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  1. image.png.e424897c5ea5abe0c5a4b25349bb6b43.png


    attack of the 10 point guest-kun

    anyone else ?

    wanna be sure if anyone else is getting spammed by a guest,

    still reporting to higher ups about this, had 64 notifs >.>

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    2. Anime loveer
    3. XII360


      @efaardvark do you know if your points actually increased?, i didn't know my points before, so im not sure if it actually increased my points or not

      (though, i did write down what my current points is now, so if it happens again, we would know if its just a visual bug of sort, or actually something worse?)

    4. efaardvark


      @XII360 No, I'm in the same situation.  I don't remember exactly what my points were before either.  :( 

  2. so fair warning, this is a fanboy/girl moment







    Screenshot_20200426-204738_Epic Seven.jpg


    SADKOASDASD >_< "girly screams"



    Screenshot_20200426-210145_Epic Seven.jpg


    also, before ML angelica/sinful angelica, S. tenebria came home, but i wasnt really aiming for her, but its still nice she went home, but i really wanted ML angelica more than ML teneb, couse, i mean


    my team set needed ML angelica more than S teneb,


    so yea, i still invested on S. teneb, BUT NOW I GUESS I DONT NEED TOO ?! (still will to respect mai waifu >.>)


    this day cant get any better can it ? >_<

    1. XII360


      also, while im at it, image.thumb.png.f45914c387226d33a5d698649c8751bc.png

      the character i made (amy-chwan~)

      done on drawing her base character outline, but i probably wont be coloring it or anything; atleast i never colored the others, soooo....

      ill probably fix hand tho' >.>

      one day

      couse, atm, im pause-"pawned" (pauseponed) at scripting/arts


      im trying to catch up on FGO event >_>

      and theres studying at morning, so i can only arts/script at night time <_>


      also i swear, in my head, she was short haired, for some reason, she became medium haired

  3. quarantine in PH got extended to may 15

    not that it bothers a closet freak like me much, tbh >.>

    didn't feel like scripting today, was in a bad mood, so decided to draw one of the characters in game im trying to make





    this is a pudding commercial song

    and its catchy >.>

    su- sugoi~



    1. efaardvark


      Hmm.. I think you should notify @RyePotatoes, pudding ambassador extraordinaire.  :D  

  4. but yea, daily song posto~


    is what i wanna say, but im gonna sleep >.>


    just finished editing some script for game i wanna make, couse the beginning was blegh-ish, had to proof read my stuff too

    it was badly written it was perfectly fine though~


    also did few arts for it, and by few, i mean like two sketches >.>



    but no for reals, ima get my daily nepnep >.>

    still, my sched keeps flying around, im playing touhou labry, story making, studying, YT, daily eroge (latest one has given me some good ideas too) and stuff

    how do people do everything >.>

  5. heyyo~ nope, sadly, i asked this question before when i started aswell, but making an app, and maintaining it would be too hard and not exactly cost-efficient
  6. i voted, i wont tell who i voted for tho~
  7. Sylphie High Pseudomae rules of regulation of the kingdom of Pseudomae 1.) your free to be formal to the king of the kingdom (no bowing onto knees, and all that crap) 2.) either you practice CLAYGO, or you GO 3.) excessive nature killing (e.g woodcutting, animal poachers, etc) may or may not get a free trip to heaven/hell 4.) molestation, be it male or female, would be deemed liable to see the judge and jail cell 5.) discrimination will not be allowed in this kingdom, be he a tentacle monster that could break rule#4, or a succubus who could clearly break rule#4 6.) no loud sounds in public areas, unless festive events happen 7.) everyone is allowed to bring a weapon -- non-sharp weapons/non-lethal weapon, just blunt ones, (e.g. a bat, a metal that is not pointy), and it must include a sheathe duly accredited by the blacksmith of the town (non-accredited ones may or may not be penalized with a month of serving under the kingdom to clean the streets) 8.) enslavement is greatly discouraged -- but it is allowed to do so, but upon finding out that the slave is being inhumanely handled, the owner may or may not recieve a death penalty 9.) healthcare is greatly lowered in this kingdom, aslong as you request for a plea of help in the kingdom of Pseudomae 10.)Ncov-19 is not allowed in this kingdom (dont worry, it doesnt break rule5, they are after all, not eukaryotic, thus not humanoid/monster-ish, they are just virus >.>) [though, im just assuming monsters are eukaryotic..soo..>.>...]
  8. just here to post a song~

    as per usual~!

