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  1. when you wake up late for school, go to school without eating, and arrive 30 minutes late, but still somehow, be the only one to arrive in school first (minus the prof) and take an exam your not prepared for and had to use your stack knowledge


    but your classmates are making bs excuses to be excused and be allowed to take exam next monday, no words but "yatta" (sarcasm)

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    2. XII360


      neat!,do you have elixer?! how much  ?!?!,

      i could really use an elixer, hp and mp pots wont do it for me! 

      also a phoenix down, i might need to revive myself once i get home!

    3. Wodahs


      heres a blue fire phoenix mount thatll restore hp and mp as you ride it home


    4. XII360


      a phoenix whom regenerates my wound's! this is perf--wait a minute

      how much is this gonna cost me >.>

  2. and suddenly got announcement that we have class tomorrow at 8am, ah crap i hope my sleeping schedule isnt screwed, as i've been awake all night every night, and suddenly i have to wake up at 8!

    ill manage i hope

  3. im pretty sure this is the pdf for rox's (winner's) poem, haven't deleted stuff i downloaded on my computer soooooo yaaaaa P1.pdf
  4. when you bored, so you upload some of your recent artwork's on club gallery >.>

  5. what inspired you to create your own ask me a question thread ?! if you could save london from a disease or rule over it with vampires what would you do ? is it true that in canada, everyone is very nice, and maple syrup is the most delicious thing ever made ?!?! (most important question is the maple syrup one >.<)
  6. moshi moshi~ xii360 desu~

    just wanted to say thanks for the follow or something ;o



      Oh, its no problem. You post good content and I like you, no need to thank me. :D 

    2. XII360


      i just do the best i can when i post though!



      That's all we can do and if we always do our best, we are without flaw. :) 

  7. i never even knew about rinmaru games, i feel left out i just toke a screenshot and did some editing (mainly copy-pasting), why not try that ? ;o, incidentally i just used paint for copying things, and for pasting i just used clipstudio since clipstudio is where i do my drawings, photoshop should work too tho ;o oh,huh you have a point that i missed then >.>...
  8. but yea, recently repaired (knitted) one of my brothers belt, it was rugged and somewhat almost about to break, thus i toke the liberty of just cutting a part of it that was gonna break and knitted it back up and its now reusable again, while doing so i was thinking, what do other people normally do when an object they use daily break's? i tend to want to save my cash and not spend on thing's much, on a monthly basis i just keep myself budgetted for like, 16eur, thus came my habit of repairing things, if i can repair them so to answer my own question: i prefer repairing my items over buying a brand new one, unless its done goofed and is unrepairable, ill buy a new one ;o, exception of headphones, once both sides are broken i insta buy a new pair of goodies, one backup and other for daily abusing (since shipping fee aint cheap >.>) what about you guys ?! do you prefer instantly buying new objects you use everyday (say headphone's, cable's,electric fan? etc) once they start to break down?, or do you tend to try to be a mechanic and repair your objects first and finding out whether it can still live and do its job or if you would really need to buy a new pair of <insert unrepairable item here>?
  9. i- i have no idea what was romantic there >.>.. though i think moral of the story: yandere's are neat
  10. and done, toke myself some time couse of copy pasta and stuff but here we gooooo ;o WARNING: LONG SCROLL AHEAD or something idk man, but its like 11 pages >.> oh and before anyone ask's, yes mia did pass the exam that was given that day, flying colors even ;o
  11. welp, ima try it, lemme try it, ima start mine right now ;o
  12. finished vampyr, major events are 10/10 in the game, mc hella badass

