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  1. Current status: no net

    How am i writing this you ask ?

    ima ghost

    Nah, but im using data

    Were switching network providors, so meantime, im no-netish

    Ill talk about what happened as of late once i can type in a keyboard and with proper net xD


    Meantime, yo boi is pretty 30% RIP >.>



    that was a fun event >.>












    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      way to go dude!
      (what's with the random swearing though 😂)

    2. XII360


      @Illusion of Terra


      (i just really hate hands >_>, noticed i cursed at it on 21st, and on 29th, im still cursing at hands >_>)

  3. Yay for moare inktober stuff xD








    also finish milfsekai

    medhi is best girl

    can you all guess why i say this ... ?


    but yea, gonna start watching sakamoto


    "COOL" guy >.>

    im only watching at 7pm tho', and theres still inktober stuff to draw xD

    now if you will all excuse moi', 


    man im sure being active >.>

    too bad i still dunno how to talk in the discord chat xD

    also obligatory song post ~~


  4. and donzo xD







    im proud of 10/13/19 one



    also 10/15/19, i feel i really did well in it xD


    10/15/19 was based on this by the way xD

    and also sempapi's OC, she and my best friend were the only things i considered as "legendary" >.>...

    1. XII360


      May aswell post this too xD

      Now if everyone will excuse moi, ima watch milfsekai xD


  5. was to lazy to take a pic of it all, so i just linked stuff i uploaded xD

  6. but yea, went to hospital yesterday -- one where i interned at for probable free tests couse i believe in their work


    and it seems i have upper uti, based on results, possible dengue, and chronic infection ?


    leaning on chronic infection though since im IgM (-)

    and just being IgG+ wont indicate dengue, just an odd >.>


    but at the moment, im feeling daijoubu, i started antibiotics tho, so i gotta go through with it to end, lest i become resistant and then become XDR and then i die




    but yea, aside from that, ill probably go back to studying tomorrow

    just finished one project that i cant post here for...reasons >_>


    gonna do the inktober days i couldn't do due to being sick after i do stuff >.>



      Hope you will be fine, gl with school as well. 

    2. LonelyPoet


      That sounds like it really hurts. :/

  7. shet, i blew it with sempai on surprise


    well, i guess ill just have to cancel it ^__^



    incidentally, im hella sick, but im gonna "finish" this first then sleep again, my fever keeps going back and down


    sweating is one hell of a cure for these thoooo


    gonna skip drawing inktober today, but ill draw tomorrow on both dates >.>

    i just need to recover first x_x

  8. What the fu---



    Prove me right

    I had fun thoo >.>


    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      "Louvre? Yes, I have another one" 😂 jk, keep up the great work dude!



    (also, to lazy to download it, so im just posting the IG >.>)

    finished todays 10/2/2019's inktober shiz xD


    i have no idea how this is "mindless"

    bite me, i just read an eroge and this is what i came up with

    i did use a refference tho xD


    and it toke me an hour and 30m >.>


    and now its 12MN, so i guess, ill just do my daily jog, then sleep <_>


    3 episodes left for kaguya-sama xD


  10. joined inktober

    didn't know about it, only found out from my sempapi, not even confident on my art skills

    but she pretty much told me to just "have fun" (in a spongebob voice)

    so...here i am, gonna have fun even of my art skills aint in par with anyone >->


    above is the list of things to draw on certain days, incase your wondering nani da faq i drew >.>

    im also doing a 30min-rule drawing xD (ring only toke like 2minutes tho)


    edit; it further became like this >.>



    1. Seshi


      This is awesome! I love the event idea. This could easily be a thread topic, but thanks for sharing anyway.

  11. cosmania was fun, POSTING IMAGES HERE

    (i did not cosplay thoo, next time im gonna thooooo)


    also, we didn't see the T-posting (last image)

    it was night time and we just ate and left, it happend probably night time ish, we only saw it on FB post, and i went "oh my god"

    literally, just "oh my god"


    and oh my god they actually f*cking did it holy sh*t


    no words, only respect >.>


    also, you know your a medical person, when the first thing you look at when people are not wearing shirt is, DAT VEIN THOO?!?

    literally the first thing i always see when i looked at people not wearing shirts, and has a <BIG>, <THICK> and probably not <JUICY> vein >.>


  12. welp iz set, tomorrow im going to a cosmania, gonna be mai first time, butttt ikuzooo


    was gonna crossdress, still debating if i should

    im kinda of...really really scared >.>

    so odds are, ill back out on doing it, sempai said its daijoubu too, couse next time is when im actually really gonna do it

    ...so i guess i wont do it for now >_>


    incidentally, im unsure (or cant remember) if i mentioned it, but it seems me and sempapi will be starting a YT channel, soooo

    im probably gonna post sh*t we do on my profile xD

    so far, from what we talked of today, its gonna be like, danplan/emirichu styled vids (we discuss sh*t, and animate the discussion)

    but it will be in conyo language (translation; both English/Ph language)

    but im gonna make it so subs will be done (CC subs xD)


    wont divulge too much on what topics will be, but one things for sure

    even if it fails, were gonna be having some fun, and in the end of the day, that's all that matters

    if we both have fun, i don't see any loses xD


    also, i started jogging again ^-^

    1. Seshi


      Congrats on the jogging again.. I really need to start working out again too

  13. Hai, atashi study desu

    But less toxic study, more benign study

    Also tomorrow im going to meet up with sempapi to do some pre-records

    After which, on sunday were going to cosmania

    Gonna be my first time in a cosplay event

    Tips on subjects ?

