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  1. so i had no one to extract blood and practice how to do such act's

    normally i would quit, but i am semi bored so this is the result 






    its too bad i dont have extra vacuum tubes, but i guess practicing smearing is also possible ?, 

    edit: incidentally, please no one do this just couse your bored, what im doing is very very dangerous, ,and should be done to someone else, not on your own body, so dont try to immitate a baka's doing, and always treat any bodily fluid as an infectious disease ;o

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    2. brycec


      It did not come off quite as funny. Most of what I know of mitochondria is that it is a DNA that can link you to mothers and such, as your mitochondria  come from your mother.

      As for death row inmate testing, I think there is kind of some incentive, in that if they do not die in the experiment that they would be pardoned, but I am not too sure of that (the US does not experiment on people sentence to death, even though we give them medical treatment in order to kill them ourselves), so they could consent, just to live a little longer.

      The ethics code you bring up sounds pretty reasonable, and would certainly make so that you cannot force it.

    3. XII360


      but...but mitochondria provides the cells energy, like ATP/ADP, his main function is power !, my jokes are too advanced >.>....

      wait, "we" give them medical treatment in order to kill them "ourselves", so your a health care practitioner too ?

      also, from what you said, isnt that kind of like, pretty much, human experimentation, which is sort of, and im not sure about this, "banned", and considered "inhumane" ?, unless the laws and ethics got somewhat changed, i dont think that's pretty humane thing to do to inmates ?

    4. brycec


      Nope, not a health care professional (have family member who worked in medical field), but many citizens aware that prisoners get medical treatment. They can die of things that we all do (e.g. cancer, kidney failure, heart failure, respiratory failure, etc.), but we do not let them die of infections or sicknesses that can easily be treated and cured and prisoners are not even allowed to starve themselves to death, if I am reading things correctly.

      If they do not die from diseases and such, then they get killed in a chamber found in the prison, or some other setup, depending on method of death the judge or jury sentenced them to.

      As for human experimentation, many of the countries are different, and, like North Korea, do not technically follow the same moral code as you and I would, so I would not be surprised if human experimentation is happening.

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