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  1. 20 hours ago, L Lawliet said:

    Hey y'all - I'm planning on starting my first manga series soon, probably going to begin in 2021 (Or maybe late December) and I kind of need some advice on what to do.

    Anything would be appreciated.

    as someone who drew an incomplete manga about arknight character's (being snowsant, et al.)

    id just say have fun on what you're drawing

    you get to learn some new techniques as you draw -- atleast i learned allot on my travel of drawing

  2. 4 hours ago, Mikeyboy636 said:

    I know this is not anime related BUT it is sorta gaming related. 

    Everyone seems to recommend the LG CX tv's for the new consoles that have been released because of HDMI 2.1 etc. BUT when I google the LG CX there are a lot of complaints about Burn In issues etc. 

    IS burn in really common? I game maybe 2/3 hours a night during the week and maybe longer at weekends or not at all, depends how busy I am. I dont want to buy a £1200 tv and then it get buggered up because of burn in.

    Also I dont have the new consoles yet, I shall be getting them next year, but if I am waiting that long for the consoles should I just wait for the 2021 Tv's or is it not worth it etc. 


    Any help advice or thoughts greatly appreciated. 

    do people set their TV's to like, maximum brightness or something?

    im pretty sure that burn-in is a result of, when the brightness is left to like, very high at prolong durations, and thus the LED or something gets stacked? or dies out? or something along those lines? (dont quote me on this, im not an expert)

    dunno, im not really an expert in these topics, i only know as much as the next anime guy 


    i also dont really have the new consoles aswell, i probably dont plan on getting it either, what with sony censorship being very high, my will to keep in touch when them has died

    and so ill stick to its legacy -- which is the PS3, not planning on getting anything more, until i see them change their censorship standards >.>

    is what i say, but really i just dont have money >.>

    though, wouldn't just picking any type of monitor be fine ?, aslong as it can be used/has HDMI, the type of monitor shouldn't really matter would it?

    unless were talking about the whole "1080p/4k" graphics, i never really cared much for those stuff

    ...i mean to quote dunkey's latest video (maybe spoiler of dunkeys video, so like, proceed at risk?)


    "can you actually tell me which of these screenshots is 4k?

    ..oh you can? 


    couse that's just a 1080p screenshot of the witcher 3

    you busted boi

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  3. 4 hours ago, kamomesan said:

    It'd be dope to hear about your game sometime. I've been thinking about coding my own, and it'd be nice to get some insight on other people's personal projects.

    its pretty much an RPGVX-game, where player's choices will change how the story proceeds, and where any NPC can be killed/die (atleast that's what i wanna make, im blank minded on coding, but maybe adding different maps and spawn point on certain options can do it? atleast that's what i think) 

    haven't really finished writing the script of the story yet, and i was in the middle of mapping some area's--when news of the examination dropped, and so did my plans to continue the project -- atleast until after the exam date (being january 21/22 >.>)

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  4. On 11/18/2020 at 4:41 PM, kamomesan said:

    I've gotten tired of the looming presence of other social media websites and came here in search of a smaller and more easy-going community.

    Usually I turn to older manga and anime to de-stress from college life. Really appreciate the mastery and elegance that you find in hand drawn/animated works.  But I enjoy collecting new lore and theories from fan sites and wikis, so I do sometimes keep up with new series anyway.

    I have a rather chaotic assortment of hobbies, but some relevant ones are: learning to read Japanese, drawing and writing. I'm looking forward to having fun with y'all!

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu

    heyo~ and welcome to af-forums~

    On 11/18/2020 at 4:41 PM, kamomesan said:

    I have a rather chaotic assortment of hobbies, but some relevant ones are: learning to read Japanese, drawing and writing. I'm looking forward to having fun with y'all!

