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  1. so im working hard on job and well, let me sing you a meme song




    Does it almost feel like noothings changed at all

  2. welcome to af-forums! best gremlin
  3. heyo~ welcome to af-forums is first of all~ but yea, if they are very close friends of yours, even through the interwebs, you should still stay in contact, you dont need to meet and greet and all that, just being in contact is better especially with covid, philippines is not a fun place to visit right now, you will just be quarantined for 14days, with sh*tton of delays on being catered to, its really not a great idea to visit philippines --- or any other country at that fact right now i haven't met with my classmate who i treat as a BFF, but we still keep in touch
  4. i managed to earn 50k php (870euro's) in a month and half



    watch me, im about to do, what everyone calls, "a pro gamer move"

    heh >.>...

    oh and got few cash from sideline job for buying cake

    atashi ready


    IMA GENIE-USimage.png.44f1e945968361bf24437a9b204850b6.png


    now i just need to draw more expressions ^_^



    also the raw drawing i did of mimi, im just gonna do a bit of expression changing now : )

    still need to draw her in a monster box though, couse she a mimic


    one step closer to completing my project!

    1. pathospades


      Oh shit. I didn't know you were working on a game. That's pretty cool

    2. XII360


      im doing it as much as i can


      its really slow though, since i now work on two hospitals >.<

      gotta keep the stacks coming, especially since we need them badly right now



    an experience i wanna share working in a private hospital

    we have (read; had, since his decided to leave today, after refusing blood extraction from me) a covid positive patient


    and the first time i saw him, his room was cleanish


    after 2-3 days, his IV line was removed by accident while he was moving around, and he bled (or his IV bled?, im not really aware of how IV lines works) staining the floor


    to which i asked, and that is how i learned of why the floor was dirty (of blood stains), my initial thought was he was coughing up blood, but that proved wrong 


    so after another 2-3 days or so, i start smelling something foul on his room, im double-masking, mind you, (doesn't protect as much as n95 masks, but its better than no protection)

    after another 2-3 days, i start to smell something really foul in his room, and i am, again, PPE'ed up

    and today, he had an extraction for Na/K/other chem tests, to which he said he wanted it "held off", and so i had him sign the back of the paper about his refusal to be extracted, he agreed to with no problems, after which i informed the nurses of his refusal, so they wouldn't look for results on the laboratory

    his a great guy that didn't deserve this treatment, his paying for a private room after all, so why would the social cleaners not clean his room at the very least


    most likely due to the fear of catching covid19, is the answer


    funnily enough, even nurses didn't know he planned on leaving the hospital to a different hospital

    why you ask?

    couse nurses are somewhat avoiding him too, i know some of the nurses dont avoid him, but some nurses are still scared of even entering his room

    so with all that said

    as the way i always talk to my mom,

    remember to wash hands, wear face mask, and KETCHUP

    yes, i always add a random word when saying farewell to her, bite me, its my way of joking around xD

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    2. XII360


      @pathospades no, his 38 years old, he doesn't have any bowel defects written on his request form, it was just pure blood on the floor

      talking with a nurse, mainly gossiping to be updated on patients status, the nurse said he hadn't bathed, and only used alcohol to clean himself

      that might have added to the smell i could inhale, maybe 


      So here we had a young man, positive COVID, wearing nothing but adult diapers, laying on a mat on the floor in the middle of winter while an RN or CNA sat in the corner of his room wearing PPE you'd expect to see in Chernobyl.

      the patient is lucky enough to get a RN/CNA in the same room, this patient didn't have anyone in his room (though, "lucky" is a really bad term to use, since its really not a "lucky" situation to be in, especially when the staff incharge of cleaning the room, avoids doing said job)

      my whole thoughts during those time, was, "this person wont die from covid, this person has a higher chance of dying from an opportunistic bacteria more so than covid"

      you're preventing/healing covid, problem is, the room is kept uncleant, imagine all the other sickness he could catch...


      Just wear your PPEs. I've been working directly with this virus all of last year and never caught it. I'm vaccinated now. The fear is understandable but when you work in the medical field it is literally your job to run toward the fire.

      ^ this

      aslong as you do handwashing, avoid touching face, wear PPE at times when you go near a suspected patient (and everyone should be treated as "suspect"), keep social distancing,

      then covid shouldn't be the scariest thing to meet

      sanitization was thought to us for a reason, once contaminated (an object, or place), it can easily be sterilized too, such is the process

    3. Wedgy


      my whole thoughts during those time, was, "this person wont die from covid, this person has a higher chance of dying from an opportunistic bacteria more so than covid"

      Yes exactly my thoughts as well. It's actually a miracle he discharged without an HAI. I don't get too upset with our cleaning staff but that instance was beyond frustrating and in fact I believe somebody was fired over it. Luckily we have better people now.

    4. pathospades



      The fear is understandable but when you work in the medical field it is literally your job to run toward the fire.

      I have nothing but respect for the medical field.

