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  1. "despite being revived, is still asleep and grunt's around in pleasure pain, saying a few sentence's" m-mother...im sumimasen for being....zzZzZZ "giggles a bit crazy in sleep" "dies in his sleep again"
  2. what the fickle sticks is going in this pickling thread, i just go and wake up and everyone is already frickling on and on about doing some lickle in this tinkle ? but yea, i censor my cuss words most of the time, but surprisingly i havent cussed in this site since day one, shocking genjitsu ;o maybe i did and didnt realize it, but i dont really count minor words being "damn" @Dot.com a cuss to be honest, usually fornication, salt or fork are censored wops -- i mean fornica**on, s**t , and f**k
  3. ya i agree on blue reflection, it reminds me of atelier series, in terms of battle system another game i remembered that's anime themed, a psp title, from the fate series, fate grand order fate/extra, its actually a really well made game, since you can pick a servant (coughtamamoiswaifucough), the main fun goal of fate/extra is the servant vs servant battle, it really got me going think of rock-paper-scissors type of battle, thats how battle works in the game (minus skills, which are i guess in rock-paper-scissors equievalent to...KAMEHAMEHAAAA?)
  4. "hits the floor" ugh such power, its over niNE THOUSANDDDD tell my mother and my senpai...i rested in vain "lives dies"
  5. and as the time is of 1 am, so too does my time to get some nep nep arrives


    is what i wouldn't say if my brother would fix his pc and not use mine >.>

    1. efaardvark


      Totally been there.  I finally broke down and bought my brother a new PC for Christmas so I could get mine back.

      He then proceeded to allow his girlfriend to take over his new computer.  :D  I had to tell him that's not my problem.


    2. Wodahs


      I have spare pc parts , what you need 😛 

      XII360 looks like you were posting a 1am problem at my 1am so you must have a similar time zone then

    3. XII360


      @efaardvark im thinking of doing the same, but he has a job and im just a student, and our age gap is 5 years, i dont wanna be the elder brother in such cases >.>

      edit: that move you did for your brother is also a MVP move, to bad he doesnt appreciate it couse he lets his gf take over his stuff


      @Wodahs at this point, his pc would probably need a whole new set being a model from 2008. but if its a temporary fix, his pc probably just needs a new HDD, not a complete computer wizard, but my diagnosing it and hearing wierd sound on his HDD says its a hard disk problem

      that or its his ram, but i tried using my ram on pc so idk


      also im somewhere in the Phi-ip_-_es ;o

  6. haven't seen the anime but based on my powerful googlefu skills Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Japanese: ネト充のススメ Hepburn: Netojū no Susume, subtitled "Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life") its most likely just another way of reading netoju no susume, the "recovery of an MMO Junkie" one is most likely the official translation for westerners since translating word by word of another language to another language can get a bit.....dicey, sometimes (all the time tbh) translators re-interpret what the official meaning was and just give it an even better title word ..but hey dont take my word for it i can only understand a bit of japanese, and its on vocal and less on symbols ;o
  7. ah, i shall take a slice of the strawberry flavored cake then "takes a knife and cuts a slice of strawberry cake and places it onto the plate, then henceforth begins to eat the cake one slice at a time" my oh my, my lady, do you have any tea i could ingest? i seem to have not brought my tea set for such an occasion!, truly i am a disgrace as a maid of the great Ryu(ji) house.
  8. "takes a seat and runs sits down" wonderful weather were having today my lady, dare i say, what flavor is this cake you have prepared on such a lovely day
  9. gotcha, knowing that helps on deciding a character ;o
  10. sounds fun, i wouldn't mind joining in but this'll be a first for me, so might aswell venture in it darkly with as much info as you have given to us on rules ;o edit: is it restricted to known anime-characters, or can you make your own original character ?
  11. one i recently played that was anime-themed was tokyo xanadu eX+ its kind of like persona meets trails of cold steel meets Y's series ? art style and graphics/interface is very similar to trails of cold battle is very similar to Y's series and story is somewhat like persona 4 (investigations and stuff) but dont expect it to exactly like persona (e.g day by day, march 1 -> 2, itll time skip you a week once you solve a case) other game worth getting (atleast if your playing with other friends) is 100% juicy yuuji orange juice its a board-game-dice-anime-ish game which is kind of fun playing with friends and okay-ish for single player (and its cheapish, around 4eur atm?, and its not discounted yet)
  12. yeaaaaa but, doing my math homework while doing phlebotomy isn't exactly the best idea i wouldnt calculate how much pure blood i collected divided by amount of fats i could possibly have taken along give take we never really used math or atleast in my field, its not required to know allot of math's, minus the basics
  13. and now that im done drawing edna i can play ni no kuni 2


    see you guys next year (sarcasmn)

