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  1. aced my exam, with not flying colors, but with moderate score, doesnt matter couse i barely studied it, so SUCK IT AHA~!


    though, to be honest, even if i failed, at worst my grade would be around 2.50 or something, but since its still at 1.75...i can go ahead and not care for finals, couse, at worse itll be 2.75 >_>



    though, knowing me, id probably still study, even if its just skimming through, i somewhat have a overpowered memory ever since i started meditating and jogging >.>


    also, today was somewhat toxic, maybe its couse i was awake 27hours >.>

    i mean kinda sucks i couldnt extract blood from that 7month old baby...and show of to my junior <.>

    now that i think about it, i could have extracted blood BELOW hematoma'ed area, i blame being awake for 27hours on that part, i clearly was not in the right mind tsk

    give take, she's like me, but semi better, she's scared of extracting on kids, makes me wanna protecc her, especially since she a qt >.<

    oh and im reminded, someone centrifuged IODINE, rather than blood, they sure f*cked that one up, but no harm was done, sooo~


    obligatory inspirational song,

    for some reason, this song is hitting me hard, especially knowing how much i used to act, being alone and shiz

    give take, undertale is still fap, #genociderouteisbrutal


    1. Beocat


      You are such a gentleman.  Please keep that protective of women quality. It is good to still see these days. :)


      And congrats on passing! I'm hoping to take an exam in a little over a month's time. Just had my first real estate classes Sat and Sun and the exam is going to be super hard. Most fail it >_< Anyways, the math I'm good on considering my background (my fellow classmates say my opinion on the math difficulty or lack thereof doesn't count lol) but the terminology is going to be tough. Gonna make flashcards and study Tuesdays through Thursdays till the class ends and I take the exam lol. I have no excuse not to study. What else can I do during the week when I'm off?  Wish me luck!


      And I attended my first class Saturday on 3 hours of sleep and it was most all definitions. I feel your befuddlement 😵

  2. XII360

    Who is the craziest person you ever met?

    ...do we count ourselves ?, if so, god damn im the craziest person i've met i mean, who talks to themselves, pats themself in the head before sleeping, and goes happy go lucky as if theres no problem, when sh*ts clearly lit fam (everythings going south) coughmecough
  3. XII360

    how important is money for you~ ?

    that's what i meant that i can afford some stuff but cant, its because i choose my "wants" than "needs", that is, not consuming food in duty hours, and cycling/walking to work to save cash to buy "wants" and when i mean i can afford my "wants", i dont mean all of them, i want a "dakimakura", a jacket(danganronpa one), and kankolle hat, and i've wanted one since last year, but i've yet to buy them, why ?, couse i have other expenses i need to accommodate first, and never found the free cash to distribute to them lets face it, dakimakura's are expensive as sh*t, fifty USD just for a body pillow ? i bought gifts worth 30$ and that'll bring me more joy than a body pillow smh i can understand this so well, as previously stated above, or quote one i did, i go "fasting" just to earn cash, i dont understand avoiding hospital part...couse well, i mean i currently work in one, so i can sort of do test's on myself and have it diagnosed by a doctor for free and i so understand what you mean by not staying in the roof you pay, couse yknow, working in a hospital doesn't exactly give me the privilege to have a rest day, even if its say, new years eve, or christmas eve, i HAVE to go to hospital, rather than spending time with family and such under pressure, its pretty much called being toxic, and when that person is toxic, its best to leave them alone for now, and let them think of a way to fix their own problems first, you cant expect everyone to help you first, when they have something on their plate already i will also have to disagree with you on "there being no good people", there are good people, its just how we view that person, you may see one guy as evil/uncaring, while others view him as a nice caring person who is intellectual and such but we have to remember that, everyone has to watch their own backs too, would you give people who are begging on the streets food, or buy yourself lunch ?, id buy myself lunch, but there are other stuff i want that i cant afford, and have to starve a bit just to obtain, i can after all eat in the house when i get home, so starving a bit wont hurt me, at worse ill get ulcer, which will just heal up in a few days of properly digesting food looks like you've been through allot too, but then again, everyone has went through allot, and i can respect that, some just have it allot worse, while others have it easier i mean, my recent purchase online costed me, 36eur's, or 41$, but heres a fun fact, that puchase was mostly "keychains" and gifts, personalized keychains, none of it was for me, i didn't even get a single sh*t from it, it was all for my partners/colleagues in hospital, and my best friend/classmate one, and how much is my food expense ? 2usd, i have to avoid buying food for a month just to cover up that expense but it doesn't matter, i got to see their smiles and thank's, so i find it worthy, sure i wont eat a while, but thats just life for you, my body isn't so weak that id submit to mere hunger anyway aslong as i have water, ill be fine~, and there's lots of food in the house for me to eat when i get home, just need to fry eggs and i good~
  4. was processing so much blood, couse, well, two of my partners was "pulled out", aka they have school seminar, thus cant work, meanwhile me and my other partner was stuck


