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  1. as everyone say's in darksoul anon threads -- "gitgud", but yea, dark souls 2 was pretty easy compared to DS1, in my case, just add a few stamina, max dat str, do some epic blocks over dodging, and you can pretty much kill anyone in DS2 >.>, aslong as you dont let them kill of your stamina or go mage/dishonortoyourfamily.jpg and spam spell shots from a long distance >.>... mhm, in my case, MP game's bring more fun to the game than single, tho that isnt to say that single playered visual novels are not fun incidentally 100% juicy yuuji orange juice is a fun MP anime-board game ;o, and somewhat cheap, a friend bought it for me and boy is it kinda fun to play with friend's not fun to play alone tho', >.>
  2. its funny, couse i was planning on making this thread tomorrow and i was slightly surprised no one made one yet ;o so i have this urge to get stardrew valley (MP mode has finally been added !) aside from that im debating to myself to get dark soul's 3, GTA 5, maybe shogun: fall of the samurai for playing with my brother reason's and aside from those games, i dont really think i wanna buy anything else, unless i can play them with friend's cmon guy's, steam aint troubleee, its a way to release stresssss, and money to our lord and savior, gaben sama
  3. well that's, the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, thanking me for bad advice and all >.>..., no need to be so formal on me btw ;o i actually dont see it less clothing as bad, to be honest, i mean i drew a slime girl, and slime girls dont wear clothing >_>... well i mean 90% of them dont wear clothing ? icon's huh, i never did bother doing my own icon's on my phone, mainly couse of two reasons : 1.) i ran outa time couse of school, 2.)i have no idea what size to do lmao and 3.) i am not a great artist ;o fable 2 -- ah crap that brings back memories, i went for the good route (or atleast good alignment choice's/ "i am the hero everyone needs"), while my brother went for evil route, and *spoiler" he didn't save the dog and went for money, what a complete ass, i mean cmon, he traded best partner in game, for money ?, smh >.> mhm, i have consoles sure, but pc is more practical !, or atleast 80% of the stuff i do is on pc >.<, (yknow, visual novels, studying, drawing, meme's, and youtoob), ah ! i think i know the game your talking about, or atleast i heard about it on a youtube video, something about um.. censorship and crunchyroll ?, it was a while back, im not sure if its a gacha, but i think that game is gacha ?, if so, the one's i play (i mostly play gacha on mobiles ;o), 1.) fire emblem heroes (FEH), (2.) Fate Grand Order (FGO)(suffering gacha tho' couse of reallllly low 5 star drop rate) (3.) alchemist code i think, you might like FEH/alchemist code tho', its not the same gameplay as danmachi, but it is turn based ?, (+) both of them are somewhat onto F2P players than P2W one's, id also recommend FGO, if you're ready to farm up 30+ tickets and only get one 5 star >.> that...that was oddly inspiring >.>, but you are right, i need some fun time on myself and not study every single day >:o, ill still probably study tomorrow, but for tonight its all night gaming babyyyyyy
