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    but recently ive been just playing some games and reading visual novels more than watching anime to be honest,
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  1. ncov status in PH: 800+

    its not as bad as other countries, e.g. USA (who just got reported to have 85k Ncov peeps)

    but i mean, i also saw on the news, one american guy going.. "if my time has come, then my time has come" while drinking some shots and being near other people in the beach


    man talk about being a dum-dum, its a live virus we talking about that has no cure, thats like saying, "im gonna have smex with this STD + girl, and if i get HIV, then i get HIV"


    no wonder US got more cases than china >.>


    but yea, not what i wanted to say, just wanted to report that ncov in ph is pretty much 850+ xD


    aside from that, lesseee, i finished Touhou Mother, and it was fun as hekk, especially the ending, which im drawing a 3-page drawing of my reaction on it (couse i felt it would be fun >.<)

    and...thats about it ? <_>

    remember minna-chan~, practice social distancing, practice your happy birthday song while washing hands, and if your hands are visibly stained, throw in -OH in it (alcohol) xD

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