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  1. Never noticed your drawing at least I’m assuming it’s yours. It’s nice.

    1. XII360


      @Tefutakato yupper, all the stuff i posted, was mine xD


      Thank youuu


      I barely have time to draw nowadays though, im probably really really rusty now


      With all the art stealing shenanigans happening that i didnt know of, as of recent, i probably need to mention that, all my drawings, are drown from my own hands -- digitally xD


      Sure, i used a referrence here and there,  but i, in no way copied others work or stole them


      Unless i explicity said >.>

      which i doubt ?

  2. just wanna update everyone, my old discord is no longer active, since my phone was stolen


    my new discord is XII360#1831


    ill inform the mods toooo, so they can kick my old account

    1. XII360


      nothing important, just my social media accounts

      which made me frantic as hell, and skip work days ~.~


      but not to worry, couse i was able to hack-back my accounts XD


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  3. Hope all is well with you, I recall April of last year you wanted to lose weight as you were 209 lbs. I hope you reached your goal in losing the pounds.

    1. XII360


      i wiiilll, try

      cant promise, i've been hella boring as of recent, wahahah xD

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  4. Hope all is well with you, I recall April of last year you wanted to lose weight as you were 209 lbs. I hope you reached your goal in losing the pounds.

    1. XII360


      all has been


      my girlfriend left me, 

      i became depressed, but i moved on and met new people

      what hasn't changed was about me is...



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  5. As much as it would be nice to date, I have little hope in finding the “one”. I have no dating experience either. Had crushes in the past those went nowhere.

    1. XII360


      Little does not mean impossible

      Keep fighting, TATAKAO DESUKA


    IMA GENIE-USimage.png.44f1e945968361bf24437a9b204850b6.png


    now i just need to draw more expressions ^_^



    also the raw drawing i did of mimi, im just gonna do a bit of expression changing now : )

    still need to draw her in a monster box though, couse she a mimic


    one step closer to completing my project!

    1. XII360


      im doing it as much as i can


      its really slow though, since i now work on two hospitals >.<

      gotta keep the stacks coming, especially since we need them badly right now

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    an experience i wanna share working in a private hospital

    we have (read; had, since his decided to leave today, after refusing blood extraction from me) a covid positive patient


    and the first time i saw him, his room was cleanish


    after 2-3 days, his IV line was removed by accident while he was moving around, and he bled (or his IV bled?, im not really aware of how IV lines works) staining the floor


    to which i asked, and that is how i learned of why the floor was dirty (of blood stains), my initial thought was he was coughing up blood, but that proved wrong 


    so after another 2-3 days or so, i start smelling something foul on his room, im double-masking, mind you, (doesn't protect as much as n95 masks, but its better than no protection)

    after another 2-3 days, i start to smell something really foul in his room, and i am, again, PPE'ed up

    and today, he had an extraction for Na/K/other chem tests, to which he said he wanted it "held off", and so i had him sign the back of the paper about his refusal to be extracted, he agreed to with no problems, after which i informed the nurses of his refusal, so they wouldn't look for results on the laboratory

    his a great guy that didn't deserve this treatment, his paying for a private room after all, so why would the social cleaners not clean his room at the very least


    most likely due to the fear of catching covid19, is the answer


    funnily enough, even nurses didn't know he planned on leaving the hospital to a different hospital

    why you ask?

    couse nurses are somewhat avoiding him too, i know some of the nurses dont avoid him, but some nurses are still scared of even entering his room

    so with all that said

    as the way i always talk to my mom,

    remember to wash hands, wear face mask, and KETCHUP

    yes, i always add a random word when saying farewell to her, bite me, its my way of joking around xD

    1. XII360


      @pathospades no, his 38 years old, he doesn't have any bowel defects written on his request form, it was just pure blood on the floor

      talking with a nurse, mainly gossiping to be updated on patients status, the nurse said he hadn't bathed, and only used alcohol to clean himself

      that might have added to the smell i could inhale, maybe 


      So here we had a young man, positive COVID, wearing nothing but adult diapers, laying on a mat on the floor in the middle of winter while an RN or CNA sat in the corner of his room wearing PPE you'd expect to see in Chernobyl.

      the patient is lucky enough to get a RN/CNA in the same room, this patient didn't have anyone in his room (though, "lucky" is a really bad term to use, since its really not a "lucky" situation to be in, especially when the staff incharge of cleaning the room, avoids doing said job)

      my whole thoughts during those time, was, "this person wont die from covid, this person has a higher chance of dying from an opportunistic bacteria more so than covid"

      you're preventing/healing covid, problem is, the room is kept uncleant, imagine all the other sickness he could catch...


