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    dxd, to love-ru. shakugan no shana
    but recently ive been just playing some games and reading visual novels more than watching anime to be honest,
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    kudryavka, Little busters. shes too cute, do no lewd <3, also misaki sawatari, also dont lewd <3, or do, they are in an eroge visual novel sooo...
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  1. holy hell, my head hurts

    remember kids, dont do internship

    its hella stress, and does not pay x)

    toke some meds thatll maybe kill me heal me, but lets face it guys

    natural healing (not taking meds and resting) > relying on meds to do the work

    ...is what i said, yet here i am, infront of a pc, toke meds, and still going

    i am the epiphany of hypocrite >.>


    obligatory song postoooooooooooooooo


    oh and, also, i started recently playing epic 7, and azure lane, due to peer pressure (my best friend, and my cool friend irl),

    so far both are okay, i mean i prefer kancolle over azure lane,

    and i prefer fgo over epic 7

    but we will see what happens from there on xD

    give take, i can auto on epic 7, while watching anime, so ill probably do that

    since my last night duty on serology was....lets just say


    like holy sh*t, i could roam if i wanted to, and no one would care

    and the job of guys in serology ?, just 3 drops of serum on the assay, and wait 15 to 20 minutes, and just like reading a pregnancy test, read it as positive if two lines, or negative if no lines


    the most benign job, and i have it for atleast until...next week

    ah fuck, atleast i remember it being uptil february 14?, before im switched to blood bank section (since BB and immuno-sero share stuff)


    oh also, my birthdays coming up, happy birthday me xD

    ...im gonna be using up more cash just to celebrate it, and im not looking forward to it >.>....

    unless qt junior comes and greets me, it wont be fap >.>....

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    2. rlly_riah


      Uh yah, so it's my Friday today, yay! I could stay up late if I wanted... but...I am already tired lol. I get one whole day of rest tomorrow and then it's back to work! I am going to watch some Fairy Tail tonight, and eat stuff while I do it. =P Also it has rained here all day... so... I wanted to get snacks for tonight but I didn't want to get out of my car so... I didn't. I might not have snacks... it's a crime really. *sighs sadly*

    3. XII360


      >"i could stay up late if i wanted, but im already tired"


      this are words i use, when i plan on playing overnight, but end up sleeping anyway couse i wanna time-skip next day, 

      also no fun games to play >__>.... aside from re2 at the moment xD, thats bound to end in 2 more days, or 1 day of playing all day though, me sad

      least sekiro shadows die twice is coming soon, cant wait for it, im so hyped for it

      ill probably continue watching happy sugar life tomorrow, while playing some games, on my night duty, i mean i wont be doing anything much on work, so i might aswell finish the anime, assuming i dont get bothered too much by my partner

      that or, flirt on duty, ahahahaha... "sobs"

      edit: still, friday ?, its like, wednesday in my place, where do you live o_o

      oh and by the by, im from philippines, aka asia-ish country xD

    4. rlly_riah


      People from the Philippines are always the coolest! I'm in the U.S.A. And, when I said it was my Friday... most people like to have the weekend days off from work, and so Fridays are like, TGIF!!  YAH! Thank Gawd It's Friiiidaaaaay because then their weekend starts. For me though, I always work the weekend. BUT, My day off was today... so I was just playing about it being my Friday yesterday ;)  Also I haven't done anything today cept watch some Fairy Tail. I actually ended up staying up late last night chatting on discord and I was singing karaoke with some other girls. I slept in late today, but that's okay. Now I am prolly going to go get some Thai food and then groceries. Then it's more Fairy Tail because I gotta finish up this story arc. I work all day tomorrow and then on Valentine's I am off before 2pm so that's cool I guess. Don't be all sad and such! Don't cryyyy!!  *shoves tissues into your face* You'll meet someone one day, enjoy single life while you got it! Cuz once it's gone... it's like... way gone... and then you get chained to this crazy chick who is gonna yell at you any time you get her decorative bathroom towels dirty (or wet even) and you'll never get to stare at hot babes without being judged or feeling guilty. *sighs*

      AND THENNN... My sis and I are going to drive out for my mom's wedding during the weekend. (Took vacation time.) 

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