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  1. von Willebrand factor aka vWF, it is a glycoprotein that helps prevent bleeding that could lead to excessive bleeding

    involved with platelets since they clot wound's


    there done that's all you need to know about that, y they make it complicated ugh


    edit: tfw you search for a hema book, but google gives you a mount and blade links, with a side of book explanation's

    google man dont get confused now >.>


  2. XII360

    What's your favorite video game character and why?

    you're doing it wrong >:o (spoiler images contain picture!, and maybe more content, otherwise skip ahead ;o) but yea, excluding my own character's, in anime-ish, shana from shakugan no shana, she was initially the reason i got into anime, and also my first anime to have watched so i choose you, shana ! in terms of video game's/browser game-ish, haruna from kantai collection!, i just really really love her so much that i will put a ring on that finger, i also like akatsuki (and her class) too ohshi- the cops, to the point im thinking of using my cash to buy more wedding ring's just to, increase their level's above cap, not to wed them, ofcourse not, mhm wedding more than one girls is bad, i just want to increase their max level !
  3. XII360

    Gacha games (mobile)

    i mean to be honest, mobile gaming is kind of low compared to other console games, and we cant really count it much as a console game (couse man, have you seen the amount of copy-paste games on playstore, jesus guys get some originality), and most gamers (most not all !) see mobile games as something to be frowned upon, so i dont blame ya ;o i would do the same, but school will never allow me to bring my consoles to school, thus i must improvise!, incidentally my phone has internet so i can also surf the net or watch stuff on youtube, but i just tend to get absorbed(i forgot how absorbed was spelt a minute, jesus) in them >.>...
  4. XII360

    Which Game Systems Do You Own?

    the consoles i own are: PS2 PS3 broken xbox360 (rip ring of death) psvita broken psp (muh broken internal board) 3DS XL phone that specializes in playing games >:o , yep that looks good enough, as i have been converted to pc master race nahhh, its just that im saving up cash more than wanting to spend it atm, give take, with school starting i will probably have a book (E-book) infront of me more than a game <.> edit: incidentally, i most often abuse my phone on games, i mean i can bring it to school, thus on break time i abuse gacha's as much as i can, assuming i dont have to eat or read up some stuff for possible quizzes
  5. XII360

    Gacha games (mobile)

    cant have tags without one thats totally unrelated one so yea, i tend to play anime-gacha games on my phone most of the time (if not all time), and i was wondering, how many of the AF community (which is you guy's you ;o) play such games ?, it can be anything aslong as its gacha-anime-ish, (e.g alchemist code, fate GO,Fire emblem heroes,dragon ball, bleach, super monster..etc etc) if you do play such gacha's, what is your favorite character (or waifu material for you) in such games ?! post it below and lets have a discussion~! and also, if you dont play gacha game's, what are your thought's on gacha game's ?, do you think its kind of like gambling in a certain way (e.g kind of like loot box in a way?) what are your thought's on people whom play such game's !? incidentally i play the first 3 example's i gave, mostly FGO/alchemist code now a day's, but i also play FEH/log on it daily, but i cant seem to find the time to play it, what not with the event's on both alchemist and fgo going on atm! (spoilered due to image being too big and taking space on thread, contains FGO/FEH/alchemist code content, and ill say it now, contains 3 big pictures for each game!)
  6. i...i must confess something, not couse i feel guilty or anything, but probably couse im bored oogami is actually a girl >.> a very buff girl her full name's sakura oogami (ggwpnore) to be fair though, i didnt say she wasnt a girl, or a guy, i just said "person" in my post <.>
  7. NANDESTEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!?zxczxczxczczc.thumb.jpg.00ef0524df6d6eda1d7be82572f8521a.jpg

    what is going on while i was dying in school ?!?!

    trophy tho' i want

  8. nanjakoryaa?!

    avatars are bigger than my *****,

    this calls for a upgraded and better avatar picture


    ....as soon as im finished with alchemist code >:O

  9. XII360

    Who are some of the new faces?

    i forgot when i joined, but i joined before optic-sama implemented a ban-new-bots-that-spam-the-website law kinda brutal if you ask me,bots have rights too !
  10. XII360


    i doodled this in school, and thus this came out, incidentally i was in school when doing this, and the stare of my classmate got me into a pressure where i just rush posted a comment >.> its still wierd tho
  11. XII360

    meow meow~

    mew~? pretty much my old artwork stuff mew~ pretty much where ill upload things now, figured having two gallery is meh, i aint touching the first gallery i made tho'!, so pretty much this is my old and new artwork stuff initially pure .png (no background) means its newly drawn (atleast not 3 years ago from whence i posted this ?!) just like my other album, ill leave a comment on each drawing about what its about or details about it ;o
  12. XII360

    Manga creator contest +Showing

    huh, i forgot this was a contest, i only did it for fun o_o thankies i guess ;o
  13. >when you had plans to studie, but end up loosing the stu and just die in the bed

    life is great maaaan

    but hey saturday night, and my sleep was 2 hours today so bite me

  14. no good huh, KOREWADODA?! this is oogami from danganronpa, a buff muscular person whom is a skilled martial artist, able to use swords and shield, but preffers to fight fairly without weapons! he is also 100% human!
  15. konishiwa, this is tenryuu desu, a ship fe male that excells in melee more than using her cannon's, a ship can be thought of as a shield in a way,
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