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  1. On 9/10/2018 at 3:29 AM, IntoMyWorld said:

    I'm looking for some good LGBT or Gay anime to watch.

    I just need to watch something that feels accepting,  I'd prefer something gay since I am a gay male. But I'm open to others themes.


    I love Yuri on Ice

    Likes Karneval

    And I enjoyed Akuma No Riddle

    But anything overly Heterosexual or with too much fanservice makes me feel alone.

    But I guess I'm just looking for something good. This season doesn't seem to have many shows when I look online. So.. Suggestions?

    I really love Love Stage!! and Hitorijime My Hero. They're both super cute so I highly recommend these <3 

  2. 3 hours ago, Kohloo said:

    I can't take a picture of my tattoo (I have a flip phone). But I did find an old picture (April 2017) that has it showing, so I just cropped it to show it


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    It's beautiful! :) How old is your tattoo? 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, RepentantSky said:

    That's difficult. If we're talking about Persona, it would be Persona 4 golden. If we're talking SMT, it's a tie with IV and Apocalypse. I'mma story based guy more than anything else and the story in those games are the best in the SMT series for what my money is worth,  

    I will agree that P4G had one of the best plots of any game I have ever played ^^ Oooh SMT IV. I haven't actually finished that one yet, but it's on the books. :D I'm a fan of Devil Survivor personally. Are you generally a fan of strategy-based games too?

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  4. For tips, every one had really good tips and I really don't have anything more to add. Just congratulations on the new place!!! 

    But @Beocat, I love this tip. Amazing and really really important!! :D 

    21 hours ago, Beocat said:

    Don't forget to get your plunger for your toilet. 

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  5. On 8/22/2018 at 11:56 PM, Kohloo said:

    I have one tattoo and no piercings. Well, my ears are pierced (from when I was a kid), but I don't wear earrings (or any jewlery, really). I tend to stare at people with tattoos because I'm trying to look at what they have lol

    I also try and get a look at other people's tattoos, but sometimes it is pretty awkward to get caught staring lol ^^;

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  6. Hey there! Yep, I would even go as far to say that I spend more time gaming than I do watching anime. I have lots of games that I love and have lots of time invested in, but the current game has to be Persona 5. I played it last year, but recently went back to take advantage of NG+ and explore the stuff I couldn't get in the first playthrough. 

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  7. I have a couple of friends who watch anime and read manga irl. ^^ Aside from my best friend, I met most of my friends who watch anime in college where it was arguably easier to pick which crowd you wanted to be around. That and I think that people generally get along well with people that are similar to them or share certain interests. :)

    @anime4eva Sure, I am always open to make friends or to just talk about anything! 

  8. Hmmm. I guess I tend to like more modern animes or ones that are drawn in a more modern style. Animations that are HD and smooth are beautiful to me and usually serve to elevate my whole experience. Subjectively, I am not too into older styles like Sailor Moon or Inuyasha, but those that I watched during childhood are still enjoyable to me just because of the nostalgia factor. I still love YuGiOh for example. Idk, I guess the bottom line for me is that if the art is attractive to me, I tend to watch it but am open to watching older ones that are tried and true. :) 

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  9. On 8/20/2018 at 10:20 AM, Palatine said:

    I'm Palatine, hope we can be friends here. I like reading manga and watching anime. I also spend a lot of my time playing video games. I used to write fanfiction before but I kinda lost it. I hope I can get my muse back. (^.^)v

    Hi there! Welcome to AF ^^ Please do share what fandoms you're a part of if you want to~ I also love videogames, manga/anime, and writing fanfiction (when I actually feel confident enough to post anything). Hope to see you around! ^^

  10. Hmm... this one hits home for me. I am usually quite shy and a little awkward when people first meet me irl so it was tough for me to make friends quickly in school like other people could. I have never really introduced myself to others first with the intention of being friends because as chipper and lively as I may be online, I am definitely not super confident or anything in person. I'd describe myself as quirky, sarcastic, and talkative to those close to me, and polite and quiet to those who don't.