  7. june 4 is nearby

    my surprise for papa chulo is near

    also my revenge on that one guy saying i "watch too much cartoons" is near

    in the end

    i haveth the last laugh

    by making him jelous

    and also making his father compare me with him



    is it gonna be worth it losing all my salary since working?


    yes it will god damn be >.>

    also not in a way that im gonna get fired, rather something else >.>

  8. easy jujutsu no kaisen (currently watching) ... CRAP WHAT WAS THAT ONE ANIME WITH ISEKAI AND CHIBI AND CROSSOVERS (last yearish) ... umm, happy sugar? (2 years) ...welp i easily lost this edit; i wrote "chibi anime crossover" on google search, and before results popped up, my brain said isekai quartet sasuga brain, you always fail me when i do the searches >.>
  9. one of my senior keeps getting "expired" covid-swabs to confirm if said expired patient is covid + or negative

    and also machine/problems arrive when his on duty at night


    the hell is this seniors luck, all the problems/complicated stuff go to him when his on duty >.>

  10. this seems fun yes im a weeb, bite me also, is that manlybadass i see ? great taste my guy #teamUSELESS
  11. image.png.32b16279f041577f0e9a26263417cfd8.png

    so here's an update on what happened while i was gone for 2 days 


    it seems my account, aside from being hacked, had some changes into it

    changes in which my profile pic most likely was changed to very very VERY r18 images

    it would seem that all mods account (including optic) was being targeted, and my account was the most prone one, since i still used god damn yahoo services 


    sooooo...i went and deleted my yahoo accounts, good. god. damn. bye. to my childhood account

    hello gmail account i will mass spam use from now on

    im gonna remake xii360 account on gmail, just couse its my main username online


    also im frankly, tired of getting hacked, i literally got hacked on twitter before too, and thus beefed up my defenses

    and man, i got hacked again

    this means for my account to get some beefier email 

    ...is what i hope helps stop hackers, hacking my shiz >.>


    1. pathospades


      I saw that. Glad you could get back into your account.


      Maybe it's not some hacker but someone close to you. Cuz it could be worse.

    2. XII360


      @pathospades highly doubt it was someone close to us, we checked the IP, and IP's that logged onto my account came from another country (germany, and others), so the idea of it being someone in my country, who is close to me, is doubtful


      unless he used VPN

      that bastard !


      well, i changed my email and removed my yahoo account, couse yahoo account is exploit as hekk

      so alls well that ends well~

  12. so it would seem that

    while i was busy in work yesterday

    my account was hacked/compromised

    not sure how this happened, but luckily nothing major happened


    seems he changed my name to bad ones (which i never knew had powers to change name)


    and also i guess

    delete my favorite animes?

    idk ima investigate ~.~

    remember to change your PW to avoid hackers like that!

    no life's, amirite guys


    edit: upon talking with the other admins (mainly wedgy-sempai)

    it would seem my yahoo accounts are compromised

    and thus i have decided to

    btfo yahoo and go to gmail >.>

    screw yahoo, its 1990's

    we gmail now boys

    (also my gmail isn't compromised it would seem)


    big thanks to @Wedgy for giving me this link to know how badly compromised i was, jesus

    1. leinwandname


      One easy internet privacy tip is; use multiple email accounts. So that you have one email account for every lets say 4 or 5 websites (if you don't have many accounts one email per account would even work) so if one gets compromised you don't have to change the email settings for so many websites. The maintainance of this many emails accounts is actually fairly easy, if you use some kind of desktop email app that lets you read email without a traditional browser (like thunderbird). For example, I use newsboat (for the command line on linux) that allows me to merge the emails of multiple accounts, so I only have one (local) password to read the email of all of my email addresses.

      Use different email providers (I often use protonmail and tutanota, though also have some outlook email addresses as throwaway accounts). Doing all that once takes some time but is neither hard nor actually that complicated.

  13. image.thumb.png.eb2c4c4b25fb90da9e9410ec1982a303.pngbeen drawing mimi expressions for project i planned to do since...forever


    but im drawing it really, really, really


    slowly >.>

    mainly couse i keep getting derailed <.> [read; distracted]

    also had runny nose today, so i focused all my energy on healing up

    i need to be fully healed for when i work, dont wanna be prone, and then swab probable/assumed covid patients ~.~

    1. Zila


      Aww, hope you can get around to finishing your project soon. I know how it feels to get distracted😫 Feel better soon! 


      i need to be fully healed for when i work, dont wanna be prone, and then swab probable/assumed covid patients ~.~

      Yeah, that would definitely be bad. xD 

  14. out of a scale of 1 to 10 how high of the number would you recommend fire force ? im needing some anime recoms here, for my night duties >.>...
  15. lewd/ecchi drawings ? read allot of doujinshi like, allot, browse them on your favorite N site, or Ex website, and, avoiding to do anything down on your nether regions observe how the lines of the body were drawn it helps if you try to draw and then get stuck somewhere (e.g, drawing breasts, and then you cant figure out how the motion would go, take a break by reading a doujinshi, hopefully your lower nether region will be taking a break with you, and not be working hard while you read them through, its a break time after all!) ...atleast, that's how i noticed m
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