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  1. To answer everyones question, im alive and well, just working really really hard (72hours duty gang, lets gooooo)


    But im not here to make excuses and whatnot


    I somewhat abandoned my moderator duties in this website

    Why, you ask ?

    It just isnt as fun, like it was back then, the mod team kept trying to keep the website alive, but alas, it was barely working, i even opened up some questions regarding the sharing of youtube links before, but no one, not even the bigman of the website gave me a clear answer, i was left with my own judgement on who to allow and who not to allow on posts with youtube link


    On 9/21/2021 at 12:39 PM, What the Fuck. said:

    P.S. I also saw the massively transphobic discussion on the staff forum and I just cannot in good conscience be a part of that.

    I apologize if it may have sounded as if im being transphobic, i merely stated the things i was thought of, during classes, i dont mean to harm any trans out there, i merely stated what i had thought in my mind


    Does that make me a bad person though ? Maybe, to some people


    but hey, i dont really care what people think of me, ill always be that guy that supports other people, be they transgender, be they gays, be they males, be they females, be they whatever (just not aliens!, just kidding wahahah)

    But yea, this website is dead, i had some good memories in it, but it will stay as good memories


    If you know my discord, dont be shy, and holla at me, odds are i wont really dm back, couse i rarely discord, but hey, its worth a shot

  2. On 8/2/2021 at 2:41 PM, Zila said:

    On top of the world! 

    Though, I would love to dedicate that feeling and this post to @XII360 for inspiring me to take the necessary time out for myself. To nurture my dreams and aspirations in the arts. When I was in college one of my instructors had told us that we would have to sacrifice a bit of freedom to accomplish demanding goals. It was more than evident at the time but you always end up thinking you can maintain a certain momentum in your life. Without realizing how easy and how common it is to be blindsided by extra responsibilities that come along the way. 

    The last few years I had turned passions into hobbies in order to prioritize more important things. It was a strange place to be, living on autopilot. Exhausting! I couldn't finish projects because something was usually demanding my attention. I didn't protest. There were always more important things to attend to. The pattern to be helpful and reliable to those you love; often of authenticity and sometimes plain old exploitation. 

    Lately I've been wielding the power of "no". Despite it hurting. Some of the people I gave a good amount of time to seemed confused, which broke my heart. There was little room of understanding and appreciation to be found. Subtle manipulation to make me think that I was being the worst kind of person. It left me with a lot of doubt. 

    Sooo, I chilled with my favorite musical and thought to myself, what would Lin-Manuel Miranda do? I recalled one of his sessions with art students that was about the importance of forgoing moments in our lives for our own success and health. Then I came across this gem a few months ago:  

    It helped me check back in on where I left off at my local art school some years ago. Though done differently, thanks to Covid-19. They sent me a registration form for the classes I still needed to finish and that sat within my e-mail for three days. At this point, I was biting my nails because I'm a caretaker now. Realistically speaking, was art even still something I should be emphasizing on right now? I missed it. Terribly. Seeking advice, there were countless others whispering in my ear about how much of a privilege it would be to have the choice. The guilt swelled up. Was I being selfish? It didn't feel like a privilege. Carefully maintaining career, family and a close social circle. The stress, the hours put in. Was having a goal to experience one of my greatest loves in life to the unknown extent of my abilities, selfish? 

    Chatting with XII360 was a huge game-changer. If you ever end up reading this, I was inspired by your aptitude to maintain balance in work, interests and your creative passions. You're a workaholic because it means something to you. Something I lost in order to accommodate people and situations and my role between it all. 

    Just finished my first week in school. :) 

    I had the courage to participate in a modest section of the Music and Arts competition we had. For me, it was more about learning from other participants and what I could take away from the experience but I ended up making second place out of forty-nine. To have my piece displayed on a large stage projector with a live orchestra competing in the music section, was insane. I still think that it's a mistake that they're being too kind about fixing. xD 

    Here's a sample of half of the painting I did.