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu


    i used to study japanese during my college days, (mainly 3 years ago), but then i got overwhelmed by the amount of kanji there was, and the studies i had to do, that i forgot my hiragana and katakana >.>...


    drawing is my past time aswell, but as of current, its studying, gotta prep up for my board examination, which in like, two months, hoboihoboi


    writing..well...a bit?

    i mean, im doing (read; was) a script for the game im creating...but well, baord exam and stuff >.>...


    again, welcome to af-forums my guy~

  5. 16 minutes ago, Tudor-san said:

    So i did a thing for "Yu Yu Hakusho" after finisshing the anime. It's not rlly done yet because of the colors😅 but I will finish it soon

    What'd ya think ?


    yu yu hakusho.jpg

    looks pretty unique and cool

    botan looking allot like arche too

  6. 8 hours ago, Sam_harris_43 said:

    I am not a veteran by any means but it's sad to see this forum has nearly died. People aren't replying much to posts, there are still people online mind you but it's all a bit quiet. 

    Where have we all gone?

    This place is better than the likes of crunchy roll forums as over there it seems to be like the wild west. 

    If you're using something else what are you using? 

    The way this is going it'll be done and dusted in a year ☹️

    well seeing as i've been here for like 2 years now...it certainly has quieted down as compared to when i first join it

    AF-forums also doesn't have that certain spark i see when  i first found it (maybe its due to how the guys i met back then are not logging on anymore?)

    in behest to other forums though, AF-forums is pretty active, as compared to other forums (not comparing to others, e.g mal, f95, ulmf, etc)

    also to answer one question....

    8 hours ago, Sam_harris_43 said:

    Where have we all gone?

    hopefully indoors and not outside

  7. 2 hours ago, InsertComedy said:

    At this point my math class is just sad because it's just watching my teacher slowly go insane at this point

    who even needs math nowadays but geniuses, amirite

    but yea, never know what you feel, my math teacher didnt know math herself, and we basically didnt even math during her lecture

    subject: math

    topic: life experience

    pretty much sums up my math teacher in college, tbh

  8. 31 minutes ago, Yurified said:

    Anyway, besides that, I will briefly introduce myself!

    I'm a big fan of One Piece, Bleach, Naruto and Yuri Anime/Manga and although I don't watch as much Anime as I used to, I do still watch it and also read Manga from time to time.

    I have been to Japan twice which I absolutely loved and would love to go again.

    Anyway, nice to meet you all!

    hey and welcome to af-forums~!

    about the profile picture one...

    Hey! So, I am looking to upload a profile picture, but every single picture I have put out are either too big or the wrong file. I have even resized the images I want to put out but it still says that my file is too big and honestly, I'm getting frustrated.

    It's not a very good first impression when all they want to do is put on a stupid profile picture, right?


    make sure the image is one of the following, a GIF, JPEG, PNG,JPG

    other files [e.g. .clip, webm, etc etc] will not be accepted most likely, and just fail

    also make sure your file size is not exceeding the size of 1.46mb (refer to image, everything i said is in there)

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  9. 1 hour ago, InsertComedy said:

    Hey, I'm new here! Please just call me either Insert or Comedy, I dont need both. I'm pretty new to the forums experience, but hope to make some friends! I'm a big Jojo fan, and my favorite mangaka is yusei matsui. 

    Also why does content need to be approved by a moderator? Is that a thing for new people?

    same brother, im currently watching part 4 (slowly), as i recently watched parts 1-3



    this "meme" i saw years back is hella true >_>...

    1 hour ago, InsertComedy said:

    Also why does content need to be approved by a moderator? Is that a thing for new people?

    and yes, its for confirming new users, you need two confirmed posts, before you are allowed to post without needing confirmation from mods

    its to avoid spam and assure that new users follow rules of the website (and we get those two allot)

    oh yea, and welcome to the forums xD

  10. 10 hours ago, EnviousEnvy said:

    Before I start the discussion/topic I just want to give everyone a Trigger Warning ⚠️.  This discussion will contain some dark matter (including torture, blood, Violence) that may bother some people. This series itself is very violent. Consider this to be your only warning if you wish to read on or to be involved in this discussion in any way.


    Supposedly the first Corpse Party game is getting a remake for the Switch. I have a link down below if you want to check it out:


    For those who don't know or never played the series it's basically a series of games that revolve around school aged girls who end up in haunted scenarios before dying gruesome deaths. The first game was released in 1996. There is an anime as well as a manga to this series as well. 