  4. title was so click bait, but yea real title i was gonna use was "Zodiac sign's~ - horoscopes?!", but i thought this would be funnier ; D so forgetting about my retardness a second, and following the original title, so i was playing a youtube vid right ?, when suddenly a wild idea/topic came into my brain cells -zodiac sign's- but yea whats your zodiac sign ?, do you believe in the whole "daily horoscope's ?, do you believe that knowing what zodiac sign a person is, can help in identifying what type of personality he/she may have ? incidentally, im an aquarius (february's are aquarius ;o), i dont really believe in daily horoscope's, but i cant help but sometimes check them out and giggle at how they try to predict what can happened in the future i also dont really wanna believe in how knowing a person's zodiac sign can help in knowing what their personality is (i,e quiet type, active, intelectual, etc..), but what i do know is, the aquarius zodiac sign is almost spot on, on what my personality is, its not 100% right, but its like 70% correct on what type of person i am ! as always~ lets have a discussion's and enjoy ourselves in increasing our intelligence and socializing-stat's ;o !, happy wednesday everyone~
  5. well--- i mean dont force yourself to loosen up too much, just be natural, though i guess being stiff is kind of natural huh, i give bad advices >_> also ill agree on what people said, thats 100% rated M..for magnifique !(also mature, but i had to do it), that pose has a certain seduction in it, gonna stalk follow you on twit's~, but i dont open much in there ;o, (only made one to follow a youtuber i liked !, so im not as on there, as i am here ;o) after hours of deciding what to do today, i just decided to use the pc while farming on some mobile games, i have tomorrow to decide too..~, totally not delaying important decisions in life, nope~
  6. ive seen some bad puns, but that was really bad >.>, but yea gonna answer them as i edited them in order 1.) aslong as there's true love, and the mere fact no one is cheating (even though harem is kind of cheating?), romance is a kind where both character(s) love each other and would most likely do anything for his/her partner 2.) NTR/mindbreaking's, aslong as i see that tag, i have the instant feeling i wont enjoy it, the mere idea of mind breaking/ntr'ing (tho' this is somewhat strict on manga's i read, you dont see it much on anime) 3.) at first, it was eh-ish, but after playing some sim-related game's, i could relate to main character a bit, mainly the fact that picking one best girl is almost impossible, so the solution is picking them all, i sure wont like it if i see them crying (though, as i said, in a way, if we look at it in reality-ish, its kinda like <MC/hero> is cheating on his girlfriend(s), due to having multiple girls ?) 4.) ill say it now, dont kill me or burn me in a stake or flame me for what im about to say guys <.> in my own opinion, incest is wincest (its fine), of course real life incest might be a problem, but were talking about in anime, and in anime, the idea of incest is just fine for me, (ore no imouto for example wasn't bad for me, and it was 100% incest) i guess that's that, ill be taking my leaf then ...im sorry
  7. spoiler alert: random user opinion alert!..DOUBLE ALERT! i have no idea why your so stiff tho', while reading what you said, all i see is a guy stiff as stone ! (probably a mild taste of boredom of drawing everyday ?!) dont ask how i know this, its just the way you type ! >.> still, i have no idea what you mean by adult content, but show me >:o,(i wont consider it adult-ish if i dont see the private parts >:o!) ill be the judge of it !, your drawing's are neat (like better than mine's and has a certain charm in it ! ;o), incidentally, school finally finished, and im free to decide whether to continue studying for my upcoming classes, or do some drawing's too, i have one day to do these things tho >.>, but i tend to take one day to do my own drawing too, so theres a (+), the (-) is that i also tend to take a day on studying >.>...
  8. so i have a massive decision to make