    The whole piece and somewhat the making of, is on my YouTube channel if anyone is interested. I have yet to share my channel with anyone else, much less be active on it. Please excuse the emptiness you might find there. xD 

    I also won two tickets to a Van Gogh exhibit in NY. Huge thank you to XII360 for the extra push into all of this madness. You never know who you're going to be inspired by or inspire. I would not have made the decision to chase the meaning in my interests, if you were not a contributing factor. 💛


    I'm feeling motivated on where I'm at right now but more than anything, at peace with my doubts. As we all end up inevitably facing when they come. 🌻

    Thanks for the growth AF. :) 


    no joke, this was exactly what i needed on my life right now

    i too, have been somewhat feeling a bit depressed as of late (maybe the right term is "burn out", but i had depression too xD) questioning what im doing with my life, is there something wrong with the way i do things, and all that stuff

    i've been doing 48 hours of straight duty as of late, so i decided, screw working, im going on a 2 day sudden break~!! 

    i can work hard again after i rejuvenate myself~! 

    my co-workers didn't question me why i suddenly declared that i wanted to just stay in my house for 2 days, they simply agreed and allowed me to take my break time, i cannot work anyway, i felt too.. "ugh-ish" >.>, mad respect for them <3


    and yea, my plan for the 2 days (break started yesterday), was to play DOOM ETERNAL

    sadness/pain/thoughts are temporary, BUT DOOM IS ETERNAL.meme (sorry, couldn't resist)

    ...which got scratched off a bit, couse i still have to do our hospitals SRA (special risk allowance) [its basically extra money given by the government, for frontliners during the pandemic]

    the hospitals HR didn't file anything, so the hospital im working at, their frontliners (including me) wont recieve their SRA,

    and since i felt bad that they think they are not priviledged to obtain SRA, i went ahead and did all the necessary filings, and coordinated with the HR/admin/Medical Director of the hospital 

    honestly i wont benefit much from the SRA, the computation is basically, you get 5k php (84 eurs) for every 22days of working (8/12hours duty)

    and based on my computation yesterday...im only getting 8k php (135 eur) not including possible taxes, everyone else getting around 30k php tho! (500eur's) which, lets face it, would really make their day if im able to pull off this incredible stunt

    so yea, went from semi ugh-mood, to "I HAB BUTTERPLIES IN MI STOMACH" mood after reading this @Zila's post

    great work on the art, by the way! lets keep moving forward, and get even better in our hobbies, while also facing the terrors of life, that of which we call


  3. 5 hours ago, sodaleaked said:

    I've been around for a month but, yet, haven't made a proper introduction 

    -Call me Soda or Raine. I am female and SE Asian. Age 17. English is my 3rd Language

    -I like Mechs, Mystery and Shonen animes.

    -I like reading, writing, illustrating, gaming and studying. Also to watch animes and vtubers :)

    -I play guitar.

    Hope to be acquainted with y'all. 


    welcome to af-forums!

    best gremlin

  4. On 6/1/2021 at 2:11 AM, matsu said:

    Hello everyone. I just recently joined his forum. I am having a very hard time with something. I really I can get some good advice here. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

    It is all some friends I made a few years ago in Cebu Philippines. They had became very close friends like family almost. I was making plans to go see them again and also invest and live in Cebu for awhile. But now with this pandemic thingy the Philippines borders have been shut off to foreigners since around March 2020. I also had stopped communication with them a long while back.

    Cause I just miss them too much.

    heyo~ welcome to af-forums is first of all~


    but yea, if they are very close friends of yours, even through the interwebs, you should still stay in contact, you dont need to meet and greet and all that, just being in contact is better

    especially with covid, philippines is not a fun place to visit right now, you will just be quarantined for 14days, with sh*tton of delays on being catered to, its really not a great idea to visit philippines --- or any other country at that fact right now


    i haven't met with my classmate who i treat as a BFF, but we still keep in touch on facebook, its mainly talk about gacha games though, and some random topics about what's happening with my life right now, with job and all, flexes and stuff xD


    On 6/1/2021 at 2:11 AM, matsu said:

    Well I'm losing faith in ever being able to travel there again. So I am thinking of just getting more into my hobbies and focusing on life as it is now at my home. It has been very hard to make local friends. No one seems to share my interests in my area. So I want to make friends more online.

