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  1. badges would be fun (especially if we can input a custom-badge of sort) (couse, im gonna draw my sylvie-high badge if it ever happens <_>) i also like the idea other user's get color in their name, and im not totally against it, though it isn't my call to say so
  2. hair, long hair for some reason, if she has long hair, she's gonna be one of the best girls for me >.> oh noes, one of my fetishes has been exposed, curses im wierd ;>
  3. ...junk foods like, no lie, that's what i eat >.>, and im still somewhat fit-ish, (probably couse i have so much stamina to go jogging, cycling to far places (e.g review center) and such <.> though, sometimes i don't eat anything at all, just to save cash, yet, i don't think another second when someone wants to eat, i buy them snacks (atleast, if im close with them) there's something wrong with me ~.~
  4. Seems pretty hq to me, rules are rules though, you cant be advertising in the forums, unless you can follow them, or rules get changed to allow advertisements, we mods cant do anything but enforce the rules You are still free to *advertise* in your profile and or signature, aslong as its within dimensions (as i have said many times)
  5. you can post an image of it, you can also freely post youtube links/twitter links in your profile, in which people will see ex; this post i made, which directs to someone's FB, is fine you can also put them in signature, aslong as its within the dimension (e.g. putting your twitter link, youtube link and whatnot in your signature)

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sempai drew my OC character (mia) the yandere one xDDD

    aka her,



    felt it best to post her artwork <3

    (generally she's my senpai in internship days, and she helped me allot and teached me the ropes, i also respect her couse she's a great artist >.>)


    also, just so everyone know's, she's...generally one of those people like me, who are hella wierd >.>


    like, not your typical everyday person ?, she's fun to be around with tho', and shes a huge anime fan xD

    also yaoi fan/bl fan, holyshet


    still, respect for sempaiii, i am honored she drew my favorite daughterfu <3


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    2. XII360


      shes a....unique one, that's for sure,

      high respect though', that's why i call her sempai xD

      idk why she calls me papi though, im even gonna trust dignity to her xD

      which i wont spoil now, wait 2 more months, couse im gonna post it, one things for sure, it'll ruin everyone's image of me xD

    3. Seshi


      What img? the lady chaser? XD

      But WOW yea she did a really good job on your OC

    4. XII360


      @Seshi i-it could ruin that image of me, heck, itll ruin everything about it >__>

      im surprised she even agreed (not really, i expected her to agree, knowing how she likes those stuff, and has experience >_<, truely a sempai i can rely onto)


      ikr, she's amazing, a great artist, fun to be around with, and easy to talk to, even though we only knew each other for like, 4-5 days on internship xD


      strangely enough, i dont think ill grow any feelings for her, even though she's hawt, probably couse of how different she is to majority of girls out there >.>

      she will always be mai sempai <3

  7. today ?, went to hospital to check on something my junior left, and came back home within 30minutes, just couse i needed to study >.> tomorrow ill probably not do any exercise though, what i will do is probably jog time to time edit: im probably gonna jog today before i sleep after im done with my reviewers...which is one page left holy sh*t >__>
  8. 12312312312313sda.thumb.png.632a2bcbddab65f7f4dc04ace6d9826f.pngaccurate meme i made of me, and what everyone around me probably things im doing majority of my time >.>


    obligatory song post~


  9. XII360

    Selfie Thread

    Felt cute, might delete later xoxox but no for reals, heres a selfie of me on review center tfw you havent pc'ed in a while that you forgot how spoiler tags worked >.>
  10. 231231231231231213.thumb.jpg.60cfc0f68dbcdf1f376c8979b6e3ec09.jpgjust gonna leave this here


    now idk wtf to do ...


    1. XII360




      though i guess ill just sleep this depression off, soo

      naito~, tomorrow i gotta get back to normal and study hard

      if i can ugh, sozzz


  11. boom


    gonna go draw couse im a numb person who didn't feel the rejection at all

    i expected it a mile away, but, meh, drawing and song is my anti-depressant (even tho' im not rly depressed)

    or i could be just telling myself im not depressed, to not feel it ?! who can knowww xD

    1. Seshi


      Sorry you were rejected- that hurts. *hugs* you’ll find someone that’s meant for you, just keep on pursuing your interests and acknowledging that you have those feelings when they come up. No regrets right?

    2. Wedgy


      Ah pal just get some sleep and take care of yourself. It happens to the best of us, so there's no reason to let it beat you up. Instead be proud of yourself for taking that leap and use it to keep looking forward.

    3. XII360


      @Seshisome regrets being its gonna be wierd to be around her -- or help them,

      + partners know i like ger so they may tease her

      If that happens idk what to say soz

      @Wedgy mhm, slept after drawing, didnt feel all that better but i did get past it

      On the wierd side...i get to keep my money, couse i dont have to go on dates or buy gifts and stuff

      So bright side of it all is...i can be rich ?

      And being rich means i can buy myself things i dont need or want, thus leading to happiness


      Im even thinking of thinking to cross dressing after losing more weight, just couse (im currently 70kg, so if i lose 20 more, and have someone experienced make me up, it should maybe work ?)


