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  1. nanjakoryaa?!

    avatars are bigger than my *****,

    this calls for a upgraded and better avatar picture


    ....as soon as im finished with alchemist code >:O

  2. >when you had plans to studie, but end up loosing the stu and just die in the bed

    life is great maaaan

    but hey saturday night, and my sleep was 2 hours today so bite me

  3. when you wake up late for school, go to school without eating, and arrive 30 minutes late, but still somehow, be the only one to arrive in school first (minus the prof) and take an exam your not prepared for and had to use your stack knowledge


    but your classmates are making bs excuses to be excused and be allowed to take exam next monday, no words but "yatta" (sarcasm)

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    2. XII360


      neat!,do you have elixer?! how much  ?!?!,

      i could really use an elixer, hp and mp pots wont do it for me! 

      also a phoenix down, i might need to revive myself once i get home!

    3. Wodahs


      heres a blue fire phoenix mount thatll restore hp and mp as you ride it home


    4. XII360


      a phoenix whom regenerates my wound's! this is perf--wait a minute

      how much is this gonna cost me >.>

  4. and suddenly got announcement that we have class tomorrow at 8am, ah crap i hope my sleeping schedule isnt screwed, as i've been awake all night every night, and suddenly i have to wake up at 8!

    ill manage i hope

  5. when you bored, so you upload some of your recent artwork's on club gallery >.>

  6. moshi moshi~ xii360 desu~

    just wanted to say thanks for the follow or something ;o



      Oh, its no problem. You post good content and I like you, no need to thank me. :D 

    2. XII360


      i just do the best i can when i post though!



      That's all we can do and if we always do our best, we are without flaw. :) 

  7. finished vampyr, major events are 10/10 in the game, mc hella badass

    and i got nothing to do anymore 


  8. huh, so from what i read on our group chat on school, here is the list (if anyone knows how to bullet would on status updates be neato to teaching this incompetent kohai~)

    1 - we still have no professor, still >.>

    2 - its raining due to typhoon, thus i can rush the rain like csgo players rush B

    3 - they most likely wont attend (based on real-life findings on what they are saying!) today, so i should maybe just play vampyr >.>

    EDIT: 4 - officially, on our gc, someone said "its alright to go to class on monday", welp i  guess you could say i am buybuy on going to school till monday (byebye)

  9. and thanks to a certain visual novel (its nsfw : D), i got an idea on a character i wanna make


    i say idea, but what i really mean is i wanna make my own character that has somewhat same hair color as hers


    to bad school is starting, guess ill work on my traditional drawings

    that or bring some knitting equipment tomorrow and, since its 1st day of class ima do some top tier blacksmitting on my bag >.>

    gonna make it into a +10 bag equipment when im done with it

  10. responsibilities?

    im doing them dont worry, im re reading, mainly skimming through my old notes

    i 100% remember only 20% of the things here, and those are the ones i made an acronym at, also mass of aur rods is faggot cells

    can never forget that >.>


    with that being said, i will go and play vampyr >: O

  11. school is near me, noooo someone tasuketeeee

    i dont wanna leave my roooooommm ;(

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    2. XII360


      ah i wish it was that simple for me, t'is but an impossible act

      i mean i make mistakes yea, last year i punctured my own finger when we were doing whole blood extraction test, thus granting me a passable retry (though the main reason was couse we werent really thought properly how to remove needles, but hey i learned from my mistake)

      but acting dumbo or talking to classmates carelessly feels wierd and wrong for me

      give take, i somewhat cant act dumbo, since my big brother is doing that for me...

    3. Part_time_anime


      I didnt say exactly act as a dumbo. I just ment you should just enjoy your school life so you don’t regret things. Being a idiot was my thing where we would stupidly bring fireworks to school. Lol.

      I am just sayings this from experience to enjoy school because it’s the only time in your life where everything is relaxed. 

    4. XII360


      yea, ill agree, im not finished in school yet, but i know once school is finished and once i get a work

      everything fun will be swept away and boom im old and retired

      but hey, being an introvert i have loads of fun being on the internet and staying inside my room ;o

      ...for instance i can work on my drawings ?!, they are fun to do : D

      edit: theres also games and anime and visual novels and stuff too..!

