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    an experience i wanna share working in a private hospital

    we have (read; had, since his decided to leave today, after refusing blood extraction from me) a covid positive patient


    and the first time i saw him, his room was cleanish


    after 2-3 days, his IV line was removed by accident while he was moving around, and he bled (or his IV bled?, im not really aware of how IV lines works) staining the floor


    to which i asked, and that is how i learned of why the floor was dirty (of blood stains), my initial thought was he was coughing up blood, but that proved wrong 


    so after another 2-3 days or so, i start smelling something foul on his room, im double-masking, mind you, (doesn't protect as much as n95 masks, but its better than no protection)

    after another 2-3 days, i start to smell something really foul in his room, and i am, again, PPE'ed up

    and today, he had an extraction for Na/K/other chem tests, to which he said he wanted it "held off", and so i had him sign the back of the paper about his refusal to be extracted, he agreed to with no problems, after which i informed the nurses of his refusal, so they wouldn't look for results on the laboratory

    his a great guy that didn't deserve this treatment, his paying for a private room after all, so why would the social cleaners not clean his room at the very least


    most likely due to the fear of catching covid19, is the answer


    funnily enough, even nurses didn't know he planned on leaving the hospital to a different hospital

    why you ask?

    couse nurses are somewhat avoiding him too, i know some of the nurses dont avoid him, but some nurses are still scared of even entering his room

    so with all that said

    as the way i always talk to my mom,

    remember to wash hands, wear face mask, and KETCHUP

    yes, i always add a random word when saying farewell to her, bite me, its my way of joking around xD

    1. pathospades


      Did he urinate and/or poop in his bed?

    2. User 781

      User 781

      We've definitely had problems with EVS staff avoiding COVID patients. I really don't like pointing fingers but it needs to be said- we've all had to take precautions. Last year we had a patient, male mid-twenties, altered mental state with SA, positive for COVID. Our facility doesn't have a psych unit, so we had to hold him in ICU the entire two weeks because the transportation refused him. Because of his high risk status, we had to strip the entire room of basically everything- no EKG, no cord of any kind, no sharps box, no IV poles, no pens, etc. and keep a 'sitter' in with him the entire time in full PAPR gear. He was having issues with urination and the charge nurse made the decision to remove his bed from the room. 

      So here we had a young man, positive COVID, wearing nothing but adult diapers, laying on a mat on the floor in the middle of winter while an RN or CNA sat in the corner of his room wearing PPE you'd expect to see in Chernobyl. 

      Even still, we managed. I ended up taking a couple of shifts in the PAPR gear. His room smelled, to no fault of the patient. But our EVS staff refused to do anything about it. I even offered to clean it for them since I was already in there but they wouldn't even let me use their supplies because they were afraid of contact infection. They have access to a giant UV-C and antiviral chemical but are afraid of contact spread. (???)

      I managed to use PDI on a few surfaces until the room smelled like alcohol. Patient was absolutely miserable. He wasn't allowed to use the washrooms due to his flight risk status, he was in there two weeks getting bath out of one of the small wash basins the entire time. Even our own lab techs wouldn't enter the room for draws due not only to the COVID but the smell of the room. You wouldn't believe the hell that was raised in administration over the treatment of that patient. He was not treated with any dignity the entire time that I could see.

      I've seen a lot of cases like this that just disgust me but this one is relevant to your comment. Just wear your PPEs. I've been working directly with this virus all of last year and never caught it. I'm vaccinated now. The fear is understandable but when you work in the medical field it is literally your job to run toward the fire.

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