    do i study for upcoming classes ?

    or do i draw ?

    ....this requires time to think, time to play feh and hopefully get what im after >:o

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    2. XII360


      can..can't i just use a microwave and time travel back like they do in stein's gate ?, it happened in anime, it should be possible in real life too !

    3. brycec


      ūü§£¬†Sure, if you want to start WW III, and witness somebody die in front of you over and over again.¬†

      Seriously though, time travel time is possible, but it is more in the realm of a theoretical possibility, and that is to go forward.

    4. XII360


      or the possibility of being turned into a gelatin...I CHANGE MY MIND,I CHOOSE LIFEEEE

      so kind of like gacha/loot box, well this is balls, even in time travelling, i still have to do some luck/calculation's >.>

  9. girl, do you work in an electric company ?, couse your my mitochondria <3


    anyone get it ?, couse mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell...ITS SCIENCE JOKES!




  10. i plan on jogging every 8pm, so as to have a 3 hours gap on before i sleep, but now its raining again, and this will somewhat ruin my plans if the street is muddy, nonetheless ill try the suggestion! (whole warm out part), i didnt really do them, just grabbed a pair of slippers, and rannnn~ i just kept on running~, till i felt tired an ran back home (initially it was a 15minutes jog!) if rain stops soon, i can still do my plans on jogging >:O!, if it doesn't, well studying for the quiz is also fine..?
  11. awww i enjoyed putting random tags in the end of the tags i placed~ but all good things must come to an end to bring about a better search function
  12. huh that sound's like a fun adventure, but also a traumatizing one, i probably woulda sat down and waited a bit while devising a plan on what to do, (but i would probably be too scared of mother nature's pet's !) i live in a village, so jogging around is no problem's to me, (just gotta force myself to actually jog!) we did recently have a typhoon too, that somewhat gave me reason's to not go outside, but school wont give in (especially couse "college"), and forces to keep classes going even though rain's are making floods in our area >.> (its an exaggeration on my part, but water level was kind of high?)
  13. so im surprised no one ever posted this, (then again the club is somewhat dead!) now before i start, now this!, this visual novel contains "EROGENOUS" scene's, and cannot be disabled, so unless your 18+, dont try this at home, or play it, now that that's done, dropping description, source from VNDB (link: https://vndb.org/v18636#main) description: "I became the guardian of a slave girl, who had been abused by her last owner. At first glance, when she was already with me, the situation we found ourselves in was strange. She was naturally distrusting, but through communication we became friendly. We made a connection, and we became friends. I bought her new clothes, and she wore them. As time passed, I started to feel something different... and thinking now I think... I have finished up fall in love with her. " Dorei to no Seikatsu -Teaching Feeling- revolves around the daily life of a doctor, who ends up becoming the guardian of a slave girl formerly abused by his last owner. As the game begins, the player is given options to which can determine the personality of doctor, over the days of the game. """This game is about becoming intimate with a slave girl.""" its a pretty fun visual novel !, and it is also the reason i got into drawing, becouse the cuteness level's was offfff the charts!, sadly its not fully released yet on steam, but i heard from another site (NSFW one, where fan translation was stopped) that official release is being prep'ed, ofcourse it was a year ago and i have not heard much about it since, nonetheless the novel feels somewhat complete! , incidentally, screen's inside spoiler (3 pic's ;o)
  14. im sorry about your situation!, being unable to run due to health problem's, (in my own words: really sucks), is bad i can relate to this, except instead of walking, whenever i go to school i use a bicycle, but even then i feel its not enough exercise, since i dont have classes at thursday/friday/and saturday, (thus i just slack off and be as lazy as can be in bed, or being deligent in my studies, usually both >.>)
  15. so recently i've been trying to push my lazy ass outside to jog at night, and so far ive done it twice now (yaaay~) never was a fan of big places (where theres many people, i am but not there !), so i never tried to bother to go to gym's, and i feel it would be a waste of cash to go exercise on gym's, so like, im not sure what im saying <.>, but main topic time~! do you guy's prefer going to a gym to get your daily exercise done ?, do you guys have your own style of training/exercise ?, or are you same as me, lazy af to do any excercise, but initially is trying to get into it ?! (or not, i wont judge couse im lazy tooo~) as usual lets have a discussion~ also initially, i prefer going out and doing the exercise alone over going to gym's~, unless i get to battle a gym leader and get a badge ;o
  16. bad pun's tho >.>... i dont mind neat pun's, but forced bad puns are, "">___>"-ish
  17. yosshhh~ i cant sleep~! atashi no sleepu mode is not goo~


    i will force reset this bioclock of mine even if it kills me >:O

    i just hope it doesnt kill me though

    and that i can ace tomorrows quizzes

    ..im gonna study all night >.>...


    edit: incidentally, its probably just primary insomnia, im not sick or anything, just trouble sleeping for the last week, so nothing a little calibration of my sleeping habit and a little jogging wont fix~ i hope~

    or i could have a disease that is not known yet to man kind, probably that huh

    1. FinDee


      A disease would be no good.  good luck resting, back when I had a job and struggle with such things do to working graveyard shift I'd have to get sleep aides to help me sleep.   Just because it can be difficult at times to snooze after the sun has already came up.

    2. XII360


      i agree a disease would be bad, but better i joke it off than cry in a corner xD

      graveyard shift, that sounds hard, not fun, and lots of depression's (mainly being around the dead/working with them cant be a happy-go-lucky-experience)

      as much as possible, ill fight off my insomnia using my own will power !, natural cure is always better than relying on drugs, though maybe a placebo drug would also be okay-ish since itll just be candy, and might work if i think it will ?