    Anime Trailer:

    There's also some playthroughs of the games by PewDiePie back when he was obsessed with the games

    Has anyone watched/read the series or played the games? What did you think of it? Are you excited about a possible remake? Will you play it if it comes out on Switch? What are your thoughts on all of this?

    >corpse party remake

    me: YES

    >announced for nintendo switch

    me: ..oh

    i dont have a switch ;_;

    i have seen the anime, and i have played the game (i found out about it from the game) and i gotta say, the anime was meh, but the game was a mastapiece

    i mean..


    in the anime, MC dies, leaving only his hands, once heroine returns to the real world (and one other girl, i think his sister?) and then anime ends, pretty eh-tier, the game didn't end like that if i recall correctly, and i should recall it correctly, since it had an impact on me

  11. 7 hours ago, Autumn said:

    Hey everyone! So I wanted to start this discussion to get some feedback from everyone! 

    So I just started watching anime a few months ago, but I am absolutely and utterly obsessed. I am addicted to the fanart and fanfictions, I've rewatched my favorite scenes MANY times, and I started buying some merch of my favorite shows. I also love some of the characters so much that I wishhhh they were real.  Do some of you feel similarly? If so, what are some of your favorite shows/characters? 

    high mood on all the bolded text in quote

    one of my most favorite characters of all time are -- kudryavka (little busters), misaki sawatari (Fureraba), kiyohime (from FGO/fate series)

    i also buy merchs -- but mostly the merchs i buy are acrylic keychains --that's all i can afford >_<

  12. 7 hours ago, _noharaRin_ said:

    Hey there.. >.<

    I really need some cosplay suggestions!! <33 Wanted a character who looks at least a little like me, like has the same hair and eye color as I do...        I kinda look like the girl in the picture I guess. 🙋‍♀️

    Hope u can help me out <33 🌸


    brown eyes, brown hair

    do eyjafjalla

    or you could do yuna, since she's just school girl uniform xD

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  13. 11 minutes ago, Kirito.Yuuki said:

    is that the reason why it wasn't working? I was using <spoiler></spoiler>, so I need to use [ ] instead? And for context do I add the <> or </>?

    pretty much, just do

    [ spoiler ]this is spoilered [ / spoiler ] (no spacebars)

    which will become

    this is spoilered

    you dont need to add the <>'s, brackets is the important one

  14. 3 hours ago, Brysonmedia said:

    Ok I've got alot to unpack so let me start :P

    1. Honestly don't know where or if I should post it. 

    lemme help you out, by answering them to my bestiest~

    for me, you should, i post my manga in r/arknights [reddit], but i also post it in here, SD, and my twitter, i see allot of artists share their manga at twitter, but im sure any social media will do, aslong as you get exposure, its cool

    3 hours ago, Brysonmedia said:

    So to start, I have 0 experience in digital art. Also, idk if I should post my art anywhere simply bc of the fear of my designs being stolen. I've had a friend copy the name and plot of my series, along with characters and attempted to market it. Didn't let that happen, cursed him out harder than Jiren. So I'm worried about that.

    (Also, its a SAO type anime.)

    put watermarks, if you're that scared, or put secret  signature somewhere in there, to call them out incase someone "claims" to be the artist of you're work

    though, i personally don't really do secret signatures in my work, simply because i know i can re-create my art, better than someone else who simply say "their the artist" or try to copy my artstyle (also, every artist can be distinguished by the way something was drawn..e.g., one look at my art, and you will instantly know its my artwork, due to how much lines i drew somewhere in the hair

    or say, keep the RAW file of the manga (the .clip, or whichever software you will use for art)

    so trapped in digital world? huh

    3 hours ago, Brysonmedia said:

    2. I've got A LOT to do rn

    Yeah, I'm crushing, and my mind been everywhere. Between school, Youtube and everything in between, I'm tried lol.

    it's fine, it would be even better if you could post a day a page, but you dont need too, if it's a manga-type panel, that would be hard, if it was colored, it would be even more harder (i know, based on how long it takes me ~.~)

    3 hours ago, Brysonmedia said:

    3. Where would I even post it?

    Yeah, that one speaks for it's self.

