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    but recently ive been just playing some games and reading visual novels more than watching anime to be honest,
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    kudryavka, Little busters. shes too cute, do no lewd <3, also misaki sawatari, also dont lewd <3, or do, they are in an eroge visual novel sooo...
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  1. and donzo xD







    im proud of 10/13/19 one



    also 10/15/19, i feel i really did well in it xD


    10/15/19 was based on this by the way xD

    and also sempapi's OC, she and my best friend were the only things i considered as "legendary" >.>...

    1. XII360


      May aswell post this too xD

      Now if everyone will excuse moi, ima watch milfsekai xD


  2. was to lazy to take a pic of it all, so i just linked stuff i uploaded xD

  3. to be honest, feelings can sway my decision im a logical thinker, but 70% of the time, my feelings will win if they ever met with one another feeling inferior to other people -- which is good couse it gives me motivation to get past their level, or atleast near their level though, sometimes i get the feeling of "ill never reach them, they are too perfect and good for me, im useless" at such idea's, i always just think of one thing they are not perfect, they have weakness too, they just don't show it or atleast that's what i tell myself when i wanna give up
  4. but yea, went to hospital yesterday -- one where i interned at for probable free tests couse i believe in their work


    and it seems i have upper uti, based on results, possible dengue, and chronic infection ?


    leaning on chronic infection though since im IgM (-)

    and just being IgG+ wont indicate dengue, just an odd >.>


    but at the moment, im feeling daijoubu, i started antibiotics tho, so i gotta go through with it to end, lest i become resistant and then become XDR and then i die




    but yea, aside from that, ill probably go back to studying tomorrow

    just finished one project that i cant post here for...reasons >_>


    gonna do the inktober days i couldn't do due to being sick after i do stuff >.>



      Hope you will be fine, gl with school as well. 

    2. LonelyPoet


      That sounds like it really hurts. :/

  5. XII360

    coffee or tea

    yea b-but i mean, coffee gets you dehydrated..! i totally knew coffee helps you poop ! i didn't know this at all
  6. XII360

    coffee or tea

    tea, no questions asked coffee is an adult taste, and is for keeping one self awake and active tea helps you poop therefore i have concluded tea>coffee
  7. shet, i blew it with sempai on surprise


    well, i guess ill just have to cancel it ^__^



    incidentally, im hella sick, but im gonna "finish" this first then sleep again, my fever keeps going back and down


    sweating is one hell of a cure for these thoooo


    gonna skip drawing inktober today, but ill draw tomorrow on both dates >.>

    i just need to recover first x_x

    1. Wedgy


      Get well soon! 

  8. What the fu---



    Prove me right

    I had fun thoo >.>


    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      "Louvre? Yes, I have another one" 😂 jk, keep up the great work dude!

  9. Night duty can both be fun and not fun Atleast, in internship it was fun, couse there was barely any extractions, aside from routine ones But the sucky part was once it reached 3am... You start to feel tired and shiz which is not fun, not to mention morning picks and people starting to come to you in masses for extraction.... Ughh that was hella toxic, (i enjoyed the toxicity tho) Welp, i got no topics, im just studying atm >...>


    (also, to lazy to download it, so im just posting the IG >.>)

    finished todays 10/2/2019's inktober shiz xD


    i have no idea how this is "mindless"

    bite me, i just read an eroge and this is what i came up with

    i did use a refference tho xD


    and it toke me an hour and 30m >.>


    and now its 12MN, so i guess, ill just do my daily jog, then sleep <_>


    3 episodes left for kaguya-sama xD


  11. joined inktober

    didn't know about it, only found out from my sempapi, not even confident on my art skills

    but she pretty much told me to just "have fun" (in a spongebob voice)

    so...here i am, gonna have fun even of my art skills aint in par with anyone >->


    above is the list of things to draw on certain days, incase your wondering nani da faq i drew >.>

    im also doing a 30min-rule drawing xD (ring only toke like 2minutes tho)


    edit; it further became like this >.>



    1. Seshi


      This is awesome! I love the event idea. This could easily be a thread topic, but thanks for sharing anyway.

  12. cosmania was fun, POSTING IMAGES HERE

    (i did not cosplay thoo, next time im gonna thooooo)


    also, we didn't see the T-posting (last image)

    it was night time and we just ate and left, it happend probably night time ish, we only saw it on FB post, and i went "oh my god"

    literally, just "oh my god"


    and oh my god they actually f*cking did it holy sh*t


    no words, only respect >.>


    also, you know your a medical person, when the first thing you look at when people are not wearing shirt is, DAT VEIN THOO?!?

    literally the first thing i always see when i looked at people not wearing shirts, and has a <BIG>, <THICK> and probably not <JUICY> vein >.>


  13. welp iz set, tomorrow im going to a cosmania, gonna be mai first time, butttt ikuzooo


    was gonna crossdress, still debating if i should

    im kinda of...really really scared >.>

    so odds are, ill back out on doing it, sempai said its daijoubu too, couse next time is when im actually really gonna do it

    ...so i guess i wont do it for now >_>


    incidentally, im unsure (or cant remember) if i mentioned it, but it seems me and sempapi will be starting a YT channel, soooo

    im probably gonna post sh*t we do on my profile xD

    so far, from what we talked of today, its gonna be like, danplan/emirichu styled vids (we discuss sh*t, and animate the discussion)

    but it will be in conyo language (translation; both English/Ph language)

    but im gonna make it so subs will be done (CC subs xD)


    wont divulge too much on what topics will be, but one things for sure

    even if it fails, were gonna be having some fun, and in the end of the day, that's all that matters

    if we both have fun, i don't see any loses xD


    also, i started jogging again ^-^

    1. Seshi


      Congrats on the jogging again.. I really need to start working out again too

    2. Wedgy


      Sounds great! You could use a bit of fun to unwind from all the stress of study hell. Can't wait to see what you and your friend come up with. 

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