  18. pretty much, plot will get me into the anime, with bad plot, ill probably end up yawning and just drop it to do something else, say draw or watch youtube vids, there are instances when ill stay due to my interest in a character, but once i find out they dont have much screen time i just drop it and do other thing's (an example of one anime you suggested where i would stay and watch would be non non biyori, im somewhat interested in one character there, mainly her art style, i somewhat want to copy it and or make my own!, incidentally the characters name is hotaru-chan~)
  19. so basically, anime based on puns ? but yea, im not picky either, id go for any type of anime,doesn't matter on genre, doesn't matter on the art, aslong as the plot is good good art is a bonus, bad art isnt much of a turnoff for me, its like 2d/sprite games, they are unique can neat just as today's 3D model-games are
  20. huh, im no expert in it, but maybe its an ear problem if even volume is set to lowest, or it could be brand of headset, im leaning towards ear problem though if im being honest. but as i said "im no expert", nor am i a "doctor" >.> but the people whom'st experiencing such pain should know more than random guys online ;o, if you think its ear fitting, its possible that's it ?!
  21. huh, maybe its the volume being too loud ?, or it doesnt fit on your ear's properly, prolonged use of earphones can hurt i dont wear mine 24/7 so i never experienced it (even though i prefer ear/headphones > speaker's, i just jam my headphones (PC/wired one) to max when i dont feel like putting it near my ear's), it releases sound somewhat similar to speaker -- only for closer range/distance wont be as loud as speakers too, butttt its hearable and clear when the distance is just my table -> where im sitting at (which is keyboard to where you sit when you type on keyboard ;o)
  22. guys, how do i install a 2TB HDD on my brain and instantly save words i read once in it?

    anyone know? pls guide me step by step

    edit: wierd thought i deleted that picture when i posted this

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    2. brycec


      I see. That makes it a lot easier to understand the game.

      As for your insomnia, have you seen a specialist? I kind of hate going to doctors here, due to how drugs seem to be the go-to so much now, thereby making western medicine a shell of itself, and is not helped by patients and families blindly trusting the doctor, but they could have an idea of how to fix things.

    3. XII360


      tbh, i dont think its just insomnia, im fairly confident in my ability to wake up and sleep with no problem's

      ive lately been having some pain in my tailbone? atleast near that region, it could be that the pain there (since its somewhat connected to the CNS) is forcing me to stay up, could be just my overspeculation tho,

      if thats the case, the problem would either be two things: its either muscle strain, or the bone itself isnt looking daijoubu

      if its the last one thats gonna be just fineeee (sarcasmn) >.>

      well for now applied some lotion (moov) thats somewhat helpful in muscle strain, hope that helps, otherwise, if i cant sleep, GL me on quiz at morning, or even staying up till 5pm, my class starts at 8am and lasts that long x_x

    4. brycec


      I see. Good luck with your class.

  23. nope not from US, and probably wont be working there when im done, as that place's medical-field is a bit way to overpriced for my caring's, "us" ?, i see you studied pharmacy then, and most likely based on your comment, somewhat regretted it ;o, incidentally my current status would a "medical technologist student" or a "scientist student" ? think of MT/MLT (medtech lab technician, as they may call in the US?) but lower rank of those couse im just a "student" incidentally, it is kind of true that, working fast is important,(as how fast you go can save the Px's life, and or kill Px if you make certain mistakes on your results, after all doctor bases the medication based on results we find), but you dont have to throw away your soul, maybe, aslong as you can do it with a broad mind i think itll be fine im not sure if its fine in the US though, since i heard USA tends to overprice the medical bills, and with overpriced medical bills, doesnt mean proper health care also one rule ill follow that was thought to us is: treat everyone equally, you cant treat another patient with more care just couse his part of your family, and treat the other with no care just couse his a stranger to you, think of them as human being's too, and if mistakes are made, well they wont like it and ill probably be in jail and loose my license ^_^, but thats why we gotta be careful on what results we release and or samples we accept into the laboratory incidentally, studying these doesn't really hurt me, it makes me lose some years true, but i somewhat gained alot of knowledge in things i didnt know in science/medicine which is kind of neat ? i dont blame you >.>, in the USA, i heard they overprice health care there ?, but i also heard healthcare in canada is free !, who know's they might do their job's half-assed or do it whole-heartedly, i for one will do everything i do fully, after all patients lives are somewhat in our hands, (mainly the results we release!), thankies ;o
  24. money isnt everything!, its all about if your saving lives-- or w.e (whatever), im not too keen on money farming ;o but cash aint too bad to, aslong as you dont let the cash manipulate thee~!
  25. tbh, im not even that good at medical-field >.>, im best at techy-related subject's, and average at everything!, i say "studying" but im just gonna read through my notes in hopes they get stuck in my brain, lucky part for me is its all multiple choice's, and my recall game is good ...assuming i see the choice's, if theres no choices i tend to forget even the most basic of the basic's x.x i guess if im going on a specific field...blood bank (blood transfusion specialist i guess is the right term?) seems fun ?, but hardish, havent really decided (even though im already on my last year <.>), ill be average on any specific field i undergo anyway's knowing me!
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