    Anyways. My question to everyone is

    "Should I forget the Philippines and just focus on life as it is with my hobbies?"

    Thanks in advance for all your help


    yea, getting on your hobby will be more fun, but dont forget to talk to people too, locally finding friends is really hard, especially if you're a introvert like me

    currently on my work, no one shares the same hobbies as me (drawing, playing games, animes), but that doesn't bother me that much, we don't have to share the same taste to be friends, though it helps ease tension and make conversations if they know of the stuff i commonly know of >.<)


    so yea, tldr; yea, forget about philippines for now, and focus on your own life rather than others

    this is coming from someone who lives in Ph by the by ~.~

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  5. On 5/16/2021 at 11:17 AM, pathospades said:

    Without looking in your history or MAL, can you name the last five anime shows you've seen?


    I'll go first. Haikyuu (probably misspelling that one hard)

    Attack On Titan Final Season

    And before that, um... it was months ago... Well, I know I watched the whole season of Goblin Slayer. And I dropped Life Reincarnated as a Slime.


      Hide contents

    I checked and I was mostly right, but I just completely forgot two of them. Haikyuu is definitely the latest one I've watched, but I haven't added it to my list yet.

    Attack on Titan: Final Season (finished)

    Domestic na Kanojo (Aug 31, dropped b/c busy)

    Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! (Aug 28, dropped b/c busy)

    Tower of God (Aug 18, finished)

    That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Aug 16) (so I got the wording a little off)



    jujutsu no kaisen (currently watching)




    umm, happy sugar? (2 years)


    i easily lost this


    edit; i wrote "chibi anime crossover" on google search, and before results popped up, my brain said isekai quartet

    sasuga brain, you always fail me when i do the searches >.>

  6. this seems fun


    yes im a weeb, bite me



    19 hours ago, pathospades said:

    This is my youtube front page. I keep deleting my youtube history and hoping for something I like, but I hate the algorithm.


    is that manlybadass i see ?

    great taste my guy


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  7. 3 hours ago, OrchestralChaos585 said:

    haha, just finished phantom blood actually, it seemed like the author rushed the ending tho, but I'm picky sometimes on manga alot so who knows
    I was thinking about buying the jujutsu kaisen manga, I was going to once but then got Fire Force instead (which is great by the way)

    out of a scale of 1 to 10

    how high of the number would you recommend fire force ?

    im needing some anime recoms here, for my night duties >.>...

  8. On 4/16/2021 at 9:26 AM, OtterNmyWater said:

    What’s a good way to learn how to draw ecchi drawings? Are there any books or resources you would recommend? 

    lewd/ecchi drawings ?

    read allot of doujinshi

    like, allot, browse them on your favorite N site, or Ex website, and, avoiding to do anything down on your nether regions

    observe how the lines of the body were drawn

    it helps if you try to draw and then get stuck somewhere (e.g, drawing breasts, and then you cant figure out how the motion would go, take a break by reading a doujinshi, hopefully your lower nether region will be taking a break with you, and not be working hard while you read them through, its a break time after all!)


    ...atleast, that's how i noticed my some of my flaws while drawing <.> (that isn't to say, im great great at drawing >_<)

  9. On 5/5/2021 at 12:05 AM, OrchestralChaos585 said:

    *ahem* time for my usual introduction
    I hath arrived from the DARKNESS where the horrors of the underdeep dwell from the ruins of ancient city's long forgotten. from the chaos that ruled over, the tyrants cross the land of darkness from where I hath come from the destruction that came forth from this tear in realms, I am OrchestralChaos

    yokoso, velveto room AF-forum, OrchestralChaos, the great chosen one whom'st has travelled and experienced so much decades of experience from so many great generations of king's in these far lands

