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  1. jesus 33 mods?, you have one hell of a super computer >.>, feels like i will lag hard if i have that many mods turned on and not sure if i can join it, i mean due to time difference, atm its 04:40 my time (gmt+8 here) could join but feels eh couse in a few days im going back to school and i wont be allowed to stay up all night like i do right now ;s
  2. well since its a broad statement (non-specific, im assuming aslong as its romance itll be fine?) have you tried .... twilight? jk, i couldnt resist >.> but for reals its not an anime --- more of a visual novel that im reading through but it is very vanilla as far as i read through it, its called "fureraba" (i think its on steam?) other one is "magical marriage lunatics/march" tho as i have said, they are "visual novels", and aside from fureraba, i dont think magical marriage has SFW content? (being ero scenes) also, i dont think either of them have anime?, bright side, they are better love stories than twilight
  3. bought my copy on steam when it was discounted which was around 7eur game is actually very VERY grindy, but you wont feel the grind if your playing with friends heck if anything you might get bored of the game (atleast in my sense?) fast if your playing alone, but playing with friends tho' its allota fun thats for sure more grindy but more fun (couse your gonna have to share resources and wood/rock wont be farming itself, and unless your all pitching in on the farm then its gonna be slightly hard to manage food/resources) whats the mod tho ? ;o, we played it without mods (maybe a 2 mods being natural babies mod and other one i forgot?)
  4. i certainly didnt miss you at all couse im new, not one tiny bit! how long ago have you been gone ? if you dont mind me qestioning ;o
  5. how do you reply from stuff profile comments lmao im such a noob in this >.>


    maybe if i up my post count ?!

    1. XII360


      wait no false alarm everyone i got it under control the fire should be maintained now >.>

  6. Tales Of Zestiria(PC) trying to beat (SPOILER ALERT) (how do we spoiler tag?) (SPOILER ALERT) (SPOILER ALERT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) edna's brother, but then he keeps healing and i cant beat him...and then i googled and they said i cant beat him early and im level 60 i know i can do it >.> (SPOILERS END ABOVE?) seriously tho if you guys can teach me how to spoiler tag >.>...
  7. water: H2O food: well being honest haven't eaten anything since morning probably gonna eat a burger later tho >.>
  8. i would but then that wouldnt be vanilla for my waifu unless its a harem then we can get "freaky" with each other
  9. thank you : D the light still somewhat bothers me, im glad the layout/theme is dark on the forums : D and ya i drew them o.o, it was kind of hard, im planning on drawing for my profile cover photo, once i get the feeling : D im not that good tho wouldn't you be known to the forums then? o.o wait will that even apply as a "hi guys im new post" or will it be a "re"torn" post?!? ...ill show myself out <.<
  10. Name: Ryu (its an Alias i use online : D) Favorite VN: hard to say, but if i had to choose one...Kamidori alchemist meister?, it had the most impact on me on all the Vn's ive read Random fact about yourself: wheres the random button?, jokes xD, i read vn's more than i watch animes ;o how did you get into reading Vn's: well it all started with kamidori, and then i went to grisaia, from then forth ive been interested in reading vn's, (though on some parts itll be more eroge-ish, sometimes itll be pure vn'-sh i guess thats about it for my intro's, hope we have a good time talking about vn's guys ;o
  11. found this website literally while i was in the bathroom with my phone, i wrote on google "ANIME FORUMS" since i missed the golden days of when i was with AnimeUltima and this website was the first thing to pop up, so i just clicked(pressed) it and then i lurked a bit and then i made an account and then im here ;o
  12. moshi moshi~, i actually, am 100% unsure how to do this even though i lurk threads/forums~ i used to be a member of Animeultima, but im not sure if anyone else here was in it, but now AU is kill/dead so i didnt join any forums due to the fact that i didnt find any fun ones and ya, hello everyone ;o
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