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    but recently ive been just playing some games and reading visual novels more than watching anime to be honest,
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  1. XII360

    Hello (Returning Member)

    yea, i wont force the relationship to be fixed, but i will act as i have always acted, and i will respect her wishes, and hope we can be friends atleast, couse i mean, ill be working for another 3 months with her, soooo besides, the saying of "there are allot of fishes in the ocean" is true, i mean, have you seen the ocean ?, there's so many fishes in there i will try to learn from my mistake, but odds are, since its a "relationship" thing, and i have very little knowledge in that field...odds are ill fail to remember such acts <.> nothing like failure for exp points IRL though~
  2. XII360

    Hello (Returning Member)

    its fine, its fine, if anything, i did laugh off that rejection (couse i mean, what else is there to do but to laugh it off, no need to dramatize that rejection xD) did wake up next day feeling bad, but nothing a little drugs laughter cant fix im just kidding, i dont do drugs, though, fixing that friendship we once didn't have is gonna be hard, couse last duty, she seemed so pissed at just see'ing my face, its gonna be a long road ahead to fix this relationship, idk why she would be so mad at me having a crush on her though, im not that ugly <.> i think ?, i mean im a weeb and i embrace my inner weeb, but still >.>... ..... remember to stay in school and do drugs xDDD
  3. XII360

    Hello (Returning Member)

    dont worry, i was shy too before, but i somehow managed to pass through it, it all just toke a huge determination to do so and also allot of "f*ck it, just press enter!" thoughts so far, that train thought has got me to converse more, did get me rejected and somewhat hated by one girl, but hey, life aint perfect amirite
  4. XII360

    Hello (Returning Member)

    heyooo~ welcome back to af-forums~ im sure you will find some friends in here maybe, new one's, or old one's, (i mean, there are still some old users here xD) im somewhat new-ish myself, if you count last year as still new, im fresh from the stove~! i taste pretty bad though, so don't eat me without adding some flavors what're your favorite anime's ?, games ?, do you play gacha games too ? im mostly comedy,horror and anything with cute girls in it oh and my fav games are, allot, but an example would be undertale, brigandine, and some of the new-hit games like re2 remake hope you enjoy your re-staying-visit on af-forums, and welcome back matey~! xDD
  5. XII360

    Most Messed Up Anime You've Ever Watched?

    the over-detail on gore is the no-go-sign for me i mean, im not really that disgusted, but i sure as hell am disturbed, i see those on my work in hospital, but man, seeing it on cute anime girls ? that's just not right
  6. XII360

    Most Messed Up Anime You've Ever Watched?

    most likely, the most messed up anime i ever saw was... just kidding but reals, its probably elfen lied, i didn't per-se watch it, but i have seen some scenes of it while my brother was watching it, and my god killing a cute girl ?, thats just not right man, gore aint up my alley ~.~
  7. XII360

    Hey There!

    to be honest, im scared of using my real name too, i had a wierd trauma of sorts, (not trauma, but ima use that term) where if people knew what my real name was, they would know everything about me, this included posting my pics online, i felt more secure being an "anon" though, now a day, i dont really care if everyone knows my real name, or if everyone knows what i look like, i already posted my picture in this forums while on duty, and i didn't care at all i guess, its somewhat same for saito-kyun, (and also, to be fair, i also use an alias online, i go by the name "ryu" online, or X-kun, usually ryu on my besto friendo tho')
  8. god damn i missed this song, surprised i forgot about it, its a hella neat song


    also, started playing a new gacha game and its called: EPIC 7!


