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  1. Haha, you're certainly correct about Steam being trouble... ^^ It's becoming difficult to choose between spending free time on anime/manga or games ^^;
  2. It is that time of the year where I question my sanity and my finances as a Steam user haha. So I take it that you're more of a console player then?
  3. What games are you planning to buy or what have you bought or want to buy?
  4. @brycec Hmm, that is pretty interesting now that you mention it. I can't say for sure that my wire ones are more comfortable than my wireless ones (bc they're both different models from different companies), but one reason the wireless ones may hurt more may be because they're trying to hold onto your head to stay on...? Or maybe they are a model that doesn't have active noise cancellation and instead rely on blocking out sound by clamping around your ear?
  5. Just received my contacts in the mail today ^^
  6. Whenever I am using my phone, I prefer wireless because I am usually moving or doing something else like cooking. My current earbuds are not totally wireless (like the apple airpods), but instead are the type that can hang around my neck when I am not using them. (makes for a nice accessory also lol) I also have a desktop tower setup and when using that, I usually opt for my traditional over-ear headphones which just give better sound quality overall for the price point. My drawing tablet is not wireless (bc this version was ultimately cheaper) and neither are my mouse or mechanical keyboard. Idk, I don't really get annoyed with wires unless I am being active and need to be nimble. Quality experience and pricing is usually more important to me ^^
  7. Hello! I am fairly new around here and it's nice to meet you
  8. I had played only console games up until someone suggested that I play Mystic Messenger, which is a mobile otome game. I think that most mobile games leave a lot to be desired, but I really enjoyed MysMes. ^^
  9. I don't know which one I prefer really. Until this year, I have only drawn traditionally and I really like the crispness of the lines I can pull on paper. I really like digital art as well though because it does look cleaner as a whole in my point of view/drawing style. The color palette in digital is also amazing -- I can mix my traditional media, but on the computer, it is much easier to play around with different options. The only thing I have to complain about though is my monitor, which is my own personal issue. My monitor tends to show warmer colors so when I export my work and view it on another computer or my phone, the colors are colder than I originally thought.
  10. Welcome welcome~! It's nice to meet you I hope we can talk about anime/manga/gaming some time! Have a great time around here~
  11. For me, I always find myself preferring sub to dub. I like the nuances of the Japanese language and it seems much more... authentic this way? I guess that's just my opinion haha. The only anime that I prefer dub to sub would be YuGiOh because I grew up with the English dub and kinda got attached to the characters that way.
  12. I usually slow charge my phone because this is ultimately better for the long term life of your battery. When I get really busy, then I use fast charging just because I don't have time to wait around for it.
  13. thank you~ hahah I can imagine why... wow really?
  14. Most of my nicknames are just different versions of my name and no one close to me actually calls me by my full name. My parents and close friends shorten it. As for other nicknames, I have a few of them on messenger. I was the president of one of the clubs at my uni for two years and all of the members call me "overlord" for some reason. Some of my other friends call me "kitty" because they think it's hilarious that I am allergic to cats even though I love them.
  15. hahahah this comment. I like this
  16. An artist~!! Sorry for this random post, but I always get excited when I see an artist sharing drawings. If you don't mind me asking, what application do you use to draw? I'm more of a traditional artist myself ^^

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    2. XII360


      true, true, and not really, aside from his old song's, i dont listen much to english song's, usually japanese song's now a day's

      god dangit, im not an M >.<, and it was just a figure of speech !

      yea, for some odd reason, i love that idea, idea of yandere doing anything for her love, probably even killing you herself if you cheat on her, feel's so "fap", but yea probably, not everyone likes the idea of getting killed by a yandere, even me !, so a rule of code when dealing with yandere's : show them all the love and tell them your preferences, and then avoid girl's, itll be a happy end if you do so, to bad most main character's raise their own death flag by not doing this, or yandere being too overprotective >.>...

      sleep is for the weak.meme, lets face it, ill probably be hitting the bed once i get back from a single work >.>...

      naw, no problem's, its just that he wants us to spend our cash properly and correctly, so if i bought a 20usd pillow, over getting something i can use everyday in technical stuff for 20usd, well go figure, besides im kind of a hermit already anyway's

      ...i will neither say no, nor will i say yes, but yandere is one of my top dere's

      i wont lie to you, i never went through 50/50 thread, i only saw it from a youtuber i watch, that's where i found out about it, thank god for censor's

    3. alupacard


      I mean... Japanese music is pretty great. I listen to kpop a lot nowadays also tho

      Lol well you sound like you know how to handle a yandere so you will probably be okay. But irl, how would you react to a yandere? I watch a lot of crime shows, so I think I would probably be too scared to be with someone who could potentially kill people 

      Man, as an adult, I appreciate sleep so much more than when I was a kid. It feels so nice to just relax after a long day

      Ohhh so he wants you to be a wise spender. That makes a lot of sense. My dad is like that also and encourages my brother and I to invest or just save it for later. (Good thing he doesn't know how much coffee costs nowadays at cafes...)

      Hahah okay. You like what you like :) Nothing wrong with that ^^ I will say that I like tsunderes the best. 

      GOOD. Be happy you didn't go through it. There is some really gorey and disturbing stuff on there. 

    4. XII360


      yea, for me japanese music is great, kpop's, i never managed to get into it, but allot of my classmates dig kpop's too, i just never got into its vibe ;o

      i should probably be fine even irl, unlike my brother, i sort of dont enjoy the fact of cheating, and i never got a girlfriend before : D, im somewhat saving my chastity on becoming a wizard for my very first love <3, yet to happened but soon, maybe, hopefully, i will wield the ultimate magic

      i mean, while we were kid's we just wanna run around, get injured, cry allot, and "mooooooom" it up, no responsibilities, now that were adult's, we have so much responsibilities that we just wanna avoid them and sleep, couse man, sleep is so fun, its the ultimate seductress >.>, next to food ofcourse, you evil huge calories giving food >:o (cough chocolates cough)

      i mean its not that i love yandere's most, its just that i like almost all dere's equally, it will just depend on how much i will like them, if there's a bad yandere, and then a good kuudere, i would probably love the kuudere more than the yandere !,



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  17. BUT the power has been bestowed upon you! Kami-sama? Hm~ it is certainly difficult. I would lean more towards L in your two options but that's just meee Heh, that's adorable. She must have had a big impact on you ^^ Cute! Maybe just a little haha ^^
  18. looool you've got a point there I meant best boy and girl, but really up to the person posting
  19. Self explanatory~
  20. hahaha, I really like this idea (not just cause this achievement is totally relatable lol)
  21. sure! Let's talk about it after I watch it what else have you been watching recently?
  22. It looks interesting! Adding it to my list of animes for when I have some free time to binge ^^ and yes! Cliffhangers are especially terrible when the series is ongoing and I have to wait... ^^;

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