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  1. was cooking noodles, when i saw a korean bot attack AF-forums

    needless to say, i have fixed the problem, and reduced him to ash


    the only problem is, i forgot i was cooking noodles, and my noodles was also burned to ash

    f*ck you korean bot, that was my only food god dangit >_<


    as usual, obligatory song post~

  2. after computing my money, i have thus calculated that

    i am broke af boi

    atleast, buying stuff/ordering will cost around 3k php, and i have like 3.5k...

    how to GG

    be me

    someone donate to my ______, and ill love ya forever xD



    obligatory nightcore song tho'

  3. XII360

    Who is your Family Man/Woman of Choice?

    only one huh, well, my one "for protecting" is kud (Little busters), also sawatari (Fureraba), so much protecting that i feel i cant wed them though the topic is about family and wed, and i clearly wont wed them, for i cannot lewd them, (even though they come from a novel, that's kinda R18, my logic sucks) id probably go for...holy crap this is harder than i expected, first one to pop was illya, but id go to jail, so one that is of legal age, next to illya would be... this girl right here, haruna from KC, i feel she would be a "good wife" rather than the other two girl's i though up of (and i feel one would kill me for not picking her) why her ?, couse she's a boat couse she has the best hair, hands down 10/10, caring, and pretty much the one i use allot during my time when i played KC, even went so far as to want to put a ring in her and get her past level cap when i played xD, initially, i feel haruna would also care for her children, but then again, majority of women do care for their children ;o as for the other two, ill spoiler it, couse im adding pics also, it has 2 semi-huge images, so you have been warned? idk, wont really lag your net or anything tho'
  4. XII360

    AND her NAME IS Willow

    10/10, music made right here, my initial reaction is this guys's comment, i actually like "brighter in brighter" sound track, some reason its helping me in gaining motivation in studying, dunno why, but its sure favorite'd
  5. XII360

    AND her NAME IS Willow

    oh, all around-music huh, that seem's interesting, got any that you wanna share ? ;o gotcham, willow it is~
  6. XII360

    AND her NAME IS Willow

    ...willow you allow me to welcome you to AF-forums weep-san ?! im sorry, i couldnt stop myself, it felt good in my brain, but its clearly bad but yea, welcome to AF-forums~ what types of music genre do you create ? OPM was fun, and the abridged series was funnier, in my PoV >.> also, generally, i prefer Jp-songs, and some old-songs, im currently watching "happy sugar life", which i started months ago, but haven't had time to watch it during my duties in the hospital but i will be finishing it...im at episode 6 >.>...
  7. got extremely well in terms of extracting blood from patient's, i mean, i remember my first week, where i somewhat hesitate on even doing HGT/sugar testing, and now im extracting blood within 5 minutes >.>


    i mean, i toke 30minutes last time i was morning pick xD (morning pick is where we extract blood from people that are fasting, and need a test for fasting blood sugar/FBS, it btw, only toke me 30minutes to extract 8 patients >.>, though to be fair i was with a senior, but i was the one who did all the extracting, and he mainly did "pre labelling", which is labelling the tube, while i extracted blood, sh*t was sonic fast)


    but yea, feeling like a senior, especially soon now that, hospital is getting new interns, i feel ill be one of the guys who they will rely on


    gotta step muh game up, and look like a pro senior on my kohai's ~


    on the side note, obligatory english old song, couse i have no idea why, iz remorsing and stuff xD



  8. So i would normally, never do this thread, but i feel its not so bad anymore, i initially, incase no one noticed, dont upload my own pics online, or take selfies much, i just have this wierd feeling that it'll one day be used against me But after years of researching, studying, and using vpn gaining courage, i have now deduced, its not really that bad, i mean what's the worse that could happened, i become a meme ? *few years later actually becomes a meme* But yea, lets have a game, post a picture, a selfie of yourself, in whatever attire no noods unless you're a girl pls, and rate a max 10/10 P.s. i got this idea before, and you should join in @alupacard, since we agreed before Ill start... Iz yo boi xii-kun
  9. XII360

    modern song, or 1900's song's ?

    majorly for me, 90's songs are neat, for recent ones.. well, i dont really understand some of the recent song trend, couse i mean, i too listen to J-pop/songs more over than english-songs (i mean, if you asked me who other singers were, 90% of them, id probably not know who, i actually just recently found out who drake is couse, well... we have a x-mas party on 15, and we supposedly have a "music icon", or "cosplay as a famous singer", and everyone tells me id fit "drakes bill", assuming i let my beard grow, and wear an orange jacket >.>) so yea, getting back on topic, not really, i wont think less of you, everyone has their own tastes, and i myself, dont really like modern songs much, unless its jpop (i mean, atleast 90's songs had some meaning, modern songs now a days, is full of swearing, hell, "drakes kiki song", is wierd, and i dont understand how i should memorize it, i dont think i need to, soo... lll just remember few lines, and worse comes to worse, have it play and act like im singing or something >.>
  10. (drake)(westlife) so yea, was wondering, couse inside our laboratory, they usually play old songs (like westlife songs), and west life is kinda my, childhood song ?, and i semi kinda have them memorized, i used to love them, still do but that's beside the point, what i wanna know is, what do you guy's, of AF-forums, prefer, do you prefer modern song's (i.e, songs made by drake, eminem, etc, just recent singers songs), or do you prefer songs made by 1900's people, (i.e, song's made by westlife, linkin' park, backstreet boys, etc) i personally, kinda like old songs, more than recent one's, dont get me wrong, some of the recent song's are good, but god damn, you just cant beat the classics sometimes, (though to be fair, this is coming from a guy, who majorly listening to japanese songs, rather than english-songs >.>) but yea, what about you ?!, do you prefer old songs ?, new-modern songs ?, which band do you know of in the past ?, which band/singer do you like in our current modern time ?, lets have a discussion below~!
  11. well that was sh*t

