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  1. so it would seem that

    while i was busy in work yesterday

    my account was hacked/compromised

    not sure how this happened, but luckily nothing major happened


    seems he changed my name to bad ones (which i never knew had powers to change name)


    and also i guess

    delete my favorite animes?

    idk ima investigate ~.~

    remember to change your PW to avoid hackers like that!

    no life's, amirite guys


    edit: upon talking with the other admins (mainly wedgy-sempai)

    it would seem my yahoo accounts are compromised

    and thus i have decided to

    btfo yahoo and go to gmail >.>

    screw yahoo, its 1990's

    we gmail now boys

    (also my gmail isn't compromised it would seem)


    big thanks to @Wedgy for giving me this link to know how badly compromised i was, jesus

    1. leinwandname


      One easy internet privacy tip is; use multiple email accounts. So that you have one email account for every lets say 4 or 5 websites (if you don't have many accounts one email per account would even work) so if one gets compromised you don't have to change the email settings for so many websites. The maintainance of this many emails accounts is actually fairly easy, if you use some kind of desktop email app that lets you read email without a traditional browser (like thunderbird). For example, I use newsboat (for the command line on linux) that allows me to merge the emails of multiple accounts, so I only have one (local) password to read the email of all of my email addresses.

      Use different email providers (I often use protonmail and tutanota, though also have some outlook email addresses as throwaway accounts). Doing all that once takes some time but is neither hard nor actually that complicated.

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