    playing on global server, and got ravi as my first 5 star unit on the selective summon, including achilles (arach healer girl, that i for some reason, call achilles)

    and other guys that are not important enough to mention xD


    i also, recently got luna, aka "one of the best bae characters in the game, or the "scathatch of epic 7, which, i wont lie

    i kinda like her hair character design, and breasts damage output and speed


    but my main heroine is gonna be ravi, couse

    ravioli ravioli i like my ravi loli


    ...i guess thats all i wanted to say xD


    aside from what happened today in work, was wierd af to be with girl i confessed, couse she didn't talk to me at all, and seemed pissed at me even, ah, i remember her going to blood bank, and i had to make her go back out couse, of incorrect data, and she seemed pissed at me for doing that

    man, i wanna take that in, but, i cant, work is different from love laif, dont mix those two together boi's, work is work, love is love, shiz different~


    edit: did i forget to mention, that tank is the main hero of my party ?, good now you know, screw the real MC, that tanks the MC now xD

    tank need his harem too, lmao

  9. XII360

    What's up, ya'll?

    welcome to af-forums matey~ yea this place is fun, especially if you find someone to talk with, and have lots and lots of endless flirting talks about stuff you guys enjoy hoping you enjoy your time here, my main genre's in anime nowadays is comedy, it's gotta have comedy if its gonna make my day, and if the main girl is a qt, and or a yandere-ish qt, i may or may not watch it <.>...
  10. XII360

    New AF Member

    you can change it in shop -> change member title (for 500pts) you can then change it to, something like, a f*cking new member
  11. welp, confessed mai love to some girl....


    got insta shut down, 

    and rather than being gloomy and sad about it


    im low key, laughing at how fast i got shut down lmao

    though, to be fair, i mainly asked her if she has a "boy friend", to which she responded, "i have a boyfriend!", which means i aint touching that, couse man, as much as i like her, i dont wanna mess and ruin another person's relationship

    im a vanilla person so, if its not meant to be, iz cool, many fishes in the seaaa~


    still, found it really funny xD

    especially the fact that, rather than being sad couse i got shut down, im laughing at it >.>

    i need to visit a mental hospital ;o


    oh and also, got a almost-perfect score on my exam, shiz toke me a few minutes to answer, couse i mean, its a re-used exam, its too easy

    not that im complaining, if it makes my life easier, i dont mind

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    2. XII360


      @CypherCode, ha, as much as i want to do that, my courage isn't high enough to do it, also i did somewhat do my homework a bit before asking her that, weak sh*t research if you ask me, 

      i asked her best friend if "theres someone trying to get her to be his", to which her friend said yes and said sorry to me

      told my cool friend, and he told me im weakshit, so i just went and asked her personally via messenger couse i was off duty at that time

      to which i got shut down, ahh, this is making me sad for some reason now, its been a day, and now its starting to hit me i got rejected couse she already has someone

      ...well theres many fishes in the sea, so who cares i guess

    3. Nono


      Yeah, that happens. But better that she was upfront about it instead of leading you on. 

    4. Beocat


      The best response in that situation is "wow, he's a lucky guy." Helps remove some of the awkwardness and compliments her at the same time. Don't feel bad about it. You'll be a lucky guy someday too.

  12. just woke up, and its still february 14, and not february 15

    man this is balls, and feels bad man

    obligatory song post i guess ;_;


    1. ArchieKun


      Same thing happened to me went to bed about 10 hours ago.

  13. XII360

    valentines day~!

    i think valentines day is the day where losers like me cry in a bed i think, im not sure, its just written in my phone calendar "cry in bed day" is what's written >.> you are right, i dont need a special someone, i have waifu's for that reason saaa, ikuzo, subarashii ai o~! ..."cries a river" least i have gacha games, that'll love me, like kyutihime, she wont ever leave me q_q ...this reminds me,
  14. XII360

    valentines day~!

    "cries in a loser way" you can make a pie chart on xcell, or if your lazy, (cough like me cough) use the internet, i made a pie chart, of what im gonna be most likely doing, and its most likely sleeping >.> i mean, who needs, the bed loves me enough to let me sleep on top of it ..."cries in a loser way more"
  15. finished both leon and claire's 1st playthrough story on re2 remake

    next up is newgame + modes, and maybe 3rd/4th survivor mode xD

    that will have to happened on my next break though, couse i doubt i can play tomorrow, or the next day

    couse muh duties and exam (not even scared of exam though, to be honest)

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