    Not confortable with posting it on forums bc the last time I did that  they falsely banned me and I cant get my work back now because I'm Ip banned. 

    if you dislike posting in forums, you're free to post it in other social media websites (e.g. twitter, pixiv,reddit, etc etc)

    i think i mentioned it above, i post my comic on reddit, twitter, Sugoi Desu, and AF forums (i didn't make a thread, couse i felt like no one would be interested in it...so i just post it in my status), but you are free to post your comic pages in the art exhibit part


    I cant get my work back now because I'm Ip banned.

    i don't get this part, shouldn't you have the raw copy of the page?, or was it physically drawn, and the paper is missing now?

  15. 10 hours ago, Brysonmedia said:

    Im beginning to write and draw my own manga! Tips?

    have fun

    and be sure to have enough motivation to see it through to the end 

    would be balls if you stop midway of the story after all, for the readers

    where will you be posting this manga, and what is it's genre? if you dont mind me asking

    i see so many manga creators nowadays though, kinda wierd huh >.>

  16. 2 hours ago, Ushba said:

    Heyy everyone. I've recently joined this forum because i wanted more suggestions. also i dont have a lot of friends who like anime so i thought this might be the best place to have some discussions as well 

    welcome to the forums~!

    im sure you will find some great suggestions from other users (not me, im hella outdated on current/past anime), and you would find a great friend to talk about anime with! (this part you can count on me aswell, but not 100%, since im not that updated to anime <_>)

  17. 2 hours ago, Akane-chan said:

    Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I was so busy with school :<


    I will watch the anime if I get up and look for places to stream it.


    Thank you for recommending it to me! ^w^



    its cool, just remember, if its physical school meeting, to wear mask and bring the holy alcohol to battle!

    also i forgot to mention, aside from funny scenes, there are allot of ecchi-jokes in it, so just heads up >.>

  18. 13 hours ago, Asao said:

    I've watched it like about ten years ago I can barely remember anything besides that kanata can run pretty fast w still I can still sing the opening so do I count as an like-minded person 

    funnily enough, same

    ...but i haven't watched it is the major difference

    i have read some manga about it though, key term, "some"

  19. 1 hour ago, Akane-chan said:

    Tbh, I'm not really sure how to describe it.... It's a rom-com, slice of life?

    got 50% of it right then,  (technically, 30%, but im not good at math)

    the manga your making, based on information given thus far -- it somehow reminds me of seitokai yakuindomo (being mass of the casts, are student coucil)

    it doesn't have romance in it (atleast, from what i rememeber), maybe you can get some idea's from that show/manga ? (you also did say its gonna be a "manga 'bonus'", so it should technically be a non-serious, and more funsies time

  20. 16 minutes ago, Shiv said:

    When/if we reach our 70s...assuming we'd still be watching anime..if we still find high school anime girls attractive...would that be considered paedophilia?

    i for one, dont think its pedophilia, so long as you dont actually touch a real life, inexperienced, girl, it <shouldn't> be considered pedophilia

    but i think majority of people would say otherwise, its creepy to see an old guy simping over a 15y/o

    19 minutes ago, Shiv said:

    even if they're not real..what would that say about our mentality?

    still liking anime in 70's...shouldn't really say much, for one, your 70, you're gonna be kicking the bucket soon, so who cares

    its a hobby you like, if it doesn't hurt anyone, it shouldn't matter

    im saying, physically hurt, im not talking about "creeped out" hurt, or something, those are called haters

    though, to be 70y/o, and still be watching anime, you must have allot of knowledge on past animu then >.>

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  21. 55 minutes ago, Akane-chan said:

    I' m writing a manga right now, called "It's a Senpai/Kouhai thing".  I thought it'll be cool if the noice people on here can give me idea's for a bonus chapter!

