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  1. i actually planned on making a club centered on making visual novels/games/stories/etc, but planned on making one once i finish sekiro and shinjuku era on FGO less the none, im up for artist/writer of story, though story are somewhat related to recent things that happened (e.g. shinobi story, couse sekiro an influencer and such xD) im sure there are better guys who can fill the roll tho ;o "coughbeo-chancough"
  2. gonna finish shinjuku story today on FGO, and then beat the living sh*t outa that ghost monk on sekiro, then i can proceed to draw and or finish my corvo mask project >.>...

    1. brycec


      Don’t beat up the ghost. That’s no fun. decapitate it and let it see it’s body fall onto the ground, before crushing its body with your foot. 🤣

  3. aww, how'd you know i celebrate my birthday alone, in my room, playing video games, and or reading visual novels ?
  4. id slap the person above me, couse they forgot all about me >:o
  5. welcome to af-forums~ romance and comedy are my best genre's too now that you mentioned retro gaming, i feel like playing some old games again...might pick some up later >.> anywho's, i lack words atm, so, welcome to af-forums, hope you enjoy your stay~
  6. (this is probably me, but not really) dead pool cosplay jk there's enough deadpool in the ocean, easily easiest to cosplay >.> id try for corvo (already trying to make his mask...once i get the feeling xD) (image not me) kyouma, couse, i feel i could pull it off, just need to make my hair longer, use gel, and then, wear a lab gown (which i already have xD) (also not me)
  7. ...wierd thats pretty much it, and they also say im masochistic but man, i dont feel pain, and its for experimental reasons, so i gotta man up >.> though once aspect i have is, loyalty, if person im talking to is cool, then ill be loyal to him/her and help out as much as i can ...which is so say, hit me up girls ^_^, jk ...tenchu sea-side area, just dare to go in the water and far from the boats your gonna be crying allot, couse i sure did >->...
  8. oookaaaayy, just a rant post, 

    be warned, its a long post!, iz really really long couse, seriously, screw my group...

    atleast the other group, being GROUP 2 accepted me, and im not even part of their group, 

    meanwhile my group...even my partners..."dissapointment increases"

    welp, my grand duty got ruined thanks to some f*ck face, trying to make me look bad again, even though i went through the f*cking trouble of using my own money for our grand, to make it the "best" grand, and final duty, f*ck face still went and got me pissed


    basically, we got a weak junior in warding, and me, being helpful before just made her mad at me, so i chillaxed on helping anyone since then


    our last day today, i wanted to go morning pick (which means we extract people's blood who have went fasting, or not eaten/drank water in the past 8-12hours), and teach her some few tips and tricks


    she said "ok", and mind you, i told her this really early, like, sun is still up-early (and were night duty)


    time by 10 hours, i got stuck with CBG/HGT test, thats about 30+ patients, even though we had 3 machines, juniors felt lazy, thus i toke it, and didn't go along with her on the morning pick i wanted to go with

    no problems there so far, couse to be honest, im fine with that anyway, i mean, i wont be losing anything if she doesn't want to learn from her seniors

    the problem starts AFTER our duty, like, end of duty

    i told her, she needs to improve more, couse, well, seniors are gone now, theres only 14 of them left, and not many of them are good at extraction, but this f*ck face went and said, im being "rude", or "boasty" or whatever


    nigga, when our seniors said sh*t to me, no one f*cking said anything, i was as bad as her before too, heck, i was worse than her before, but i improved, i got better, im one of the best now too couse of my own determination to "git gud"


    it really hit me so hard when, even after all the shit i did, all the fucking shit i did for this group, buying them gifts, taking on their endorsements without second thought (endorsement, as in, they couldn't obtain blood from Px. due to "hard to extract"), buying everyone a keychain with their name and a "GROUP 3" keychain tag in it, and even trying to make our final day the bestest, by giving everyone that was about to leave, minus me, a gift, and even foods,