    ...on second thought, we haven't had much great kings as of late, so probably, scratch that

    On 5/5/2021 at 12:05 AM, OrchestralChaos585 said:

    edit, I don't know what the underdeep is I made it up, hopefully its not to dramatic well Hello everyone! I joined yesterday and I've been setting up my profile since. heres a little about me, whenever I get money I immidently want to go buy manga, so I don't save anything which may not help in the future (. . .) 
    I like action manga which is funny because I read romance webtoons
    but I've been branching out to other genre's 
    yesterday I bought rent-a-girlfriend, Ranma 1/2, and  Komi can't communicate, I bought 1 and 2 of each series (I spent 62 dollars in total)
    and I gotta say rent-a-girlfriend is good, Komi can't communicate is to its not what I expected buts its awesome, so is Ranma1/2
    and I reccently started Jojoba phantom blood one and two, and man is it good
    I know about everything with dragonballsuper (i'm not lieing I litterally know about everything) dbs is what really brought me to anime and manga
    welp that may be to long I don't know, but hope to get to know you all!

    jojo's whole story is great, ngl, i was one of those who were skeptical of it, due to sheer homomanliness in the show

    how wrong i was when i watched it ~.~

    i've seen ranma 1/2, as a child, on animax, but i haven't seen any latest shows as of late

    i plan on watching jujutsu kaisen later while on duty though, (night duty should be quiet, atleast around 12mn, i should have time to watch anime then xD)

    again, welcome to the forums~!

  10. 32 minutes ago, FaitFul said:

    thanks for the hair tip. i personally use a wacom (not sure what model) and it works pretty well but the software is pretty garbage so i cant really get stuff to work right. is there a good software to use that isnt trash?

    i personally use clipstudiopaint for drawing my arts, 

    wacom should have it's own software/driver when you use it though, probably, not sure, dont really use wacom o_o

  11. 31 minutes ago, FaitFul said:

    thanks for the tip, ill try it out when i get the chance. Also, do you use to draw? im thinking about buying a drawing tablet but im not sure what kind as for right now im just using a mouse


    the template (above image) [by template, i mean the + on her face, not the eyes/nose, drawing eyes/nose is just a preference i like doing before hair, the +  can also be a huge guide for eyes, soo >.>...]



    and yea, using the + template just use it as a distance on how long (height-wise) you can draw hair, for width wise, just make sure its within her shoulders, could go a bit beyond shoulders, but shouldn't go toooo far from the shoulders


    and then yea, fix it and you will get nice hair?

    i just drew this quickly, still on the legs of the drawing tbh, and thats harder x_x



    Also, do you use to draw?

    im using XP-pen, its really old (like 2015? model i think, not sure, its pretty extinct now) which costed me 5k Php (more less around 100$)

    This is the tablet btw, excuse the mess on my table, im too lazy to clean it all up ~.~



  12. 1 hour ago, FaitFul said:

    ive watched so much anime and read so much manga trying to figure out how to draw hair but i just cant get it right, its either to big, to small, or just doesn't look like hair at all. I was hoping someone could point my in any direction to get better

    personally, the way i draw hair is via just drawing a template

    few strokes/simple ones at first

    and then once you have a hair-shaped line, add a few details and voila


    it's kinda tricky? at start, but then you start to get used to the strokes, and can draw them simply

    ill post an example of how i draw hair, (on-going atm, will edit as i go)


    the template i mean

    hair on going

  13.                                           THREAD WILL BE MONITORED, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER WE HAVE RULES TO FOLLOW

                                                                   DO NOT LINK UNLICENSED/STEAMING WEBSITES


    but yea, you could just google the anime and find them there, i guess?

  14. i was gonna post kudryavka, for she will alway's be my daughterfu

    ...but that's the thing, she's a daughterfu, and thus i cant post her 

    and thus, the council (not per se council, more of I), have decided to post the best waifu there is known to man,land, and or all waifu in existence!

    i present to you,


    BOX KUN!