    My best idea is to talk about eroges >______>


  14. well shiz

    didn't reach a passing score on the exam


    oh well, i had a gut feeling i was not gonna pass it anyway


    march it is


    to bad too, i wanted to announce shiz <_>

    it can wait i guess, besides, itll cost me allota cash to do said projects xD


    this way, i can earn my allowance >.>


    though..it feels bad that i wont announce anything even though i afk'ed hard...

    soo; might aswell announce SOMETHING 


    theres only two things really that can happen


    1,) im gonna

    "breaths in"

    C R O S S D R E S S




    read it right


    BITE ME <_>

    not mentioning who, couse idk either 


    2.) ...is im gonna confirm first, i mean, sempapi might not wanna go along with it, knowing im a peasant who couldn't even pass board exam in one-take 


    better to know early than not, expectations are pretty low for me xD


    though; i did gain some weight during my studies ...

    i need to exercise, mainly jog again

    maybe, ill start tomorrow, shock from exam is pretty big, but hey

    nothing like hiding your pain with a smile wont stop anything xD


    after all, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"


    obligatory songggggggggg


    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      man, darn it. get them next time then!



  16. hAhAAA!

    im back >:3

    but well, waiting for exam results, hoping i made it to top 75% passing rate ( which isnt a top, but i just want to pass and not do this sh*t again man, dont make me go through with it again, not again :<)


    im also announcing something, IF i pass the boards, theres no point if i DONT pass it >.>

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      best part about exams is having written them (and passed). When do you think the results will be up? Definitely enjoy the not-having-to-study-13-hours-a-day-time now :) 

    2. XII360


      @Illusion of Terra results should be up by wednesday (up to friday)

      at max is 5 days, but its usually 2-3days

      gimme that RMT title so i can work and earn money for myself and do my projects >:o

  17. giphy.gif


    boards in 2 days (technically, 4 days of suffering, two days before last day, and then 2 days of actually doing the board-examinations)

    i got this, i studied hard, lez ikuzo this~!!


    that license is as good as mine, and then my dreams will be next >:o


    and if i pass, first thing i do, is start my surprise announcement(s) <_>


    even other mods don't know what my surprise announcement will be xD


    glad they managed without me too >.>

    (couse i sure could not moderate, play games, or even listen to songs, unless i toke a "bathroom" break/bathe break)


    i would post an obligatory song, but i must requiescat de pache in my bed, for tomorrow, i tackle BB and some clinical chem (probably few CM/bacte too)

    1. Seshi


      Good luck!!! I know you’ll do your best, and give it your all. 

  18. 09/1/19

    Just 20 (19) days left before my death sentence day


    Looking back ive improved allot, but i still cant get a 75 line of score

    Well, whats important is im doing my bestest, im an average at everything i do, just getting a 60 (and hoping a 50 is = 75% calculation) is how they compoote shiet




    But ya, few days of studying and staying up till 3am to go

    Like, 2 weeks left? Couse i need my bioclock to return back to normal before 21 >_>


    Also, #meandtheboisonMTday


    I cosplayed on that day, and for some reason, got thrown to become a spokesperson


    It was a f*cked up day >__>

    (Im the one who has gloves on xD)

    Also if i pass this boards, im forcing my sempapi to pat my head >:o

    (Its messed up, but thinking ill get a headpat by best girl gives me motivation xD)


    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      same day as/close to storming area 51? Coincidence? I think not 😂 

      Seriously though, studying for such a huge test sucks, but at least you're almost done with it :) Maybe that helps 😂

    2. XII360


      @Illusion of Terra i cant wait, after my boards, to open my phone, check the news, and see they managed to retrieve catgirls that are imprisoned on area 51





  19. #update

    Idk what to say

    A picture can say more shiz than words xD1565549456583553651746.jpg


    Its 3am though..sooo oyasumi xD

    Tomorrow i finish this, do a self exam, and then backtrack a bit on bacteriology (couse god damn js bacte hard ...)