    i got no stories to share, if your wondering >.>


    1. Anime loveer

      Anime loveer

      Its a good song

    2. Wet


      wooah bro

  9. miiiitsuuukeeetaaaaaaaa

    idk im just singing along with a song in my mind xD

    right what was i gonna write here again

    huh, i totally forgot, but im sure i was gonna post something, or share >.>

    welp since i cant remember, have this eirin song post


    edit: oh right, i forgot i did blue background, but i already uploaded it everywhere, and i dont wanna be assed on re-uploading...it will have to do >_>...



  10. SIKE i managed to finish drawing one here is my submition submission have you ever drawn so hard that you forgot how to spell submission >.> i have, just now, my brain went poop on me <_>
  11. ah poopie pants i didn't notice this thread, and its april 14th, unsure if i can make my art by tomorrow (couse i have no feels to draw at the moment) ill be rooting to winners >.>

    But yea

    Went outside to buy paymaya load for my gacha phone load needs


    And recorded a bit while heading home

    (edit; last vid wouldn't upload properly and gave me black screen, so i just recorded from phone and BYPASSED the SYSTEM



  13. hope everyone's doing fine under the quarantine, remember to wash your hands!

    and not just opening faucet, few rubs with soap, and then turning faucet of, nay!

    remember the happy birthday song!

    sing it twice while washing hands

    and you should be clean as a birthday boy's innocent first birthday cake

    (i dont really know how innocent they are >.>)




    but yea, been writing script for game project i been wanting to make since who knows how long ago (but it's been longer than a year, that's for sure!)



    aside from that, there is no new updates from moi amore~


    also also also also

    obligatory song post that i dont remember if i have posted already but will still post because

    reasons : D

  14. atashi no done with comic~

    i-i was gonna redraw yukari, but

    i totally didn't get...lazy >.>...


    page 1.png

    page 1.5.png

    page 2.png


    first comic i ever did, since i started my lame artist hubbie~ xD 


    though, tomorrow, i plan on writing a script on the game i wanna make

    should focus on that before characters, but i already have some characters, and i drew what they look like, like chest-chan (i posted what they look like here xD)

    as for the story, i just had an idea while taking a poop in the booptroom (bathroom)

    sooo, yea



    also, hope everyone's doing well in the recent events of NCOV-19

    i sure am, i would do my part in helping, but im unlicensed, and i fear if i go outside, i wont be coming home anytime soon (which i dont mind tbh)

    problem is, SOMEONE decided to sell my FACEMASKS

    so yea, going outside naked feels bad (being maskless, is pretty much like going outside naked, especially since we dunno' if someone sneezed in an area and stuff)

    but yea, my best part is, just staying home, studying, playing, and rooting for the front-liners safety



    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      that comic was way more suspenseful than I expected 😂 

    2. XII360


      to be fair, this is literally how i react on any game/manga/anime

      if there's a sad moment

      why am i such a cry baby >.<

  15. but yea, semi played a wierd touhou game, by wierd i mean, eroge-ish, but dynasty-warrior-ish, that's text base

    it was fun to complete it a second time

    which derailed me from the comic i was making


    sooooo, posting a partial of it, im remaking clothing, and size couse i screwed up on the head size/body >.>

    for some reason, the panel 1 has right body stuff

    but middle went tiny

    and i am triggered if i upload such acts


    give take, new clothing design, mainly collar xD

    its still funny couse, i swear to god, i was making a male character, based on me, it ended up becoming a girl

    ...so in a way, i guess i drew a genderbent me ?