    #hailtheking ..or #hailthequeen? 


    but in all seriousness,


    best waifu is best hime


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  15. 3 minutes ago, T-sHz91 said:

    Hi. Name's Adam. Been watching anime for a little while now, but don't have many family or friends who like that kind of thing. So, thought I would try this place. 

    I like mainly action/shoujo anime, such as Jojo, Attack on Titan, Dragonball Z and One Punch Man. Have read tiny bit of the OPM manga but not much else tbh.

    I also love video games and playing a few atm. Forza 7, Anthem, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Batman Telltale Series, Hyrule Warriors and so on.

    Music taste is varied, but I'd say IDM and rock are my cup of tea. Oh yeah, I'm from the UK .

    So yeah, feel free to send a message or ask about anime, games and other such stuff :)

    welcome to the forum~

    oh, oh, i got an anime recom for you to try, how about Mahou Shoujou Madoka Magica (puella madoka magica/madoka magical girl anime),  i've seen it to recommend it, and its...to say the least, "unique"

    highkey mood on games

    I've never heard of IDM songs, care to recom me one? (just gimme title, ill look it up xD)

    again, welcome to the forum Adam~


  16. 1 hour ago, JinseiKamiJestie said:

    Ya-ho-! Jestie here, self-proclaimed god of life (I'm a wannabe writer).

    I'm a hobbyist writer; my aspiration is to publish at least ONE light novel. I enjoy reading fan-fiction which is the downfall of your dedicated writing website having so much to read.

    I suffer from OCD and executive dysfunction, so my replies (and this introduction) might sound a bit weird/take time to write.

    I'm not as up to date in anime/manga/light novels as I'd like (no excuse, lockdown and all at the current time writing this), but I'd still like to talk about it.

    That's all! I'm so bad at writing these.

    welcome to the forum, oh mighty kami-nee-sama

    i never read much of fan-fics, not did i ever know we had allot of such, as one so ignorant such as me would say, NANI?!

    dont worry, i myself am not up to-date with anime (at this point, i think i just gave up trying too)

    again, welcome to the the guil- ja, nak te, forum~!

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  17. 2 hours ago, Crystal said:

    Hello! I'm Crystal. To be frank, it's been way too long since I last stepped foot into any forum... and the ones that I was once active in either moved to Reddit (which I still can't seem to fully grasp how to operate it)

    reddit is fun on phone, on PC, it feels hassle-ish (i mean, i already have so many tabs open ~.~)

    i mainly use reddit to get news on my gacha games >.> or some nice 6 digit numbers made into meme's if yknowwhatimean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    uptop if you yknow which subreddit that is

    2 hours ago, Crystal said:

    A bit about how I got into anime: I've gotten into anime sometime... whenever 2006 happened, I think? I forgot what year it was, but I just know it was around the time when I was in middle school that I unknowingly got into anime (if I'm excluding the entire Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh shows). Watched whatever that aired on TV. Funimation and Toonami started introducing anime that, in a couple of years, got me realizing that they were from Japan, lmao. Down the rabbit hole I went... watching a ton of those 2000s/2010s anime. Though since I've finished school and started working, it's taking me some time to crawl back to my large backlogs and watch a few seasonal anime when I have the chance. Some of my all time favorites are Kara no Kyoukai, Ergo Proxy, and Shinsekai Yori. Recent ones I'm watching at the moment is Otherside Picnic and Yashahime. 

    i have never heard of those anime -- all but Kara no Kyoukai, which is part of fate series, 

    ...not that i've seen it, but it's also in my to-watch-list

    ......i have too many too-watch-list, and have not started any of the to-watch-list ~.~


    anywho~ welcome to the forum crystal-sama~

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  18. 1 hour ago, kabotego said:

    Hello hello, nice to meet you all ;)

    I've no clue how active I'll be on here, but my old internet-home is now a very dead forums and I figured I'd search for a forum community with a little more life in it. ^-^

