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  1. heads up everyone, but im going full study mode, so i may be very busy and non-active uptil until april fools

    gonna suck

    but i gotta make sacrifices, i gotta use my full potential in compre-exam


    daijoubu, if anything happens, just contact me through other admins, im sure @Beocat, @Keiko , and @ArchieKun can handle things well enough (they sure have been while i was killing myself on internship xD), ill still check up time to time though xD


    key term in that sentence is: "checking" tho >.>

  2. yea, there's allot of steps, which isn't easy to do, but is fun to do nonetheless canned...dough ?, i didn't even know there was such a thing o_o, im clearly outdated (that or, no one sells canned dough in PH for me to know about >.>...) i-i never baked a cake before, i barely cook to be honest xD, im not a good cook, but i think im decent at it ? (not a top-tier chef thooo') i've never tasted a lemon bread before, since no one sells it in PH, so im not even sure of what a lemon bread <should> taste like but im assuming it tastes lemony, and delicious-y (and to be honest, i like adding sour-stuff/lemon flavor to my food xD)
  3. my most..eyeballed anime genre ?! just kidding, maybe most likely ecchi/comedy, i love the comedy genre, couse it always makes me "kek" so hard >.> and ecchi, is for, well, yknow...^__^ though, i also kind of like school-based stories, atleast, i enjoy them in anime,
  4. i googled the recipe, that's how i knew i could make one (and that i could get the recipes in my area xD) alas, the taste of defeat, is but not far, for the taste of defeat tastes like burnt bread <.>, least the buttery-part was delicious, that's good enough for me
  5. wow, that introduction sucked, you didn't even tell us the important part of the introduction are you a female and are you single ? jokes but yea, welcome back to af-forums kinda late, but hey, lets blame my busy-wishy-schedule for being a late-bloomer : D
  6. eyyoo josey~ welcome to forums~ i think im the same, but i cant remember when i started watching anime, only when i "started loving" anime, which was when i watched SnS im also a gamer tooooo, but, well, im currently exiled from playing too many games, due to, cough, life exams, cough which isnt fun, cant wait for everything to end ~.~ anywhos, hopes yous has a goods times in af's forums and welcome to af-forums
  7. aha~ that's so me everyday~ atleast, i tend to think of others well being, before mines, (i.e, not buying myself food, but wouldn't think twice to buy someone food) that is, ofcourse, if i knew the person well enough the only uplifting stuff i do to myself is, listen to songs, and play games/draw though i have not played games in a while, due to my current project and exams coming up but i have been listening to music, while i do my project ^_^, and on occasion, while studying ^__^
  8. SnS was one of my first anime's, and watching shana eat melon bread made me interested in trying one but everyone must understand, no one sells melon bread in my country, thus i had to improvise and create my own ! which, turned into a bread with butter it didn't taste like melon bread, i think, but it was kinda good ? atleast...10% of it (the lemon-buttery part), the other 90% was the taste of failure it was burnt, i never tried to make another one again q.q
  9. i-i dont think that's what he meant by chatbox (i mean, you can have that as a chatbox, but i dont think that's what he meant) i think what he meant was having a "chatbox inside AF forums" similar to our sister-website (the forgotten-lair) i dont exactly know if its possible, but im sure @ArchieKun, or @Optic will denounce to you if its possible or not, and whether if the community wants one IF its possible
  10. 3/5 topics summarized, almost there, gonna try to atleast get half of clinical microscopy finished before i sleep, i need to finish this before end of week, couse itll be my finals, and i need to pass this on before exam day

    not to mention i have to study for exam and our re-compre...

    sh*t getting so hard >.>


    oh well, obligatory eroge song~


    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      just curious, since I worked on something with microscopes, what exactly do you do in clinical microscopy?

    2. XII360


      inside hospital, mainly check up on people's urine samples, see if the urine is normal, sometimes fecal samples, and very rarely CSF (spinal fluid) samples


      80% of the samples will be urine, 18% will be fecal, and 2% of it would be CSF, 

      and by checking up the samples, i mean checking their consistency, formation, and color, after which we use a "urine strip", which we dip onto the urine, after about a minute we read it and know the grading of urine based on color change in strip

      (i.e, urobilinogen is normally, normal, while glucose may change color to brown, which indicates that said person is, either drinking allot of sugary-drinks, or has a kidney problem, either one could have happened)


      after strip checking, we spin the tube in a centrifuge, and read it in the microscope, checking if all is well, and if the strip reading was accurate (since there was a case where, we saw a fecal-parasite in the urine sample, which would indicate that, that urine sample was not collected properly, and could be the reason why the strip was giving false-positive on some results)


      pretty much what we do <inside hospital>

      outside hospital...we throw the god damn book away! we study the book xD

    3. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      interesting to see how many different tests you do with one sample (color, chemical constituency, consistency).
      Kinda reminds me of those ancient Greeks who used to taste urine to see if it tasted honey-like to detect diabetes 😂It is kinda like detective work where you try to get to the reason of why, for example, the color changes to brown like you said.

  11. so like, question, optional answer ofcourse


    but guys, how do you not get confused with the words 

    "quantitative", and "qualitative" ?

    i always confuse both of them sometimes (forgetting which is which), do you guys have some sort of genius acronym or secret to not be confused on both of them ?!


    i mean i know one is numbers, other is quality, but i mean, like


    > and < symbols, the way i remember < for being less than is, < (L) (LOSER), [only losers are low]

    while if, < is less, that would mean > is GREATER

    maybe you guys have a cheat for the words quanti and quali too ?!

    help a dumdum out xD

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Beocat


      Err...I was taught the alligator method. The symbol is an alligator mouth and he's going to eat the bigger number ;)


      As for quantitative and qualitative, quantitative is derived from quantity whereas qualitative is derived from quality... sorry I'm not much help there. 

    3. XII360



      As for quantitative and qualitative, quantitative is derived from quantity whereas qualitative is derived from quality... sorry I'm not much help there.

      thats been my reminder, but it doesn't seem to stick to me, ohio's technique though will most likely work, and will most likely stick to me (since i usually use one letter of the sentence to remember it all)

    4. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      Maybe this works: quantum mechanics deals with a lot of math and numbers, quantity describes how many there are (the number of things)?

  12. Ah...

    Someone help me

    This project is shitton of work

    ...can i bs it i wonder..


    1. Ohiotaku


      That reminds me, I still need to do my taxes

    2. BleachKing96


      Believe in yourself and you can do anything!


  13. huh, i didn't know that, (unless, that's saitama when he wasn't so OP) ill maybe read it <.>
  14. XII360


    i mean, i was heart broken for a day or two when my crush shot me down though now i care little for her, i mean, i find her to be a total QT, totally my type, but if she doesn't like me, and ignores me 90% of the time unless she needs to speak to me, well.... go figure, facial = 10/10 (especially her maintenance on her hairstyle, totally 100/100) quietness = 8/10 personality = 2/10 (atleast towards me, even though i help her whenever i can, its sad that she wont say "thanks", or anything, just being quiet when being helped and not being thanks is...yknow, not a fun thing to do ?, but it could be just me and i want her to atleast speak to me normally) tldr: many fish in the ocean, just gotta hope we catch the right one ~.~
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