      Its messed up, but god damn is it funny enough to make me forget about love <_>

      pretty gay tho' rofl


      Give take, she friend/brother zoned me, but that doesnt mean i cant out of that zone, gonna be hard but if i act flirtous, theres always that one tiny chance she will say yes >_>

      So all hope aint lost tbh

      Unless she likes someone else and gets a boyfriend, i dont wanna mess with a girl who has a boyfriend


  12. WARNING; sh*tton of words ahead, and maybe possible bad english? couse i mean, i just wrote stuff based on what happened, i dont wanna proof read this either >.>

    just check TLDR if you dont wanna read it all xD


    so i couldn't confess to her with words, mainly couse it was a night duty, and she was window, and i was somehow invited to help ER couse they lack man power there, (but so did INPX), so i told the leader "sure, until other guys arrive ill help out here"

    so around first 4 hours of duty, i ended up being in ER, being slightly toxic, after that, the "late ins" interns arrived, only problem was, thats when the real toxic arrived, (e.g patient after patient)

    and then doctors kept following up something, the staff got a bit mad at the intern's, so i semi sped myself up on duty, she got mad couse all the interns in ER was mass warding, while she was left alone in the ER lab 

    when i heard that, i stayed in ER longer and decided to do most of the things fastly (e.g update PC log sheet, charged new patient tests, etc)

    basically i toke window role, which is my most hated role in internship...

    but i had the fastest writing speed, so i could update it 10x faster than anyone (only problem being, its so hard to f*cking read their hand writings >.>)


    so fast forward to 3am, toxicity finally subsided, and i was able to ditch to go to where i really wanted to -- INPX where waifu at <3


    only to be slapped by morning pick stuff, and so many people in there that i cant get a moment of her time (+/- she was toxic, so i didn't wanna disturb her for my stooped reasons)


    in the end, i went morning pick with a junior who wasn't confident in extraction, was slow af and stuff, and

    basically, everything about me when i was just starting out >.>

    though i told her ill do the rest, after teaching her proper collection on ARD bottles (couse ill collect morning pick faster if im going at it alone)

    give take i needed to hurry too, couse it was 5am, and i had like 6 extractions, and 12? HGT/CBG (glucose test)

    ended up finishing them all by 6:30am, and gave her the samples to less toxify her


    after which it was benign-ish for me, like regular, checking trashbins for sharps and pranking new interns that im a "staff" or "a girl" (couse i brought a wig that day, to fool INPX window, and act like a patient -- she saw right through me though, and told me that "the exit is that way" 

    i was like

    the f*ck ?! how did you know ?

    "gut feeling" - qt junior 2019


    so yea, in the end, i couldn't confess to her by words; butttttt

    i ordered everyone gifts, hers having a special extra one, and i wrote everyone letters (including hers)

    outside, i wrote "dont open it with people around"

    inside, i wrote i liked her, and the other was me going asdjfhsdfhsajfh couse i was cringing >.>


    so yea, other's saw, and was like "yieeeeeee" and others were "how does she get two ?" (couse i only gave one to everyone)

    and i was just like "yknow "winkwink""

    she incidentally smiled which made my day even though i was 24hours + awake now (couse i went from review center, then home, then straight to night duty >.>)


    so yea, TLDR;

    1.) confessed to qt by letter/gift, but she has yet to log in since, so idk her answer yet, im expecting to get rejected though if its taken this long, (which could hint she's avoiding me? and probably doesn't wanna make me sad?)


    2.) couldn't get to study yesterday, due to over fatigue, lack of sleep, body ache from over working, etc


    3.) i ended up going all night duty, when my initial goal was to just give her gift, and ditch home by 10pm


    "thats about it; ryu is out, gun go kms after this incident ._."

    1. Seshi


      From what you said the interaction seemed to go well. Not embarrassing at all, because you played it off cool. And she laughed. So... that’s usually a flirty thing, and a good sign. 

      Anyway, if things don’t work out, you at least tried. You didn’t waste away your time wondering if she liked you, and never giving it a shot, because you did. Good for you 😊

  13. Name: Kadama, Ryu Age: 22 occupation: Medical Technologist (or to be broader--- scientist) nationality: Philippines specific quirks/details: tough looking, but very kind; would take the blame for someone he knows, and would lend a helping hand at moments haste (exception being money lending) oftenly, allot of times misunderstood, has a wierd way of thinking everything, enjoys giving friends a "nickname/shorter name" and the most important detail of them all "is left handed" i pretty much self inserted myself, except name lmao though to be honest, even if i leave this info, im not sure if i can join in, due to studying reasons >__< im sure gonna contribute though couse i like this idea =D
  14. im over-studying/over working my self

    jesus christ x_x

    and its not helping that im being bugged about wanting to ask qt out ...

    ughhhh why must i fall inlove at such a crucial time ?!?!


    just reject me when i ask you out, so i can focus more after being sad for a few days >___<


    or accept my proposal, that would make me really happy too

    1. LonelyPoet


      Watch 90s shows that makes me feel better. 


  15. what else is there to do, but study study and more study in summer ? gotta be prepared for my board exams after all, need to get a 75% or else ill be kicked out of the house for bringing dishonor and failure grade to my family that and, if all goes well, i can spend some time with a qt, rather than study every single day xD
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