    Hi hi~ and welcome to the forums~

  19. 5 hours ago, LonelyPoet said:

    Lately I've been addicted to anime VNs regardless of genre or target audience. I "play" (since some people don't consider them actual games) mobile one's mostly and I got a few for the switch lite since I just got one for Christmas. Do you have any VN recommendations? Also do you consider them video games? My favorite is Clanned. 

    th (7).jfif 12.61 kB · 2 downloads

    as a user who also loves VN's/eroge's I...

    will recommend Fureraba, Koiken Otome and Kamidori Alchemy Meister

    and yea, allot of people don't categorize VN's as "games", due to the fact it's only visuals and reading, and no "action movement", or "QTE" and all those stuff

    but there are some (like me and @merulox) who see's them as a game >.>

    though, as of recent, i really don't have as much time as i used to for reading them...there's just so many other things i have to catch up on >.>...

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  20. 17 hours ago, MeandMyImaginaryFriends said:

    Hey y'all!

    Has anyone played any of the Yakuza games? Do you have a favourite youtuber that you like to watch particularly with story driven games like this one? And aside from them being already big, why do you still watch them? And do you watch them for their long and slow story driven games?

    Well I kinda need some help. I won't post it here cause it would break the rules of "advertising/spam" but I swear I legitimately want to hear your opinion. I am starting to do some gameplay for myself. I legitimately think that the game is good enough to stand on it's own but there are long runs of the story that don't have anything happening in them, or it's all just side quests or it's all really mundane like fighting the 100th enemy encounter in the game. You can't avoid those so I'm trying out a new editting style, please come to my profile. I have a video of me playing Yakuza and I would like for you to view it because I want to know if this editting style makes long winded story driven games fun for you to stick around to watch to the end. I haven't even published it that I'm serious about wanting to get better at this.

    If you are a content creator, who are your influences? What is your workflow like? What programs do you use? Any constructive feedback is welcome, and I would like to challenge myself to be better at this so I deeply appreciate the help.

    i've been meaning to play yakuza series, but due to time constraint, never had any time to play it

    i have seen a few scenes (i.e, the famous, BAKAMITAI, or cinderella) and that is exactly why i have deemed yakuza, without playing it yet, a 10/10 game

    will probably play it on february though >.>


    as for favorite youtuber, i have two (who hit the criteria), manlybadasshero, and also jay from the kubzscouts (jay is more of random games, manlybadass is more of horror-RPG-driven games)


    also not a content creator, more of an artist/game dev mind-set perse, so cannot comment on that part


    also watched you're video

    honest review from a viewers point of view: it felt eh-ish (not sure what is missing, but there is something missing?, or maybe its couse the game is more story-driven, and slow-paced, that i cant get into the video)  

    what i didn't like: 17:34, that slowed down music was clearly ear rape for headset users >.>

    did like how you shipped majimaxkiryu totallynohomobuttheyneedaroom


  21. On 12/21/2020 at 10:01 AM, merulox said:

    The title is pretty self explanatory, I'd really like it if this forum could be more active

    we should take all the other users from every other website/social media


    and put them all on AF-forums!

    (was just a joke, dont kill me everyone)


    but realsies, im not sure if theres much of a way, unless we have active users that post

    but majority of people are busy..and find forums to be outdated? i think? not sure, ol' X-kyun is an oldie

  22. 11 hours ago, Cauldron said:

    Was browsing youtube on how to improve your social life (extremly normal situation), and saw that it was good to take initiative if you wanted to connect with people... So, anyone wanna talk about anime or something? 

    pretty much initiative is the key

    but its not always the key that will "fit" in the lock (hehe, lock and key method/emil fischer guys method >.>)

    after some time, you have to think if that friend you made was fake or real, i mean, he could be just befriending you couse of incentive

    ..i could be posting this right now just couse of my mod status!

    (nah, im not, daijoubidayoooo~)

    with that said, im not exactly up on the latest anime, i still have one anime in my recoms that i plan on watching...after exam >.>

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