    i used 3000php (58$!) just to make it the best, the f*cking best

    and then i get hit with the


    well excuse me for not being fucking hurt by what the fuck you said, i fucking did everything, im even thinking of her well being, but then got said im being boasty and or rude


    what sucks more is, even though they know im getting depressed, my partners didn't so much as to try and cheer me up, other guys of group 3 went and tried, but well, when im depressed, i get really numb, and i dont think well

    i sit down and think, and once im alone i cry

    and since i got better at extraction, i even dont mind doing self-extractions on my self, whats worse is, when i did it to myself this morning, i didnt feel the needles pain, guess thats what being numb means...

    still really dissapointed my partners didn't cheer me up, oh well, im used to being alone anyway~..."sigh"


    but yea, rant over, tldr: fuck group 3 smh





    1. LonelyPoet


      Sometimes it's just best to laugh. 

  9. i wanna say digimon world 3, but the first one looks like a final fantasy character.. im going to have to guess, FF7 ?!, never played it, but 7 is the best final fantasy that's old >.> also a hint on the image i gave: the first 3 letters are A-L-U~_~_~_~_~ ~2~
  10. its funny couse, i used to play songs similar to those >.> now a days, its either gonna be, old old songs (like west life, or eminem tracks) or nightcore/jp songs >_> and time to time, OST's >.<
  11. jesus, level 99 tamer and 70 >.>, that's allot of grinding you did but then again, i remember farming 200+ blue/green dracomon eggs couse they sold allot, rather than grinding my level >.< doing arena is neat, though you probably need a jogress, but since you are lvl 99, im sure you have an alphamon, who is everyone's jogress what sucks is, you probably cant join party's unless you have jogress, that or a neat mega with a <heal> special skill implanted on, mega or burst mode, preferrably burst mode 200$ is a big moolah money >.>... least the bank didn't take it, i think i would probably find that funny too, if it happened to me, but would also find it not funny, couse i mean, its my bank account being blocked, but at the same time, i did something that made it do that >__>..... hope you find a good guild to join on, itll make the game more fun
  12. on GDMO, i think they added arena?-styled stuff, where you can go for it 3x, with or without a party (preferably with a party), and you get some very neat items by the end of the month (like santa costume? costume stuff, and some perma-digi aura i think, which is neat, perma items is always better than "timed" items tbh) though, unlike in KDMO where stuff you get can be traded/sold, its still the same on GDMO, you cant sell/trade the items you get, its for your use only which sucks couse i wanna be a merchant >.>..... same, i enjoyed it for some time, it had a really cute buddy-system that i liked >.>, at some point, i know it influenced me in one of my drawings, but i dont think i ever drew it, it was a fun time-passer though. yea...that's the main problem with gacha games, they might sometimes make you whale for the characters that you love that you <didn't> obtain, hasn't happened to me, couse, well, i just cry in a corner if i dont get who im aiming for ..."remembers rolling for scathatch/merlin moments" ahh...sad times, sad times indeed
  13. i mean, you are testing them, whether they can run 1080p of HD anime for benching anime reasons...which is good advertisement for anime fans >.>.... "buy the new, APPLINEME, watch 1080p anime 24/7 non-stop action packed comedy, romance and intense stories sure to make you cry !" ...sounds bad, watching 24/7 that is, but id probably buy one, assuming price isn't too high >.>... semi same, but im most of the time, listening to either j-songs, orrrrrr, old songs, which are always played in the laboratory >.>, nightcores are nice too ;o
  14. only following 3 people in twitter, being jay from the kubz scouts, and darkkmane, both are youtubers also an old user here, "findee", which seems to be dead on twitter and AF...guess ill unfollow him now, since he is kinda dead >.> may his soul rest in piece of eight of doubloons also, if you know my username, you can look me up there xD, im pretty inactive there tho' :o
  15. im bad at haiku, but i can donate points for this
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