    did so much and she seems to have either 

    A. not noticed my gifts

    or B. is ignoring me 

    or C. hates me

    idk, but that's kinda balls, i worked hard and didn't get any recognition, hurts right in the feels man

    good thing im semi used to depression, thus making me immune to this sh*t ^_^

    incidentally, obligatory OLD SONG POSTOOOOOO >:O


    we listening to west life songs now boi's, #backstreetboi's

    1. Beocat


      Maybe she has a lot on her mind? I've been that way for the past month and I barely notice when my husband goes out of his way for me. 


      Still, sending you a hug! ~hugs~ Don't let it get you down. There are plenty of krill in the sea, after all ;)

    2. XII360


      probably, idk, one thing im hoping for is she atleast "toke" the stuff, couse it's gonna take me whole december of eating anything on work time, just to cover the expenses i did >.>

      and she somewhat kinda did say she wanted those sharp's.. this is clearly the last time i buy someone stuff that expensive <.>

      and thinking she didn't get the stuff just makes it feel bad especially how i was late today just to package that gift ...

      and im usually 30minutes to 1hr early when going on duty

  12. After fighting my inner self, ive decided to buy the 1.2k sharpie, no food december is launched, did put a sort of game in here tho, lets see if you guys can solve it xD

    Ill translate the non-english lines too btw


    *change to... once you solve it xD*, is what it translates too, ill tell you guys if you manage to solve it

    It aint rocket science tho :I



    (Also theres a hidden message on *tho* part, made it so it would still be readable, but also not, assuming you dont know whay the numbers mean xD)

    I am, a shy boi

    1. ArchieKun


      All the sharpies yay

  13. this guy...or atleast, thats what i used to be like in the past, now im somewhat kind of, "reformed" which is a mix of oreki, and leodinidis, aka this guy i still find some stuff bothersome, but i somewhat interact with people now what hasnt change is.... ..... i still hold my hand in my chin from time to time, incase you haven't noticed in the images i used
  14. Done

    finished doing this thing, pouch? thingie, i made from scratch, had no idea what i was going for, i just wanted to do something using my own hands, hope she will appreciate it xD

    also did some wierd stuff on the black vacutainer, and made it into a keychain, had a wierd idea, of placing a note inside, where its hidden (on the black top), where she can read it when she notices it, or opens it, but i dont wanna bother having to do whole process again >.>

    all the stuff placed on that pouch thing, was 100% stack items in my room, that i keep hidden for this very day xD

    heck, that white clothe ?, its just my old shirt, thats kinda tattered, i just cutted it and reused good clothe and knitted stuff, 

    clothe touch is even sasuga af~


    though, incase she doesn't like it, also ordered this thing, a "keychain" of sort, with their name xD (though to be honest, i only really wanted to give stuff to "marose" girl, couse shes been nice to me since day 1, also i secretly kinda, like her,like, yknow..>.<, kiana girl is...kinda been rood to me, but shes my partner, so it would be unfair if i gave marose stuff, but not my partner xD


    and incase she still doesn't like that...

    im waiting for my monthly allowance to buy the stuff i heard she likes, "sharpie", aka...gimme a sec to upload it xD


    so thats the "sharpie" thingy i heard she likes...which is why i made stuff, couse i felt, a marker for a gift?, kinda bland and boring dontcha' think ? also kinda expensive, like seriously, wtf

    but since im betting on those two, ill probably just get her the blue colored one (which cost's 250 php...4.20eur or 4.77$)

    i wanna get her the green circled one but..man that shit costs 1.2kphp (22.90$, or 20.20eur), and man, my wallet, just look at it man, just look at my wallet >___>





    yep, thats right, my wallet has nothing but coins in it, not even enough to feed me food for christmas lmao

    someone send help and donate to me ;_;

    well anyway, probably gonna still try to get her the green one, unless too much wallet complaint, ill get blue

    i mean, counting and evaluating expenses...id just have to not eat food in hospital for 22 days..or one month, to compensate for using 22$ for a gift...

    (since im basing on 50php food a day, or 0.84eur, 1$, and this is, mind you, just for my food needs, ill be depriving myself of food just to see "dat smile")

    my stomach is already complaining, and so is my wallet, ugh x.x


    well anyway, i got until 30th of november, or 2nd of december to give her stuff, so till then, i have to plan this right, probably leave a message using periodic table xD

  15. my dude~ happieth biruthdey~

    have a fun cake, and probably water to help relief from excess


    1. brycec



      Hopefully, I don’t need a kiloliter of water to deal with the sugar.

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