games in high res without issues.  I am also pretty into console.  I love my 3DS  I am a pretty big fan of monster hunter.  And so I bought an extended battery for my 3Ds just for that.  I don't have a ps4 but I have access to an xbone at times.  

      I don't care much for FPS myself.  Not really something I'm to fond of.  But I do enjoy Sea of thieves. That game is more about the adventure with an FPS aspect and is incredibly beautiful.  If I could.  I'd solo campaign that game.  

      You have great taste too.  I enjoy me some Persona 4 Golden on my Vita (sadly that and Soul Sacrifice are all I really play on it, maybe some "dont starve" aka Tim burtin does minecraft at times) which is an all around great game that I enjoy.  It's a bit dark and I love it.  lol.  I recently played little nightmare.  So good.  

      I have done a few Nuzlocks Which are okay.  I had wished for a pokemon game to come out that had a hard mode.  Every trainer be around your level with 6 pokemon.  But sadly now they keep coming out with things like super moves?  or Z-moves?  I think that's what it was called.  I actually played Moon without them because I didn't want to use them.  A bit broken for my taste.   But I did enjoy the extra evolutions with Mega's.  I feel like the z-moves was their way of balancing out the pokemon that can't mega evolve.  But idk.  Are you looking forward to "Let's go Eevee/Pikachu"?  

      sorry my messages are so long.  

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