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  1. finished dark souls 3!

    was, very. frustrating

    but also very fun >.>


    but now i am free, freeee from dark soulsss~!!!


    now i can do other important stuff >:o

    like drawing one of the characters they posted on that one LN thread


    or making a game >:D

    tbh, i feel like making a thread about the game, but i also dont feel confident that ill pull through

    so i guess for now ill just read stuff

    give take, june 10th is the day ill be dead

    couse i have to study for board exams, ugh >.<


    oh well, obligatory song post~


    found this on sound cloud, and i find it kawaii af

    its funny how, i already memorized this song tho' >.<

  2. heads up, unpinning thread now, couse im sleeping now
  3. i do enjoy staring at cosplayers like a total creep would forrealsies its pretty fun to cosplay and see other's cosplay, since it'll mean that you and the other person you meet have something in common were both degenerates jk, we both love anime , unless its a DP(dead pool) cosplay again....>.> tho', we can all agree DP is funny to cosplay as, couse you can break the 4th wall, that you are already in at <.>
  4. you can press quote button of multiple different users to quote in a single response, like how i did mine on first time ..."and found it, i wrote it as "how do you introductions?" >_>
  5. I hate Seshi, she reminds me of eggplants see what i did there ?
  6. not the latest...butttt, i did do this when i was drawing her i tend to do this to my drawings when i take hours on drawing the funny thing is...they always take me 1-3 minutes to do >_>
  7. welcome to af-forums~ hope you enjoy your stay~ dont worry, i also sucked at forums too when i started ^_^, my title was wierd and my way of typing was also wierd (though, my way of typing hasn't changed xD) kinda late...but also welcome to the forums now... tell me more about this...potato salads you speak off...>.>
  8. and im done ! this is the drawing i ended up with i was gonna post this other one but...i found it very wierd, thus i just made this new one xDD (refer to spoilers if you wanna see the first one i drew up, also not submitting it, just showing it ) also, its an original character, just so yknow~
  9. andddd, done, just lacking background, probably wont color it too, ill post it tomorrow ;o


    incidentally, some mod stuff happened, and im getting pretty much scolded for something minor,

    daz laifu for you tho'


    now for my well deserved rest, nait

  10. i mean, i finished drawing her, but it doesn't feel right...image.thumb.png.4f21843ae7fc6f9014bc2e78de09199e.png

    so ima do a quickie one based on her >.>, cross fingers i finish today


    on other news: 

    her movements, ayase's, are god damn captivating holy sh*t >.>

  11. almost done with my artwork for contest, just felt like stopping for today couse...

    screw drawing hands >.>

    im gonna go play some E7 >.<

    tomorrow im getting ditzy (dizzy) and i find this fap :)

    for now, its time to DARK SOUULLLSS (three)

    1. Seshi


      Yes you need your rest after all, take care of that dear drawing hand 🤣

  12. neat i got something to do though, i still wanna finish dark souls 3, so heres what ill do finish my current drawing for art contest -> finish DS3 (dark souls 3) -> draw atleast ONE of the characters you've written its gonna be hard, especially couse i only have a month of free time before review center stuff happens ikuzoooooooooooooooooooo
  13. we understand your concern and problems (for me, i dont really, as i have not seen the show you are talking about), but please, refrain from assaulting other users please dont force people into posting in your thread to join a "discussion", especially if that person has not even the slightless clue of what the anime is thanks for understanding
  14. oh sweet, i can still catch up ill start drawing tomorrow, not like i have anything to do tomorrow P.S. (heads up: im gonna pin this thread for [3] days, and unpinning it after, just so everyone can see the event pinned at the time of - (asia time/GMT+9), 5/11/2019 unpin date - around 12MN-ish, or before i sleep at 5/14/2019 !
  15. oh wtf, i didn't see this thread at all >.> i dont think i can catch up on this, since today is the last day for it...could conjure one up fast, but that's just not my style ._. give take...only one person submitted it seems ?
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