    now that's messed up


  16. im reading it too, but i stopped reading a few month ago, near end, where they... <spoilers spoilers> with baddie guy who can <spoilers spoilers> SPOILER ALERT but yea, its a fun mango edit edit edit; i forgot how to do proper spoiler roflmao >.> had to re edit 3x
  17. welcome to the forum you probably got here couse of quarantine, what with nothing to do in house and all that >.>... as for name changing, you can get a name change in the shop, but it will take you some time to get 2500 points, probably there is another way...but im not allowed to say it, i think ? >.< hope you enjoy your stay in the house forums
  18. ncov status in PH: 800+

    its not as bad as other countries, e.g. USA (who just got reported to have 85k Ncov peeps)

    but i mean, i also saw on the news, one american guy going.. "if my time has come, then my time has come" while drinking some shots and being near other people in the beach


    man talk about being a dum-dum, its a live virus we talking about that has no cure, thats like saying, "im gonna have smex with this STD + girl, and if i get HIV, then i get HIV"


    no wonder US got more cases than china >.>


    but yea, not what i wanted to say, just wanted to report that ncov in ph is pretty much 850+ xD


    aside from that, lesseee, i finished Touhou Mother, and it was fun as hekk, especially the ending, which im drawing a 3-page drawing of my reaction on it (couse i felt it would be fun >.<)

    and...thats about it ? <_>

    remember minna-chan~, practice social distancing, practice your happy birthday song while washing hands, and if your hands are visibly stained, throw in -OH in it (alcohol) xD

  19. probably art, and making games those two are my main passion ..maybe playing game's and animu too as for activities, i think im an expert at being average at anything i do, gimme something to do, ill fail it, but i also will pass it, im an averagist (that's a new word now xD), being the average guy who can do anything -- but not excell at anything, is what i am made for ;o
  20. DONE!


    that was a fun experience, i learned a bit on art, and improved on it xD

    it toke me a week, and and

    last night scared me couse, 






    luckily i was revived when i saw they auto backup stuff >.>


    so i didn't have to reset it 100% >_<


    now that this is done, i can play touhou mother, im taking a break today, so yknow, 


  21. image.thumb.png.d293b35d632390a5714e9e58027e41fb.pngso doing the "favorite operator" drawing thing that's somewhat famous in reddit /ark/ place

    saw it months ago, but didn't have time to do it, couse yknow...


    but with boards canceled, i now have time to draw my favorite operators xD

    was thinking of making a thread about this, but decided not to, couse i might be the only one who plays arknights, and its a draw-your-favorite-operator >.>...


    nonetheless, just wanted to say im doing this xD

    heres the template incase anyone wants to do it too

    i guess you could also change it to FGO-servants if you wanted too, like, favorite servant ?

    just a thought xD

    im doing favorite operators tho' ;o


    1. XII360


      OH !

      i almost forgot to mention, our current status in PH, atleast in my area status, 

      we are in a 1-month quarantine (due to there being 3 case's of NCoV-19), our area is now under lockdown (though, perfectly correct time is, quarantined for a month)

      everyone has hoarded alcohol, toilet papers, and is mostlikely panic-mode

      meanwhile im here, chill af >.>

      its not like stores will be shut down at the moment, so there's no real reason to panic, yet

      and as for alcohol stock, i could always go to the hospital i intern'ed and help a bit, and ask for some for house

      they are understaffed, though thanks to lockdown, im not sure if i can even reach there yet ? (its somewhat far)

      maybe army will listen if i say im a volunteer, maybe they wont, eitherway, there's no real reason to go outside yet

      especially for a hikikomori like me <_>

      just wanted to update you guys of my current status, aside from cancelation of boards

      ofcouse, im still studying, this morning i just answered 100+ questions on hematology, out of 300 questions (im stacking it all), i got 170/300, i say this is good, seeing as the questions was


      like it felt harder than board exam questions >.>... was able to translate hard questions too, so theres that

      some questions though, some were just wierd as hell

      asking about ""color plate" stuff.. >.>

      heres an example of what the questions was like ;o


      notice, question #193

      how do you answer that, like, what am i suppose to look at, what plate >.>

      there was like 20 questions of those, that i had to guess smh

      so yea, i take that score as a win, especially how hard this exam was

      im gonna study more tomorrow, gonna go ISBB next >:o

  22. so my boards got postponed due to the COV-19 

    goddemet im so ready to take boards and it gets delayed >.>
    PRC has yet to announce the new schedule for my boards89731525_185941849522561_6436781900701892608_n.thumb.jpg.98f71a16b253cb8de26c80cbc08a96ca.jpg