    the sucky part is, the machine is kinda, it kinda doesn't have the reagent needed to be ran ?

    thus we kind of, had to do sh*t manually ? (i.e smearing blood on slide, and then centrifuging HCT(hematocrits) and reading them, which kind of takes time ?

    allot of time, rather than just letting machine stab on the tube, and reading sh*t


    couse i mean, after smearing, we have to let it dry off, fixate it, and then safranin red/methylene blue/wash that slide (its not safranin, i just cant remember the red stuffs term)


    and then off to reading via microscope >.>, luckily staff seems to do whole reading, though i kinda wanna learn how to read using microscope ;s


    dozo pics of work and my partner, total qt imouto-ish partner by the by

    wonder if she would be mad that i posted her pic here xD


    (iz request forms i did, blue-ish one is fixated, while red one's havent been processed yet, i know its not organized, but bite me, i know where everything is during that time, aslong as no one touches it)


    also my partner, that i toke a pic of, dont ask why i toke a pic, couse i can probably explain xD

  5. XII360

    how important is money for you~ ?

    i semi understand this bolded part here, though as much as possible, i avoid the use of cash to woe- a girl though, rather than cash upfront like a hoe, we can go grab a drink, and maybe netflix and chill and celebrate stuff i feel is needed to be celebrated <.> effects of being bored totally not bored, and/or staring at the monitor for 10 minutes man >.<
  6. XII360

    how important is money for you~ ?

    naw, by quota, i dont mean the website or anything, i meant writing my quota in work on how many times i processed specimens (and i need to write down 140 in total of CBC[complete blood count], and 20 PT/APTT [protime for short] and lets just say, im hella lazy on writing 140 stuff >.> i mean, i kind of understand what you mean on struggle part, im not rich myself, and i cant afford things i want, but i also can semi afford them ?, i just make some sacrifices (i.e, rather than buying food in hospital, i skip eating whole day, and when i get back i eat at house, and i use a bicycle, to avoid travel expense, saving more cash, getting me the cash i need for other stuff i dont need, the only catch is, i am kind of sacrificing my health, not eating a whole day and moving allot is really, reallllly bad for you) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- id agree, but we all know, greed always wins, some people want something, while others dont want that "something", or dont want it, without a price, and that so called price most of everyone agreed onto is what we call "cash" still sucks that some people would let others have a hard time, if said individuals dont have that "cash" on them and opposite is true, sucks how some people who have "too much cash", would sometimes "ruin" others just to get "more cash" though, not everyone is the same, there are some who care for others above all else, rather than, #iwannabeamillionare. so freaking bad.mp4 i mean, that's just how i am, getting used sucks, but you get used to it <.> sides, she clearly wasn't lying when she said she had money problem's, i've somewhat known her a while now to know she really has troubles on cash, others may call me a fool, but man, least im the fool who helped a person i know in need id probably not help her if i didn't know her well though, or knew she was lying <.>
  7. so with all recent happenings in AF-forums (mainly sh*tty spammers), i thought it would be fun way to post a thread that i randomly thought up while staring at my monitor for 10 minutes (im totally, not bored or anything, honest, i got quotas to fill that i dont wanna do xD) but yea, what's money for you ?!, is money the ultimate object for you ?, is money everything for you ?, or is money something you use mainly to help other people whom may be in need ? (since we all know, money revolves around the world...wait a minute, i got it backwards xD) generally, for me, money is, obviously something i want, but, i always make it so my world does not revolve around it, generally, i'd use money to help out <people i know> whom may need my help, even though theres a 80% chance of them not helping me when the time comes that i need their help (couse people, amirite) recently, i've bought stuff that seems like a "total waste of cash", -- but the worst part is, those stuff wasn't even for me, it was for giftings on my workplace (and my god, do i sometimes feel stooped, but i also feel its "worth it" ?) i've also helped out a fellow classmate, who seems to be having cash-trouble, though by help, i mean, she wanted to borrow cash from me, and i told her its fine, she doesn't need to pay me back, i know she's having a hard time already (give take, its around like, worth 5usd? or so, doesn't really hurt anyone >.>) but yea, what about you ?!, what is "money" for you ?, a way to get things done ?, a way to help people ? both ? lets have a discussion below~! and reminder: screw those recent spammer~!, but i feel that problem is now resolved, so dont worry to much about those guys now
  8. 1791192_Latvian_ShowMasterKeyArt_c9662e0