    In your scenario, I would probably portray myself as a jokester because it is close to how I am when I am with people who actually know me. I don't really see the point in hiding my true self just to make people like me and it is an empty existence for me if I do that. But if I was lonely and wanted to make some conversation with others, this is how I would do it instead of hiding away behind my phone. In 1st year (freshman year in high school), it would take a lot of courage for me to speak out but as I grew older and went to college, I just became more content to pick who I talk to carefully and toe the line of how much of my personality should come out. It is natural to be "different" around different friends, but the way you portray yourself should still be true to who you are - just to varying degrees. No one is going to like you 100%, but it's those who can like you despite the things that they don't like that are worth keeping in your life. Does what I just typed even make sense? Maybe... maybe not. Well. I typed it all out soooooooo I will just leave it here. Yep. ^^;

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  11. 14 hours ago, drill said:

    Just thought I'd chime in and mention that I think that is the best way to get one is having it tied to memories.  That way it can be a part of you in more ways than one, and I think that is really cool ^^

    Yeah, she was!  She was just casually talking about getting another tattoo one day, and I was like, 'wait, you have a tattoo?'.  It's a butterfly one on the inside of her arm.  Not sure how I missed it really xP  Sorry to hear about your environment 😧 For certain things, I've kinda had to learn to only care so much about what other people care as negative.  If it doesn't do any harm to them, then it's not even fair to let them control what or how you are just based on their perception of something.

    Yeah, just about any kind of empathy pain including those you listed applies to me as well.  I cringe when I see stuff like that, but not only that, if it stays stuck in my memory, I'll likely cringe every time I remember it.

    Thanks! This is the best way for me also personally :) I seriously respect people who have them for other reasons tho... I just like the aesthetic on others also haha ^^

    Hahah, details details ^^ Seems really nice to have that openness about you two in work :) My environment isn't too big of a deal and I've grown a thicker skin since then. ^^ I really like your way of looking at others' perceptions! Really positive thinking and more power to you!

    Oh my... T^T Hopefully it doesn't happen too often :( 

    12 hours ago, ArchieKun said:

    I like them. Tats are awesome works of art. So are piercings in their own right. I do not have any myself. Though I more then support them. Even more so if they have meaning to one's life, or past.

    Agreed! Serious respect to the artist and client also... creativity on a complex medium and it's collaborative in most cases which makes it cool. Happy to hear your thoughts!! ^^

  12. 1 hour ago, FinDee said:

    @alupacard my opinion on tattoos.  Honestly I love them.  I have a few myself.  Some that I've done and some that I haven't done.  I actually tried several times to become a tattoo artist.  But unfortunately.  Things don't always work out in this area the way that you want them too.  Maybe had I been from a different area I would of had a chance.  But everyone around here.  They just do you dirty with a smile on there face.  I've Got about Six Tats.  3 of which I've done myself.  Yeah I've been licensed and passed pathogens tests and hygiene/sterilization tests.  I'm actually more strict on this then a lot of shops I've been in.  I won't tattoo someone without wearing a mask either.  It's safer.   

    Everyone is entitled to have an opinion and I believe if people don't want original and they want something that other people have as a tat then good for you.  If you like it get it.  For some people it can be like a cleansing therapy.  Artists talk about troubles and why they are getting tattoos.  Maybe being in a vulnerable position with that artist for what can be hours just makes you feel connected as they grind the ink into your skin with the sound of the machine buzzing.  There is a kind of comfort and connection that tends to happen.  And people more often then not open up and let loose all of these emotional burdens that they keep pent up.  And the artist tends to at least feel like they are listening.  It's an amazing experience that I've been a part of twice now.  I enjoy it.  

    As far a piercings.  If that's what you want then you have every right.  I've had a few of those too. 

      No shame there :)  You do you.  That's all I say.  

    Man, I really appreciate this thoughtful response (My day has been terrible so far and this made me legitimately happy). I have really enjoyed reading everyone's response on this topic, but my sentiment on tattoos and piercings most closely echoes yours. I honestly really love tattoos. I think they're beautiful and individual. Even if the design is not as 'original', the combination of the tattoo, other tattoos the person may have, and the person themselves make for a cool story. I personally find it amazing that you were on the path to become a tattoo artist!! (Honestly would love to talk to you about that if you are open to it) I also never thought about how nice it is to just have that interaction with your artist. Really can make or break the whole experience. I'm also in a STEM-related field and I will admit that at times, I have not had the most 'welcome' reception. That's a whole other topic tho. I digress.