  12. vampyr is one hell of a game tho, shiz fun af



    1. Viper


      Sweet I might buy it if you recommend it 

    2. XII360


      yea, id totally recommend this game to people who are into games that are story-wise deep,

      battle system is also dope, dashing around the fight is neat, you also wont be overleved in this game, unless you do some evil things, 

      dont know how to explain anymore without inputting spoilers >.>,

      edit: think of the last of us, or evil within 2, +dragon age inquision's dialogue system, (maybe witcher 3 can be an example too, but i havent played witcher 3 yet to be sure if it can be compared ;o)

  13. im finally done with that slime girl

    i mean i made a mistake and i dont wanna reset, so screw it its done

    but next time im drawing her again, i atleast know how to do proper see-through water bs 

    as always, stuff i finished ill post in my galleri ;o


    aside from ones i feel should be kept to myself (Mia-sama/miyo/eteline)

    even though the avi im using is eteline >.>

  14. hardest part of drawing is


    deciding what the pose will be

    jesus this is hard

    1. AniMeFReaK


      I mostly make the poses as if they have their arms behind their backs. That was I don't have to draw the hands. I'm lazy AF.

    2. XII360


      ya my best friend say that i should just hide the hands behind since itll be easier

      it will be easier if i wont draw the hands but...

      but !,  i must not falter and i must draw them if my pose requires hands to be seen then so be it!

      ill probably draw it badly tho couse im bad at hands ugh


  15. love how i bought a Shakugan no shana alastor necklace but cant wear it due to the fact,

    not couse im big or anything but couse i dont wear necklaces, and i doubt they will let me wear accessories in college


    so i did something stupid








    basically i knitted it on my phones case and now i have a mini holder on my phone and a kawaii alastor on my phone ;o


    actual pic of the crime scene as man stictches a defenseless phone cover with an accessory (NOT CLICKBAIT)

  16. and as the time is of 1 am, so too does my time to get some nep nep arrives


    is what i wouldn't say if my brother would fix his pc and not use mine >.>

    1. efaardvark


      Totally been there.  I finally broke down and bought my brother a new PC for Christmas so I could get mine back.

      He then proceeded to allow his girlfriend to take over his new computer.  :D  I had to tell him that's not my problem.


    2. Wodahs


      I have spare pc parts , what you need 😛 

      XII360 looks like you were posting a 1am problem at my 1am so you must have a similar time zone then

    3. XII360


      @efaardvark im thinking of doing the same, but he has a job and im just a student, and our age gap is 5 years, i dont wanna be the elder brother in such cases >.>

      edit: that move you did for your brother is also a MVP move, to bad he doesnt appreciate it couse he lets his gf take over his stuff


      @Wodahs at this point, his pc would probably need a whole new set being a model from 2008. but if its a temporary fix, his pc probably just needs a new HDD, not a complete computer wizard, but my diagnosing it and hearing wierd sound on his HDD says its a hard disk problem

      that or its his ram, but i tried using my ram on pc so idk


      also im somewhere in the Phi-ip_-_es ;o

  17. and now that im done drawing edna i can play ni no kuni 2


    see you guys next year (sarcasmn)

  18. i will finish that edna drawing today -- love how it was suppose to be a 2 hour project

    but then ended up becoming a one day project couse umbrella distance was not coherent with body height

    ...i dont even know what i said >.>

  19. 1.5k points left before i can chance my username so it wont be confusing for ryuji-senpai yatta <3


    side note, drawing edna from zesteria, ima post it here when im finished, hopefully today ;o



    i hate drawing hands tho its hard ;s

  20. when you want to sleep, but then there are people playing board games and one of them is in your bed so you cant sleep


    what did i doo~

    to deserve thiss~

  21. how do you reply from stuff profile comments lmao im such a noob in this >.>


    maybe if i up my post count ?!

    1. XII360


      wait no false alarm everyone i got it under control the fire should be maintained now >.>

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