    Character info:

    Daichi Ito: First Year in High school. Student council member. Has a crush on Hana Izumi. Dere:  idk -dere.  Age: 15

    Hana Izumi: Second Year in High school. Student coucil memeber. Has a crush on Daichi, but doubts it. Dere: Tsundere. Age: 16

    Maka Tanaka: Thrid Year in High school. Student council Co-president. Doesn't have a crush. Dere: Bakadere.  Age: 17

    Uri Sauna: Third Year in High school. Student Council President. Has a slight crush on Daichi.  Dere: Dandere. Age: 17

    Riku Kinimoto: First Year in High school. Anime club member. Daichi's childhood friend. Has a crush on Yua-tan (Daichi's lil sister)


    Anyways, Have a good night.  Oyasumi!


    daichi hella popular

    i can mood with Tanaka-sama though, being a baka-dere and all

    based on info you gave though, 

    i got nothing, is the story gonna be like, a wholesome one, or a dark-esque, blocking type ? [not sure how i term "blocking"...being more forward, NTR-esque?] (judging by the title of the manga, i think more of comedy/wholesome, with a side of someone crying in the end, most notably, the one reading, aka; me )

  22. 20 minutes ago, Cyclosporum said:

    Hello Everyone! My name is Cyclosporum and I finally decided to join an anime talk forum. I am very excited to join and talk amongst you guys about our favorite anime. I have been on an amazing rollercoaster about lots of anime. I never want this journey to end. I would love to share my thoughts and feelings here about my experience.spacer.png

    heya~ and welcome to the forums~

    im sure there are allot of guys who will enjoy talking to you about your experience with anime, thus far xD

    i know of some..but i wont tag them, for they will find their way here soon (i hope)

  23. On 9/21/2020 at 6:38 AM, The History Kid said:

    Greetings and salutations AF.

    I am posting this here, because I am not sure it would be appropriate to post out in the open (I will leave that for others to decide).

    The last few months have been exceptionally busy.  When you consider everything that 2020 has provided many of us, that's not a hard feat to believe.  May saw an extended need for being out of the office, a rise in civil unrest, and other things that threw monkey wrenches into my planning left and right.  June exacerbated that, and by July things had formally evolved into something entirely different.  We got slammed with two natural disasters this year, and are still recovering from the first.  It's been a rollercoaster ride for sure.

    With that being said, I've had research requests piling up on my own site, projects that need to be done, and have also taken up Twitch streaming.  In the midst of that, I also started a second set of classes, added a jet pilot training course to my load, and formally accepted a mod slot in a Discord server for an L.A. based voice actress.  Shortly after I got brought on as an IP Advisor for her, and have since been doing a bunch of things behind the scenes.  Therein lies the problem - this is in addition to what I'm already doing.  The autopilot nature of AF - at least as it has seemed - has thusly been shoved way to the back of my mind.

    With that being said, I am stepping back from AF on the web site.  I will continue to  provide support in the Discord server if wanted, but I don't find it much fair to AF to be labeled a mod if I'm not really doing anything mod-like.

    Of course, you all can continue to reach out to me over there on Discord, or any of my site-related points of contact - but as for AF proper, I probably won't be around all that much.

    Good luck, and god speed!


    personally, id announce it for everyone to know, but i dont mind eitherway, tbh

    gonna miss you though, even though i dont frequent the discord of af-forums as much (unless i was mentioned/asked something/wanted to ask something)

    tho...we didn't talk as much (though, i feel we mods dont really talk much eitherway?) it still should be said, you did a big part in regulating AF-forums

    also, reason i only messaged now is couse, i didn't have the balls to send this >_>... but this has been on my mind

  24. 1 hour ago, EnviousEnvy said:

    which games coming for the next gen (and some current gen) consoles are you most excited for? 

    For me personally it would have to be FF16, Fable, God of War, Horizon Forbidden West and Hogwarts Legacy!

    ghost of tsushima co-op DLC, hands down the most awaited DLC im waiting for >.>

    i specified the DLC, couse im waiting for the DLC to arrive first, before i attempt to even buy it

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