    I love piercings also along with tattoos. Personally, all of mine have memories attached to them and I wouldn't trade them for anything. ^^ Anyway, rant over. Thanks again for your thoughts! 

    1 hour ago, drill said:

    Probably will never get either.  Tattoos don't really change my opinion at all.  I've had several coworkers over the years that have had plenty of them, so I guess I'm just used to it?  Only thing I don't like about Tattoos is when you can't see their original skin anymore.  Other than that, I probably won't really even take notice.  Had a coworker have to point out that she even had a tattoo after like 5 weeks of working next to her.

    Piercings look painful, and my mind generates 'pain' in a place similar to the person I saw having a piercing (this isn't limited to just piercings, but for the sake of the conversation, I won't go into what else).  I don't look down on it, but for my own well being, I really can't typically be around people with piercings for extended periods of time.

    This was really interesting to read! Hahah, your coworker must have been really surprised! ^^ Kind of neat that you are surrounded by people with tattoos tho. I can't say I am in the same environment which made me curious as to what others thought about this topic. 

    T^T Do you also feel pain when someone stubs their toe or gets a paper cut? I cringe when I see that because I personally can imagine the pain associated with those (also because I hate paper cuts... they really hurt). Sorry, know you said you wouldn't go into it, but I am just curious because I can relate with empathy pain, but not necessarily piercing pain

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  13. 9 minutes ago, efaardvark said:

    Not into them myself, and they're generally a turn-off on others.  Even pierced ears are a bit silly IMHO, mainly since I'm not much into jewelry either and I don't see the point otherwise.  (Especially considering the medical complications that piercings can cause.)

    That said, I've seen tattoos that I like, and I'm not categorically against them in principle, but most people don't put much thought to getting a tattoo, and even when they do they don't get it done right.  Seems like a lot of people get one done one on the spur of the moment and/or at the closest/cheapest place - often in one of those moments of inspiration that come only after an evening over-consuming alcohol.  To me that seems like a really, really stupid way to go about it.  Maybe they're happy with the result, but to me it's like seeing a neon/velvet Elvis painting on their living room wall.  Amusing at best (and not in a good way).  The "gangster" tats that people get as a result of peer pressure or trying to fit in with a certain group don't impress me either.  The kinds of tats that I like are works of art, and should come with a story that's more interesting than "I got drunk one night".  Unfortunately art is hard to do well, and subjective even in the best of cases.  Personally I can't imagine a combination of subject matter, cost, and trust in the artist that would induce me to get one done myself.

    The medical complications is certainly true in some cases and some of my friends have had some bad experiences with them (infections, rejection, etc.). I really like customization and accessories so I think that it why piercings are generally attractive to me. I use it mostly to have some sense of self expression ^^

    Yeah, I do generally agree that someone should be well-informed and not be drunk when they make the decision to get inked. (But sometimes that is kind of a funny story and may hold some nice memories for that person). 

    Thanks for sharing! It was nice getting to hear your thoughts :) 

  14. 13 hours ago, Wedgy said:

    I have 6 tattoos and 9 piercings. 

    They're cool I guess. People need to chill. 

    Awesome! I don't have any tattoos, but I also have 9 piercings. ^^ Thanks for the post!

    10 hours ago, leinwandname said:

    Don't have any and don't plan on getting any. Not really my taste - especially piercings - but some tattoos can look good, IMO.

    Ah, I see. :) Thanks for the comment!

    6 hours ago, SAO LILDOOP said:

    Tbh tats can be a bit much especially if they are on the face but I do not mind a few tasteful ones, they are alright. 

    I think piercings can be really hot depending on where you have them and how many, like I cannot stand body piercings for the most part but face piercings are awesome (Though if you have too many they look gross). 

    Honestly though, just being natural with no tats and no piercings is best. :) 

    Interesting! Face piercings seem to be the least accepted so it is nice to see a different perspective. Cool to hear from you!

