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  1. XII360

    Do you like to Travel/Want to Travel

    i like to travel...in video games, i get side tracked and rather than continue the story, i explore the map and have fun enjoying the scenery with my party members ...oh were talking about real life ? ha, screw travelling, i have no time to travel, i gotta play games and study <.>
  2. internship starts @ monday, and itll take 3 days of my life away from computer, being in hospital-area, its gonna most likey, be very toxic

    send help, maybe chloride so i can bleach myself

    i also bought my tools, mainly 4 boxes of gloves, and 2 box of mask, couse lets face it,

    i can leave mask on for whole day, but gloves will be removed time to time and i wont be able to reuse them >.>

    oh and bought an easier to use torniquet, now all i need is to actually learn how to find a hard-to-find-vein, and im all set

    to bad im also stuck in the CC section, i-im not good at clinical chemistry x_x

    gotta study, this is my last 6 months, gambatte, ryu-kun/xii-kun~!

    1. brycec


      Good luck.

      Do not be afraid to turn in higher ups for doing something wrong.

  3. XII360

    Happy (super early) Halloween AF~

    mostly multiplayer game with my best friend, board game with my brother, assuming he invites me to play them, as for horror vidya games, i-i sort of, have yet to find one to play, so that's semi crossed out, i would enjoy a good spoopy game on a spoopy month though probably dying light, since its horror zombie genre, and we almost have it finished, after which maybe dead rising 3
  4. XII360

    Happy (super early) Halloween AF~

    Im mainly going to be playing games all night long before my internship starts xD, pretty much the usual for me, wont exactly change my current date outline couse, well, my country doesnt really celebrate *hell* oween
  5. how has everyone's day night been ?!, its october 15 11, which means its the mid-week almost mid-week of spoopy-month ! (which, just fyi, i dont really celebrate lmao) this thread is typically, just a "greeting/celebratory note?" of sort ^~^, so i have absolutely no idea what to write down (guys tell me if i should throw this to games/sub forum, since this thread wont have much of a rule ? (aside from forum rules), though, its not really a "game's thread" o_o) since were in the topic of "Halloween, are you an easily scared person ? (e.g. do you faint, cry, sh*t your pants if, say, someone scared you ?/jump scared you ?) also if someone in the thread, say's "trick or treat", the above user (if he can,) must send candies (points) to that user~!, it's really not a "compulsory" rule or what not, the above user can choose to not send (stingy boi >.>) any candies, and simply, throw an image of him/her scaring the said trick-or-treater away~! e.g (refer to spoiler) lastly, lets all have fun, and have a jolly fun christmas "hello"ween~! someone laugh please (also, this was suppose to be posted at 15th, and edited to have more content, but i, sort of need to fix my PC, mainly fresh format, and there's no promises my files will be saved, so i just decided to post it early, editing images with a bad screen is just, feelsbadman.png) {p.s. my bad if images are big(i think?), everything looks...zoomed in my screen at the moment, so i dont know whats small or big <.>]
  6. Huh, was cleaning tables, couse im still backing up files on my.pc (which, holy crap is gonna take all night wont it ?)

    And found these drawings, aside from notes, so ima post em >:o






    looking back, and comparing it to my recent drawings (i.e, starting from the 3 original characters i drew[miyo, mia, eteline], -> demon lord drawing im doing) my drawings have clearly gotten better huh

    atleast, proportions dont feel off anymore, so thats a plus sign that i improved, yaay meee "pachi pachi pachi"

    incidentally, urge to re-draw last girl, "somewhat intensifies"

  7. Huh, so my brothers monitor that im using broke, well crap

    Only monitor.left is PS3 monitor, and its kinda bad for pc ?