    just finished this horror game, which seems to have its own anime? (didnt look it up, but i assume its got an anime too), and my god, did the story, somewhat remind me of that one horror game i played, but was more brutal/fanfictioned than this


    lowkey dont blame the doctor though, ray's eyes were...kinda neat >.>



    this resulted in me not drawing though, but hey, that was a fun story to read, so bite me >.>



    also incase anyone else wants to know what that other game im talking about, check out pocket mirror, shiz was funsiz


    also spoiler-ish, so open at your own risk


    GRAB LIFE IN THE BALLS - protag-kun, a quote i will from now on, use >.>

    1. Ohiotaku


      I haven't played the game, but I watched the anime & thought it was decent. While it's certainly violent, it's actually kind of funny as well with the banter between Zack & Rachel

    2. XII360


      yea the game, was somewhat violent-ish too (but in my case, it wasn't that scary, or too violent, but more of disturbing and messed up, especially the ending, or atleast, ray's floor, that was some pretty messed up sh*t i saw there >.>)

  9. gonna catch up on story on FGO, then, probably do some artwork, couse i got no schedule on hospital till night duty babyyyyy

  10. is this a break i see after all those years (read: days) of working in hospital ?!?!


    holy shhiiieee****

    i am, fine with this

    obligatory, post of the song >:o


  11. XII360

    Do you have trouble making friends?

    i used to have a hard time making friends, now im kind of, having an easy time ? im a hard-core gamer, mind you, and an anime fan, i dont enjoy movies as much (i dont really watch them at all), but i can still make friends, its just kind of hard to make conversations sometimes, but i make do with pictures i take now, since internship, i've made friends with my collegues, that are of same group as me, and those that ain't in the same group/other shift, my secret to making friends with them is, joking around, and doing fail pick-up lines ....though, i've yet to get a girlfriend, and ill probably blame my pickup lines for that one lmao i mean, one of them was this xD, (i know they dont rhyme, but in my head, it felt like they all rhymed, aha)
  12. XII360

    Harassment Warning!!!

    its wierd couse, i have a <female avatar>, but he hasn't messaged me yet, could either be couse im toxic in school, or couse i posted IRL pic of myself once before in a thread, either one still, id like to tell everyone, that the admins (other admins, aside from me) are doing all they can to kick this guy's ass out of this site, and show him a thing or two im helping too, but my way of helping isn't as big as how the other mod's are contributing, so please understand everyone, that we're doing our besties, and not ignoring this situation thank's for understanding~!~! fighto everyone !, fighto AF-chan~!
  13. tf was all that spam on forums >.>


    just got back from exam, and boi was it, not fun really

    i think i aced it though, not sure xD

  14. minamoto-no-raikou.jpg?w=719

    ara ara ?, is that a gift, or are you just happy to see me ?


    happy new year~!

  15. XII360

    Happy New Year 2019!!

    happy new year to everyone in AF-forums~! 2018 went by in a flash, i was just but a student back in january, having a hard time in studies, now im still a student, only thing different is, im working on a hospital now, and im actually really good in the "stuff" i do in there, including talking to people, which is a "shocking truth.meme" to me my new years resolution in 2019 is that i will study harder, and pass my board exam >:o to bad, that plan is already failing, i was suppose to take an "hour" break after studying for two hours, and yet im still in the pc, im so dead if we have exam tomorrow in clinical microscopy lmao i suck at CM, so im double f*cked
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