    6 hours ago, Roxeg said:

    I've thought about this plenty of times, my conclusion is usually the same:
    I really don't see the use of piercings, they don't add any 'beauty' to my eyes, rather, they take away lots of it. They're also very unpractical, can cause infections if made wrong, can be dangerous if they get stuck with an object. Can you imagine the pain of having one of them pulled out of your skin because it got in the wrong place, like some cloth?
    As for tattoos, it's almost the same. They don't add anything super duper, and the ink filters through the skin and those microparticles eventually reach your blood. You wouldn't want having ink in your blood, eh? I know, it's not like hundreds of people die from ink intoxication every year I guess, but it still adds up to the list of factors that can end up harming your body.

    Interesting POV ^^ It is definitely inconvenient to have piercings at times haha. Really good to hear from you!

    10 hours ago, Oakmi said:

    Don't want to harsh critically too much but I find that piercing and tattoo are a great big turnoff and don't like them. Mostly because the art that tattoos use to represent was individual and unique. Now everyone with a taint of talent grabs a needle and gets to jabbing making the art not as unique or individual as it used to be. But that was back before everyone made it a trend and jumped on the wagon. As for piercings, don't like most of them. Ears and nose (Side not septum) are okay, anything else I don't like. 

    I like unfiltered comments, so it is cool to hear yours also! Tattooing is certainly becoming more "accepted" or popular so it does make sense that some art may not be as original. But I'd also like to think that there is still some cool art being made out there ^^ Thanks for your perspective! 

    5 hours ago, Antigonius said:

    neither, honestly, unless its to commemorate something specific or mark yourself as property of ones group.

    Cool cool. :) Thanks for your view! ^^

    10 hours ago, XII360 said:

    everyone has tastes, but for me, i loathe piercings/tatoo's,

    im sure someone will argue with me on this, but its my own preferrence, if i see tatoo's on a woman, it somewhat makes a 10/10 woman go 0/10 for me, insta "bleh"

    for a male, tatoo's are somewhat okay (aslong as they cover it up), but i would never get one, its just...kinda stupid in my point of view ? 

    piercing on women...well if its ear piercing thats, kinda common and i dont mind it, but anywhere else in the body ?, man thats just another "bleh" with a side of "ugh"

    but then again, this is my point of view on piercings/tatoos and everyone has their own tastes, (e.g wedgy is fine with tatoo's, lein-tan doesn't like them, but agree's that some can be good)

    though, thats not to say if a person has a tatoo or piercing, i wont talk to them, my professor for one, has tatoo's but i dont loathe him, i just find them...not stylish ?

    I like that you acknowledge that everyone has their own tastes and I enjoyed reading your thoughts! ^^

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  15. 15 minutes ago, XII360 said:

    b-but, you cant deny, the yugi on abridge, has some style in him, compared to the one in the original series .. !

    i-im sowwy

    Okay, that is fair. I will give the abridged Yugi some style points ^^

    You are forgiven since you didn't insult the amazing Seto Kaiba. 

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  16. 3 hours ago, XII360 said:

    theres also the abridged yu-gi-oh, which, in my case, somewhat more fun than the original show >.>


    How... how dare you?! T^T YGO was my childhood so maybe I have a soft spot for this anime, but I did watch almost all of the episodes. I say 'almost all' because I am actually not sure if I missed any and don't want to check lol. I will say that the abridged series is really funny and I really enjoyed it also tho 

    For the general question, I usually don't watch too many abridged series unless I really really enjoyed the unabridged anime ^^ For most animes, I definitely prefer subbed over dubbed because I am a purist and I think that the voices are the best in Japanese. The mouth animations also line up the best :) However, I do like the dubbed version of YGO because I grew up with it and it is kind of weird to get used to their Japanese VAs. 

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  17. 3 hours ago, leinwandname said:

    Thank you! You managed to post in the very same moment I posted my previous message >.<

    But I have the feeling that the servers can withstand the straints of having to save one respond message more than necessary

    Well well, look at that haha ^^ 

    I certainly hope so! Sad day when a server can't do this T^T

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