    Crap me, gonna rely on phone for now then -_-

    Probably gonna post that thread soon too, since im gonna, kinda of do a *clean format* of my pc, moment i get my new HDD

    Tho', thats after im done transfering my 1tb of pornography games and backing them up ^_^

    Especially save file of games, anyone know if steam has a backup save system ?, teach me how to back up my dying light save xD


  8. so i wont lie, i was suppose to finish this image.thumb.png.f6716507596809e7bb3029a92aa72123.png

    today, but i...i got side tracked on an eroge, and now i have no will to finish it today

    eh, theres always tomorrow, all i really need to do anyway is, to do shadows, and design the weapon

    no idea what weapon design is so just doing random scratches xD

    but hey, he looks pretty, dope, so thats a plus sign that i am of "improve" 

    even though i haven't drawn as much lately >_>...

    also, obligatory ProZD post 


  9. so like, japan ? sounds like japan, land of wierd, and (part of it) land of anime-fanatics
  10. image.thumb.png.7d6948f14fa03cd84b817de0d820c373.pngeveryday i stray further from god

    i mean, almost there, but just a little more push, aside from usual, time constrain, mainly

    so bs how, my day gets taken from me, when i coulda finished this drawing in a day >.>

    and i wont really

    draw at night time couse, muh game time

    oh well, one small step, is one giant leap or something something quote ^_^

  11. XII360

    Which Gender do you usually go for in games ?

    to be honest, idunno why i even placed a poll, its completely optional, i just placed it there couse, i dont know
  12. so yea, my classmate is panicking about internship, and here i am, being chillax, i have no idea why he would panic so much though, its not like, the hospital will be a toxic place hard place to work at but onto topic~, what are your thoughts on Male's playing as Female character in games, and vice versa (be it online, offline, throne-line, no idea what throne-line is, just wanted something to sound alike <.>) do you feel disgusted, if say, a big, strong, hunk of a man, played a video game, as a "cute, fragile healer of an MMORPG game" ?, or if the said hunk of a man, enjoyed playing as a girl-character in games, rather than the typical edgy strong male protagonist ? do you also, prefer, when playing games, to have the character you play as, be a female genre gender, or play as the opposite gender ?, or do you overall not really care much on the gender of the character, and would rather 60fps pc master race just pick the gender, of whom is favored more, or at the very least, has more content of ? (e.g female characters having more clothing's as compare to male) as for me, i dont really mind people who play as girl-characters, i mean, id play as a female character, given the opportunity, assuming it wont have any romance-style in the game, since id probably turn down all the love-flags directed at me, and also, aslong as the person does not act and try to fool others into believing they are a girl, just to get "free items", then i typically really have no problems with people playing as female characters, after all, were all cute little girls in our hearts its the persons preference and as for which would i play, i would probably play as a female character, assuming i can customize her looks, and there wont be any sort of, romance in it, yea, probably female character but if i cant customize her (couse base character, might not be enjoyable for me?), and theres romance-attribute in the game, id most likely play as a male character, given the opportunity (an example is FGO, you can change genders anytime, but i prefer the male, its mainly couse i cant customize gudako's hairstyle, and, well, harem route males are stronger than female ) but yea, what about you !?, lets have a discussion below, and remember~
  13. i feel, i should post this, its not a true advertisement, but its an ad 10/10 tho'
  14. Hay there hows it going I really like your avatar. :)

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    2. ArchieKun


      talk about quick change you already did. lol No worries what version of PS do you use.

    3. XII360


      that image is a secret for a thread im gonna post on mid-date of oktuber ^_^ (october)

      wasn't using photoshop for editing the images o_o, i just used clipstudio (since i was too lazy to open it up, and look for wheree i had it saved), aslong as you know how to manipulate them, even paint can be used for editing images >.>

    4. ArchieKun


      MS Paint was, and still is an amazing drawing as well as editing tool. A lot of people give up on it to quickly. Yes its not PS, but then it dose not need to be.

  15. so lets see, woke up, derped, did some stuff that ill post on certain day, some editing (#stillgotit) and then went to school, forgetting to change back my profile avatar >.>


    oh well, guess now im free to change it back to PEACCHETE~!


    after i finish some other task, mainly one last requirement for internship, jebus

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