    incase you didn't know, one im taking is for RMT (medical technologist, or to quote a exam question i had in the choices, the R stood for....REENGINERED 


    but yea, if my calculations are right (which they are usually wrong), itll be around a month or two for new board exam sched (assuming i count it with how long others got postponed aswell)

    but it could also be sooner, officially, we still have to wait for PRC's final call


    this is balls though, i was so ready to take boards, now i gotta keep studying for longer q^q



    on the side note, ima just study chillaxingly, doing Q and A's, couse thats the part i need to study the most atm, just question and answers >:o 


    obligatory post song share~

    animation is top tier though, holycrap


    i got Ch'en on arknights, while in the bathroom, (few days ago)

    and im unsure if i shared it, but ima share it again, IM SO LUCKY TO GET HER JESUS

    currently; gonna throw all my resources onto her E2 upgrade

    then ill throw all my exp items on maxing my current units, so they can be more better


    i still have yet to get ptilopsis, warfarin, skyfire, and eyja (and i rolled on eyja banner, alas, she didn't come home, ch'en did tho <3)

    i must share my current squad >:o



    Im lucky enough to get both skadi and specter, funny thing is...i didnt even roll on their banner, yet both of them came home

    This seriously scared me, but also made me scream >.>

    May aswell drop these too xD



    the main lounge of base, because why not (funny thing is its not the highest ambiance buff)


    2nd room (also highest ambiance/morale restore) i just threw stuff from event here xD


    okay, i never really wanted to do ch'ens room, and even if i did, i didn't wanna do an exact replica (ruins the edit if i just copy others)



    and this is the penguin logistics base



    frostleaf is still bae  tho'<3


    this turned from sharing my cancelation of boards, to a game share

    jesus ryu, wtf >.>

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      not joking, I was actually asking myself about whether or not your board exam would be postponed just today! (was thinking about the two deadlines that are coming up and was reminded that you had the exams as well)

      Anyway, on the one side it means more studying, but then again now you have a bit more time to study as well, if there are areas which you haven't covered thoroughly

    2. XII360


      it sure got postponed, which is a double dagger, it sucks, but it also is good news for other's who are not ready to take it and require more time to study (i know a few)

      two deadlines ?!, so like, you have two exams to take ?, aww crap, im wishing you luck (assuming it is exams, if not, im still wishing you luck >.<)


      but yea, i pretty much covered majority of the stuff i need to study

      (not minding for the other minor topics...like semen topics, fungi's, virus's and that's some huge mathematical stuff that will most likely not be asked, or if asked, only once >_<)

      so im only doing Q and A's now to get better at eliminating question's that are clearly not right

      i will probably continue onto this path of studying too, with sometimes reading my notes, but just a really quick read on the notes >_<

    3. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      I 'just' have to hand in two papers, so it's not as stressful as exams but still a lot of work.

      I also skipped fungi whenever I could during my studies 😂 they were just too weird and everything was too similar with fungi

      Man, I really hope you pass that exam!

  23. But yea

    2 weeks for boards


    Also i got fat :s

    i stopped jogging a month or two ago, to focus on studying, and well


    i was 70kg, now im 80kg, gimmebackmyweightmeeeeeeee <anger>

    Also cant sleep, shoulda been asleep like 3hours ago, but i got the cold feet syndrome/restless feet syndrome

    Atleast, my cure for this is staying up all night and morning so that next night, im knocked out

    But, well, thats a risky move, seeing as boards is so close...

    So ima buy some heat pack or something, or borrow dads >.>

    Gonna try AC (aircon) whole night for two days too, if AC helps, then ima pay dad for electric bills that will increase from me abusing AC at night (electric bills aint cheappu >.>)


    On the fun note, CHECK OUT THE GOODIES I GOTS





    ALSO TEXAS (from arknights) ACRYLIC!

    Especially the koishi and kokoro stickers, they are mai waipu <3

    feel so happi :3

    p.s. Dont mind the dirty stuff in background, it comes with studying >.>

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      I have to hand in stuff in two weeks as well. Let's start a school/work support group 😂 hope you get that license!

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