    (Also sticky note stuff is just a joke, dont take sticky note seriously <_>)


    edit: though in a way...i guess help is somewhat accurate ?

    i do get depression bs when i study hard, and not interact with anyone

    i get filled with "despair" that im not good enough, and ill fail and shiz >.>

  20. obligatory song post~

    incidentally, gonna finish bacte (not including mycology and and the other viruses) tonight

    already drank 5 coffee's, and got a...

    what was it called..ah crap, um


    got a red bull in fridge ready for when i grow tired, used up 80php, so it better wake me up, and shiz xD


    i doubt it will, but eh, placebo effect and shiz could happened xD

    its a pretty fap op tho' tbh


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Seshi


      Lol! You know it’s not really good to study with jitters. You concentrate better when you’re calm (supposedly)... wouldn’t you think that having the jitters would be distracting? It’s not like your brain will work faster. It’s not a smart pill 🤣 

    3. XII360


      @Seshi i knowwwww

      but i wanted to "experience" the so called "jitters" >_<

      that and depression was catching up on me like a succubus after her lunch

      im wierd ;3


    4. Seshi


      Maybe you can’t get caffeine jitters 😮 XIIs super power. Caffeine immunity! 😜

  21. so, i was studying bacteriology, and memorized some of the test reactions

    after a while, (like an hour ago) talked a bit to my sempai


    and, told her im getting good at microbiology, and then she told me a question, going "--/++"


    my dumbass never saw anything like that, so i told her, to give me options, so she gave me 3 options, which i gave descriptions of each (e.coli and kleb, s. aureus aint tested)


    managed to answer it right, but she told me it doesnt mean just "MRVP (methyl red- voges proskeur? (idk spelling of VP)


    but anyway, she told me, those four dashes meant for INDOLE-MR-VP-CITRATE


    and i was like, MY MIND IS BLOWN


    i know of IMViC, but i never "understood" it, i sure as hell do now


    sempai is bae/waifu material for sure <3

    she sure as hell is helping me a huge lot >__> 

    {images of my notes made for each positive/negative reactions)



    1. Seshi


      Gotta admire that smart woman 

    2. XII360


      @Seshi she's finished in board exam/licensure exam, and already working xD

      aside from being smart af, she's talented af in drawing, and easily sociable couse of how we can we can relate on things (e.g drawing, meme's, and youtube stuff >.>)

  22. Rare puto of me preparing to sell myself after failing licensure exam


    (Was to lazy to put on twintail wig >_<)


    (Also, im just joking about selling myself <_>, but i may do something messed up in near future after board exam xD)


    (Already got my sempai involved in it, so i fear im in it too deep to get outs)

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. XII360


      @Illusion of Terra i actually already have knowledge on how to check if i have STD or not >__< (its just dropping a serum in a test kit after all xD, anyone can do it ;o)

      and yea, not to mention, board exam is like, 6-7 topics (Immuno-sero, blood banking, hematology, clinical chemistry, Analysis of urine and bodily fluids, histopathology, Medtech laws, microbiology and parasitology), being two days (3 subjects each, i think first day is IMSBB, microbiology/parasitolgy and CC, 

      day two is hematology, AUBF, and histopath/mtlaws)


      and man, do i suck at hema/bacte so far, the rest are ok-ok, not hard, but not easy either, i can manage by choice-removal, hema/bacteriology though...ahh i even bought a book to better understand them, i thought i was a pro at hematology, i did not think i would suck at it jesus christ


      and im doing fine on CC, which is the subject i thought i sucked, wtf >_>


      @Beocat ill take that to heart, especially since i heard, the choices in board exams are very hard, and will make examinee confused x_x


      @Seshi i know what you mean, im actually a proscratinator, that's why i didnt get any awards during my school days (couse i didn't bother doing anything, and i played more than study xD, if i studied for real, i bet you i would get awards and be smarter and shiz >.>, but i dont regret it, having fun in kiddy-days is the best~)


      sure hope i pass, if i pass and get that license, im gonna do something really wild, like, life-changing-wild >.>

      (which mainly includes my dreams when i was a child xD, thus one step closer to my dream)

      ill probably do something wierd for AF too xDD (after consulting with other guys that is xD)


      but for now, i must fighto~! lets go go go~! i got 50 days or so, ryu, IKIMAS~!!

    3. XII360


      @Wedgy, sure hope so, the reason i study very early is couse im not confident in my memory (its not bad...just, not the best when absorbing notes-knowledge, especially if i cant find a logic in the sentence x_x)


      Already have a reward planned out if i pass the licensure exam xD

      But i wont spoil it, its gonna be only when and after i pass the exam -- which is september !

      Grabbing that RMT in my name 😆

  23. anyone else heard about what happened to kyo-ni ? (kyoto animations)

    its all over facebook, (or atleast my sempai is posting it, thus i heard about it)

    and it makes me really mad that a man killed so many people, ruined so many great artist's lives, and did a lowblow on the anime industry, just for a "they stole my artwork idea" (which was claimed to be false?)


    like dude, seriously, the fuck did you smoke to go up to a building and kill fucking innocent people ?

    usually id say, give me some of that sh*t, but, hell no, i say no to drugs, especially if its that bad

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. XII360


      @Seshi already went and wrote them a letter (2 days ago-ish)

      as for money...i did want to support and send, but

      well, my bank account is telling me no (its literally 100php'ish atm <_>)

      (which is roughly around 2$ or 3$, and my allowance has yet to come ;s)

    3. Seshi


      Same.. I feel you on the money end lol

    4. Seshi


      I'm sure everyone loved your letter <3


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