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  1. How do snail masks work out for you? Because I think it's my favourite so far out of this mask pack. I might have to get more. I tried the blueberry mask as well, and it smelled great, but somehow it was exceptionally more slimy than the snail mask? Anyway it took a looooong time to absorb after I peeled it off, and I had to use some wax strips and it kinda felt dry afterward, so I dunno about the blueberry mask. I'll probably try the green tea one next. There's also an aloe mask, but in my mind, aloe is for acne which I have never had problems with, so I think I'm actually going to donate it to a friend of mine and see if she likes it.

    Also I got my second haul today with that aqua bomb and I absolutely geeked out when I opened the box... do you get unreasonably excited too, or am I just weird? 😂 I think there are worse addictions, right? I'm still super jealous that you're going to Korea. Can I just sneak in your luggage? 

    1. alupacard


      Hey there! I am sorry for my super late reply - life has been super hectic lately. T^T To answer your question, the snail masks work great for me personally. They can be a little slimy as expected but that depends on the mask you end up buying also. :) I have normal skin, but I want smoother, more glowy skin so they work great for that and I usually do them once a week or so. Let me know how the green tea ended up working for you please! ^^ I love all things green tea <3

      Ohhhh my goodness. That sounds amazing and I am so so so jealous!! How has that been so far? And YES ABSOLUTELY I get excited!! I love skincare and it is super fun to me. :) As for sneaking into my luggage... I won't tell anyone lol. 😜 

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