  14. so ya, how fast can you type in a minute? ill post the site i used for this game as its the one i usually use to see how fast i can type https://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english rules are pretty simple; type as much sentence as you can in one minute and then post your results as direct image for everyone to see ;o or just say what you got, ill start : D also heres translation for non-nerds? keystrokes : 533 - wrong letters: 7 - total: 540 keystrokes
  15. nope theres no anime for it, ive seen most of flaming june/ maeda jun x yanagi nagi songs, they are damn good and could really be an anime >.> this is where it all started for me and all the songs they made are so damn good that you wish it was an anime male protagonist here somewhat also inspired me on a character i drew, thats how good it is >.> on side note the song im listening to atm is
  16. XII360

    Strategy Games

    then i would recommend playing the brigandine GE version 100%, but just a forewarning, its a ps1 title, and is pixelated on everything #Iscalio nation is best nation
  17. XII360

    Strategy Games

    its a ps1 game so you would need to use an emulator brigandine was localized so theres an english native language (but no v/a's if im not mistaken?) but the Grand edition is japanese (never localized ;_;), but contains multiplayer (same screen multiplayer), i somewhat forgot if the patch, translated the story, i think the first bits was translated?, and most essential things needed to know are translated on GE version for patch, if im not mistaken
  18. i will finish that edna drawing today -- love how it was suppose to be a 2 hour project

    but then ended up becoming a one day project couse umbrella distance was not coherent with body height

    ...i dont even know what i said >.>

  19. XII360

    Strategy Games

    niche...i know of one, but my child it is of a very very dusty age, the age of golden but yea one strategy game i remember playing in the past thats reallllly niche is "Brigadine" the GE version up's the game up (grand edition) but it only has english patch and was never localized which makes me sad since it was a 10/10 game you managed troops,capture castles, send heroes to quests to increase stats or find more heroes, and in battle if you murder the hero all the other troops assigned on the hero retreats, but since they retreated they will fight in the next battle, killing troops first before leader yeilds to the hero having less troops on the next battle and etc..etc... i dont wanna spoil to much ;o but for recent one's, i guess, not much of a niche, have you tried xcom2 ?! war of the chosen was a fun expansion
  20. ...that step 2 is brutal, i cant imagine being able to study properly when theres food that must be digested into your stomach to make sleepy while studying i shall try it out next time. well i dont have math subjects anymore (couse, seriously, we never use any "trigonometry" in our class at all just basic +/-/x/division >.>) but your connection method is used allot by my classmates, i never really understood it though, i think its couse i had this inner feeling that, all my studying, is it even really sticking to me ? thats the main reason i always just wrote down everything even answers---atleast since recently good luck on your exams btw ;o
  21. what are your methods of studying? like, say theres a quiz tomorrow how do you usually study for it? personally i used to study via memorization,i made my own questionare on one paper, then had answers on its back page and then, i used to write each sentence in a paper till i could write it down perfectly on the dot. (and this was while listening to music so i would'nt get bored of studying) now a days i still make my own questionare, only difference is the answer is flip-able now, which makes finding the answer easier once i speak it out loud, i also started to read the answers out loud rather than writing them down on the dot, i sometimes listen to songs while i study but i mostly dont now, couse id rather be in bed once my study materials are ready what about you ? ;o
  22. huh i didnt know there was a name change thread, but then whats the purpose of point name change >.>? but yea, id like to request a name change from Ryu -> XII360, since i dont wanna confuse ryuji senpai when he see's a "ryu" we cant have two ryu's in this forum >.> many thankies~ oh right and thanks to <wedgy> for directing me, i woulda just earned points tho if he didnt tell me >.>
  23. 1.5k points left before i can chance my username so it wont be confusing for ryuji-senpai yatta <3


    side note, drawing edna from zesteria, ima post it here when im finished, hopefully today ;o



    i hate drawing hands tho its hard ;s

  24. anime's, game's, Visual novel's, it all applies to me after watching Log Horizon i had the sudden urge to play an MMORPG and become a tank class and protect my teammates, but it was in vain due to the fact i could not find a fun mmorpg i could get into (+ im so shy that i couldnt even talk to my teammates ruining it for me >_>) one thing in relation after watching a game, reading a novel, or playing a game is that i always have the sudden urge to draw a character and have their personality based on that characters personality (or atleast similar to their personality, i.e the main heroine is a tsundere or yandere, the character ill draw will be one of either most likely) lets say i read a visual novel revolving a maid, well thats how my Avi came to be >.>
  25. when you want to sleep, but then there are people playing board games and one of them is in your bed so you cant sleep


    what did i doo~

    to deserve thiss~

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