      Just wear your PPEs. I've been working directly with this virus all of last year and never caught it. I'm vaccinated now. The fear is understandable but when you work in the medical field it is literally your job to run toward the fire.

      ^ this

      aslong as you do handwashing, avoid touching face, wear PPE at times when you go near a suspected patient (and everyone should be treated as "suspect"), keep social distancing,

      then covid shouldn't be the scariest thing to meet

      sanitization was thought to us for a reason, once contaminated (an object, or place), it can easily be sterilized too, such is the process

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  8. Night duty be benign af


    1. XII360



      it wasn't the case last night


      the day is 5/19/21

      so i was in hospital at 3:00pm, ontime for duty

      my co-workers leave at 7:00pm, so we had a meeting with medical director at around 5:00 pm, which lasted upto around 7:00pm, 


      i had 4 platelets on our rotator (because platelets need constant movement to avoid early expiry/faulty platelets), which was suppose to expire at 5/20/21


      the platelet had not been crossmatched yet for the patient, i planned on doing it ASAP after all ER patients were done for

      so what happened was

      ER kept recieving patients at 7:00pm (everyone already left, and i will be the only RMT in charge at night duty)



      and the panik i had was huge, couse if platelets expire, well, 

      its not really easy to get platelets, so clearly i would get an IR for that, if it ever happened


      so yea, lowkey, i PANIK but also CALM couse i need to be open minded when doing crossmatching, couse patient can really die if i f*ck up on crossmatching


      and yea, nurse ended up helping me out by doing some CBG/RBS on patients that was suppose to be thrown onto me, and the radiologist next to our laboratory ended up helping me on recieption work, as patients kept pestering me for "results" or "swab" or "extraction" or "urine reading"


      was really toxic


      oh and, a senior of mine who lives near the laboratory came and visited, and double checked my crossmatch, along with what i did, and helped me on printing the results, since im not used to printing crossmatch results yet, so it would have taken me a bit to copy-paste format of crossmatching


      and yea, finished everything at 12MN

      after 12midnight, where it was benign, i still had work to do

      my co-workers left everything to me, didn't log and or restock supplies

      so yea, pretty much from 12 midnight to 4:50pm, i was doing logging work of results, restocking supplies, and et al, 

      managed to sleep for 30minutes, before i went and extracted blood samples for morning pick patients (i had CBG/Sodium request at 6AM, toke them at 5:30AM to remove them from my workload/endorsement)


      and yea, all in all, it was a really fun, albeit, toxic night >.>

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  9. image.png.32b16279f041577f0e9a26263417cfd8.png

    so here's an update on what happened while i was gone for 2 days 


    it seems my account, aside from being hacked, had some changes into it

    changes in which my profile pic most likely was changed to very very VERY r18 images

    it would seem that all mods account (including optic) was being targeted, and my account was the most prone one, since i still used god damn yahoo services 


    sooooo...i went and deleted my yahoo accounts, good. god. damn. bye. to my childhood account

    hello gmail account i will mass spam use from now on

    im gonna remake xii360 account on gmail, just couse its my main username online


    also im frankly, tired of getting hacked, i literally got hacked on twitter before too, and thus beefed up my defenses

    and man, i got hacked again

    this means for my account to get some beefier email 

    ...is what i hope helps stop hackers, hacking my shiz >.>


    1. XII360


      @pathospades highly doubt it was someone close to us, we checked the IP, and IP's that logged onto my account came from another country (germany, and others), so the idea of it being someone in my country, who is close to me, is doubtful


      unless he used VPN

      that bastard !