    and i got nothing to do anymore 


  13. i prefer digitally, digital drawing is sooooo 100x easier for me compared to physical/traditional drawing's, mainly couse digital lets you do whole ctrl+z undo command and ctrl+shift+z mainly redo command also i can actually color digital works, i cant color my physical works, unless its black/white only, and also when i also erase a portion using an eraser, smudges are noticeable which adds -10 to charm stats of my drawing which is ughish pretty much this >.>
  14. i see, i see the upcoming event sounds fun!, im not too keen on the whole video part as i, myself, does not exactly having a good camera to do a offline "shoe"ting! (i had to do it, im sorry lmao) you heard it here tonight folk's, stay tuned for any news to come on AF at channel xx, bringing news to your doorsteps
  15. ah, my condolences, and i would have joined the contest myself, but i am of what you say "verybad.png" at poem's, one last question your sire, if you were to host another event/contest, what type of event might it be?!, would you care to let the viewers sneak a peek on the next possible upcoming event ?!
  16. oh hey more opportunity to do on recent happenings, i mean "grabs a coat and mustachio outa + microphone nowhere" how do you feel about the recent events that have been happening around AF (specifically about the event you have recently hosted ?) how do you feel of the recent winner, @Roxeg-san's victory in the ever so glorious poem contest ? how do you feel about me going absent today couse of rain and maybe we wont have a professor?!-- why do they call you Mr. bhutts?!
  17. huh, so from what i read on our group chat on school, here is the list (if anyone knows how to bullet would on status updates be neato to teaching this incompetent kohai~)

    1 - we still have no professor, still >.>

    2 - its raining due to typhoon, thus i can rush the rain like csgo players rush B

    3 - they most likely wont attend (based on real-life findings on what they are saying!) today, so i should maybe just play vampyr >.>

    EDIT: 4 - officially, on our gc, someone said "its alright to go to class on monday", welp i  guess you could say i am buybuy on going to school till monday (byebye)

  18. ayeeee, was helding back on commenting anything related to hide the presence of whom i voted onto till end of contest glad i got this outa my chest, gz (grats) roxeg
  19. and thanks to a certain visual novel (its nsfw : D), i got an idea on a character i wanna make


    i say idea, but what i really mean is i wanna make my own character that has somewhat same hair color as hers


    to bad school is starting, guess ill work on my traditional drawings

    that or bring some knitting equipment tomorrow and, since its 1st day of class ima do some top tier blacksmitting on my bag >.>

    gonna make it into a +10 bag equipment when im done with it

  20. im just a lame artist tho~ also you should neppu, its 5 minutes away to 1am, i know i will couse of school then again idk if i should be the one saying this when i spent my summer break staying up all night every night >.>
  21. i mean, im not sure if welcome to the forums is the right term, when you have been in here for a month, sooooo welcome back to the forums?! guess thats it : D
  22. responsibilities?

    im doing them dont worry, im re reading, mainly skimming through my old notes

    i 100% remember only 20% of the things here, and those are the ones i made an acronym at, also mass of aur rods is faggot cells

    can never forget that >.>


    with that being said, i will go and play vampyr >: O

  23. yea thats the little game i was talking about, i semi understand what is being said before, even if subtitles are different to bad if we actually go to japan, the way they speak will be somewhat shall we say "accelerated" <,< i understand this so well, so god damn well >_>
  24. oh, then everyone's above average on typing i only assumed average based on how fast i usually type and never really checked google sankyu~ it comes with the price of having no life ;o
  25. so was unsure whether to put this onto chit-chat thread, orrrr general anime tab, but nevertheless! was studying (or atleast opened my old notes, to prepare for my upcoming classes) while browsing forums, when i saw @NG-Anime post a thread about dub, and then i suddenly had an epiphany which do you preffer? subbed anime or dubbed anime ? personally, i prefer sub more than dub, dub is fine, thats where i learned to speak english, butttt i somewhat enjoy reading more than just hearing, thus comes subtitles in subs, its rare to see subs in dubbed anime due to how, its kind of already in english so theres little point of them to hassle on it? +/- i semi translate what the characters actually say and compare it to what the sub's say, its somewhat of a fun game i do in my brain when i play games/watch anime what about you ?! do you prefer subs more than dubs?, dubs more than subs? is it depending on who the V/A's on the characters ?!, both ?! lets have a discussion and avoid my studying have fun !
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