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  1. forgot what i was gonna


    oh wait i remember now,

    that feel when, a student knows how to extract blood better than a doctor

    tfw a patient thinks a doctor's are better in extracting blood, than med techs

    i find this relatively funny >.>...

    i mean, to be honest, some nurses/doctors actually, lowkey dont know how to extract blood from patient, they know other stuff, like diagnosing the disease, but extraction is, kind of hard for them ?


    unless that specific doctor studied extraction atleast, but from my time in the hospital, some of those doctors aint really a professional in extraction of blood


    major respect for those doctors that have "RMT, MD." in their names tho', that generally means they are doctors, and a registered scientist >.>

    in which case, that also means they are hella professional in blood extraction, aside from being able to diagnose disease's


    1. Wedgy


      Generally that task falls to a phlebotomist or in some cases an RN. So it shouldn't surprise people that a doctor may be a bit on the rusty side since that's not usually their job. 

    2. XII360


      this is true, as a phlebotomist's main job is blood extraction, they should be better in blood extraction compared to us scientists, 

      nurse's on the other hand, ill have to disagree, some of them actually dont know it, and only know of blood extraction (and what else to do with the blood, is unknown to them), but i semi kind of understand, since a nurse's main job isnt to extract blood, to be honest


      i still find it funny that some people, patients, think doctors know how to do it all (couse i mean, that patient preferred the doctor to extract his blood, rather than a medtech, which is on-par with a phlebotomist)

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