      well, i changed my email and removed my yahoo account, couse yahoo account is exploit as hekk

      so alls well that ends well~

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  10. Sadly im leaving this place for good so message me if anyone wants my discord id 

    1. XII360


      we will miss you, take care my guy/girl

  11. If my life ends on a happy note, and I'm fully content, boy will this be a great story.

    1. XII360


      @EWR-47 there is no content dying in this website

      only philosophical thoughts


      no philosophical thoughts happened that day

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  12. I can't afford buying games but I usually watch Walkthroughs and stuff on YouTube. Not as good as trying out the game yourself but it's better than nothing, right?

    1. XII360


      its a start atleast

      its fun to sometimes watch your favorite Y-toober play the game 

      but also sometimes infuriating that they didnt do (X) stuff, and mainly focused at <x> stuff

      butttt its also fun that they commentate on the stuff, so yea, xD

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  13. If my life ends on a happy note, and I'm fully content, boy will this be a great story.

    1. XII360


      what is..a happy note?

      how can we be sure..its "a" happy note?

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  14. Resident Evil Village comes out tomorrow, I want to play it but I don’t know whether I should just wait for a discounted price or get it day one. 

    1. XII360


      WAIT WA


      tomorrow im night duty, so when i come back i can play it


  15. Welp good news (2)

    I have been working for 12days on a secondary hospital

    And have learned allot

    Like swabbing patients for covid test

    Like reading cells on a microscope ^_^

    Like operating cobacs (a clinical chemistry machinery)

    Like making known cells (for reverse typing in terms of blood typing)

    Like other stuff i cant remember at the moment

    Lab has been fun ^^

    Started knitting some stuff on my scrub suit, to attach my keychain in it >.<







    what else, thats all i guess

    pay-wise, i got a job that pays correctly (18k), WAYYYY better than the two hospitals i applied for before ARMMC one (being 12k offer...F*CKING 12000 Php, A LICENSED MEDICAL INDIVIDUAL GETTING PAID TWELVE THOUSAND ONLY, nani the f*ck?)

    a janitor gets paid more, smh

    1. XII360


      @Wedgy mhmm, experience is most important part right now, im lucky enough that im gonna get paid 18,000php (300euro's) + 100php (1.70euro) per individual swabbed for covid, when the first two hospitals wanted to pay me 12,000 (200euro's) only, and said that's the best they could do, since i didn't have experience yet

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  16. More Jojo on the way, This time with a female protagonist  apparently.


    1. XII360


      me: fan girl scream

      new protagonist: yare yare da wa

  17. I really dislike a weight scale the thing is inaccurate, I was 252 lbs and today I check i was 247 lbs from what I could remember. I’m overweight and I can tell it’s having a negative effect on my body. 

    1. XII360


      Not sure if you’re serious about actually wanting to team up in tracking each other’s progress.

      bery sirious (very serious)

      it would somewhat help motivate us on losing weight, in terms of us wanting to show off to each other that our weigh's are going down, rather than up

      tho', if you don't wanna, then you don't gotta'..>.>...

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  18. welp. was gone for a few days

    but i blame me playing Divinity 2 (DnD like game) with my best friend

    and it toke us 300hours to finish it >.>....


    but im back now, still looking for a job, but im back xD

  19. I really dislike a weight scale the thing is inaccurate, I was 252 lbs and today I check i was 247 lbs from what I could remember. I’m overweight and I can tell it’s having a negative effect on my body. 

    1. XII360


      im stuck at 95kg (209.4 lb's) for quiet some time now...

      but last night i saw jay's vid [somewhat long vid, TLDR is him reaching upto 260lb's and he doesn't like it] 

      and lets just say, im going to get again serious on my diet >: o

      let it be known that, today, and maybe tomorrow, will be the last day i will be stuck at 95kg!

      @Tefutakato, @Kurosaki27 we should go for the perfect diet routine and lose thy weight together, WHAT SAY YOU COMRADES?! 

      or..yknow...buy a new weigh scale..for you kuro >.>

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  20. Sometimes I think to myself if I’ll ever amount to anything. Nothing is really happening in my life, almost everyday I just stay on social media and play video games. I have become useless, I want to get out there but unfortunately a unknown condition I have prevents me from doing so. It bothers me from time to time honestly. 

