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    dxd, to love-ru. shakugan no shana
    but recently ive been just playing some games and reading visual novels more than watching anime to be honest,
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    kudryavka, Little busters. shes too cute, do no lewd <3, also misaki sawatari, also dont lewd <3, or do, they are in an eroge visual novel sooo...
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  1. to be honest, the way i draw, i just draw everything in digital i find it cheaper, and somewhat more fun (though its probably couse im a nerd) so basically >my digital drawing 1. planning - via PC 2. sketching - PC aswell 3. Inking - (i actually dont do this phase often, and skip to coloring phase) 3.2 Shadowing - now this is what i do, on Pc that is (and im somewhat doing this often now, couse i find this to be fun-ish, doing black-and-white drawings) 4. Coloring - Pc master race 5. Lighting - i didnt know my Pc could be this cute! (i experiment in this part allot though, so my lighting effects always differ, cant do the "perfect" lighting everyone does =/)
  2. i just realized its 1:30am and im still studying


    gotta study uptil BB page, i gotta not waste time couse my scheds booked

    heck on sunday im gonna flirt with that one intern help in hospital couse they will 10000% be lacking manpower


    theres only like, 7? of them, so every man power is gun help them

    but first, ill finish my own problems, which is studying sh*t infront of me >:o

    its also 10 pages before BB page

    lets go ryu~ fighto~

    1. LonelyPoet


      Studying is like eating dry bread

  3. just drag it o_o to be more specific, gallery -> pick a tab -> pick another tab in the choices -> and upload images (refer to image for where that "add image" button is at
  4. gonna wake up early tomorrow for review center stuff, got a long bicycle path to go, gotta learn how long itll take me to arrive, ill record the miles xD


    meantime naito, my brain is, to be honest dead atm, so my english may also be dead af x.x

  5. nah, i just added this rule since new users may exploit the club as a way to advertise their youtube channels, its a new rule, and since you posted it before the rule was added, you're in the green light and this is allowed tldr: chill~
  6. ill allow this thread. this since i didn't seem to cover it in the rules but to new threads, please do not post a "youtube link" if your post count is less than 5 (may be changed in the future), as i will consider it as a "advertisement" and remove it.
  7. heads up to everyone, (since im sure allot of people have seen it, and have already saw it before) unpinning the thread to make way for new posts, and also, it is 6/10/2019 (00:00) soo... thanks for understanding~ also i might forget to unpin it if i wait till morning, so its best to do it when its exactly midnight
  8. i agree, i've never heard of this "seshi" person, she seems very sketchy...i disapprove of her existance! 😂 #goteamdcrigg
  9. not really, new users <shouldn't> be getting any information about it, (and i just checked rules and reg's, it seems to not be posted in there aswell) ill inform higher-ups about this so we can update/add it on rules and reg's, and discuss about new users getting an info of sort on whole "2 post requirement" rule thank's for opening this up~
  10. going to hospital today later, to give a gift to my old partners, since today is their grand duty in the hospital (which means their last day)


    also gonna crash and talk to one artist, she wanted to see that gaomon s260? thingie, i invited her over to the grand just for that xD


    maybe ill even stalk teach that one qt junior ^_^


    also started watching danplan youtuber vid's

    his vids are actually...funny af >_>

    probably gonna subscribe xD


  11. yikes, sorry to hear that buddy im still living with my dad (since my mom is abroad), but this never happens to me, at worst dad just borrows my money, and never returns them he doesn't touch my things though (i tend to always leave my pc on, which leads to leaving either my social accounts open e.g FB, AF, etc) (one more example is the useless things i order...those "keychain things" for my colleagues in the hospital, that i used to be an intern of, he never opened them once, and im sure he would be mad if he saw i was throwing money to make someone happy, and i sort of would understand it) but generally, my papi doesn't care how i do things now a days, he sometimes tells me not to do a certain something, but its just his way of guiding me hope you get to discuss with your mom about this, she might give the card back if you talk to her formally also, its better to rant, than hold all those feelings up, atleast you get less dark thoughts when you let them out, rather than not
  12. i bought this new graphics tablet that can be used on the phone its pretty useless compared to my old one though, superior xp-pen bluetooth race <_> (also yes, my tables dirty, bite me >.<)
  13. i do sports ... E-sports but lowkey, for reals, i do biking though, to be fair, that biking is just...my way of getting around town >.> still using a bike though~
  14. hey, and welcome to af-forums, you should be out of moderation view-point now, new users generally require 2 (two) approved posts before they wont be moderated anymore its a safety measure to avoid spammers spamming AF-forums, welcome to af forums and please enjoy your stay~ xii360 of af forums~
  15. originally, wasn't gonna post due to focus study, but due to unforseen circumstances that just happened, im too "lazy" to study tonight thus, i bring you, mai waifu playing in the sand yandere is love and life also, remember to vote only once guys!
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