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  1. that's actually the reason i deemed myself the title of "lame artist"

    it's because, i felt unworthy, bad at what i did, and felt like i could never improve

    besides, i never studied anything in the art-field, (sure, i look at referrences, but i dont look up tutorials, i used too, but now a days i dont TuT anymore), almost all my life has been thrown on playing games, surfing the net, and as of the recent year, just studying


    -- but i did notice, i got better at drawing, comparing it to my old drawings (i did a 2 year-gap difference on my first OC), the style, the lines, it all feels different from when i started


    but yea, long short, i can safely ditch the "lame artist" title, couse i feel like a worthy artist 

    but i wont, because its a memento of what i used to be

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  2. its wierd couse, i have a <female avatar>, but he hasn't messaged me yet, could either be couse im toxic in school, or couse i posted IRL pic of myself once before in a thread, either one


    still, id like to tell everyone, that the admins (other admins, aside from me) are doing all they can to kick this guy's ass out of this site, and show him a thing or two

    im helping too, but my way of helping isn't as big as how the other mod's are contributing, so please understand everyone, that we're doing our besties, and not ignoring this situation

    thank's for understanding~!~!

    fighto everyone !, fighto AF-chan~!

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