    1. XII360


      @Tefutakato was gonna reply yesterday, but i lacked sleep, so i left it for tomorrow (which is today) to reply 


      Sometimes I think to myself if I’ll ever amount to anything. Nothing is really happening in my life, almost everyday I just stay on social media and play video games. 

      i too, used to always have this feeling, while i was in school, i would hate how i always had no money, how my father always loaned my allowance due to lack of finance for other needs in our life, had to just focus on my studies that i didn't even want to be part of (i never said i wanted to be a scientist, i wanted to be an IT >.>)

      and the ever so feeling of while studying

      "am i really learning?, how sure am i that what i'm reading is sticking to me?"

      "can i pass the national board exam?" 

      "will i ever get a job and be allowed to live the life i wanted?"

      and look at me now, after a VERY long time, i finally have my license, meaning im a professional,

      i can also finally draw art that takes me a whole day if im trying to do something im not used to (when before it would take me ~3 days)

      and after such experience, i can safely say that

      "i had character development"

      going a little off topic there, but yea,

      its fine to have such thoughts, we all have our flaws, motivations, weaknesses, strengths, doubts, and certainty in life, no one is born perfect, even "the best of the best" at some point in their life, had a rough time in life in which they could not control

      after a few years, you will look back at yourself, and laugh at how you used to think like that, and tell yourself

      "man, i really had developed as a character in life"

      ...though as @Kurosaki27 said, 


      "getting out of the comfort zone"

      it all depends on how badly we, as individuals, want to develop, but the problem on developing character is, we have to take risks, we don't have to do a really big risk which involves money

      and the risk's ain't even a risk, its just "scary" to do, but once you do it, and get used to it, its pretty much like riding a bike with no hands

      (notice; please dont ride a bike with no hands, your mom will most likely not be looking, and you will most likely have an accident)


      a joke to remove some tension on all i said xD

      but yea, as patrick star once said to rocky..


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  21. The Creative Art Contest is a no go? Waiting since 2020 to participate in it... :c

    1. XII360


      organizer (being seshi) retired, and since then, no one really has taken the chance to suggest contests

      big F/sad on the comment section

  22. Rejection can hurt but it’s a part of life. When I got rejected it broke me, I did get over it though. 

    1. XII360


      the more they shoot you down (reject), the more you get used to the rejection, until you become the embodiment of rejection


      ...and then you get stronger from all the experience earned on getting rejected, and either become a better person, or turn onto the dark side


      in my case, i reject the dark side, even if the world we live in, majorly favors them >.>

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  23. I bought makeup for the first time today. Mom is very excited/ surprised guess she thought this day would never come lol. I'm going to go back on duty either looking like a mess or a different person. BTW anyone have any opinion on girls wearing colored fashion contacts? Is that cute or cringe? I'm very lost here. XD


    1. XII360


      same here, just bought some wierd pills, one for increasing metabolism, one for..."multivitamins" [will not specify why i bought it, but lets just say its for the multivitamins, couse its full of other vitamins >.>] and some activated charcoal for teeth whitening xD

      i will never financially recover from the amount of money i used on these


      as for contact lenses, if its for fashion, then its cool if  you're gonna cosplay,

      if its graded for your eyes, its even cooler to wear on a daily basis, just be sure to remove them before sleep, and keep the case clean with the solution cleaner

      dont want any parasites on your eye >.>

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  24. "sigh"

    got called wierd by a girl


    well, not the first girl who ever said that to my face~


    1. XII360


      @LonelyPoet i know the girl though, sooooo [not close close, but id say just "acquaintances"]

      yea, it doesn't hurt as much as the very first time it happened to me

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  25. "sigh"

    got called wierd by a girl


    well, not the first girl who ever said that to my face~


    1. XII360


      @Newgroundsmoment ikr, nothing wrong with being wierd

      atleast im honest and true, rather than a person who uses other people and tricks others~!

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