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  1. water: H2O food: well being honest haven't eaten anything since morning probably gonna eat a burger later tho >.>
  2. i would but then that wouldnt be vanilla for my waifu unless its a harem then we can get "freaky" with each other
  3. thank you : D the light still somewhat bothers me, im glad the layout/theme is dark on the forums : D and ya i drew them o.o, it was kind of hard, im planning on drawing for my profile cover photo, once i get the feeling : D im not that good tho wouldn't you be known to the forums then? o.o wait will that even apply as a "hi guys im new post" or will it be a "re"torn" post?!? ...ill show myself out <.<
  4. Name: Ryu (its an Alias i use online : D) Favorite VN: hard to say, but if i had to choose one...Kamidori alchemist meister?, it had the most impact on me on all the Vn's ive read Random fact about yourself: wheres the random button?, jokes xD, i read vn's more than i watch animes ;o how did you get into reading Vn's: well it all started with kamidori, and then i went to grisaia, from then forth ive been interested in reading vn's, (though on some parts itll be more eroge-ish, sometimes itll be pure vn'-sh i guess thats about it for my intro's, hope we have a good time talking about vn's guys ;o
  5. found this website literally while i was in the bathroom with my phone, i wrote on google "ANIME FORUMS" since i missed the golden days of when i was with AnimeUltima and this website was the first thing to pop up, so i just clicked(pressed) it and then i lurked a bit and then i made an account and then im here ;o
  6. moshi moshi~, i actually, am 100% unsure how to do this even though i lurk threads/forums~ i used to be a member of Animeultima, but im not sure if anyone else here was in it, but now AU is kill/dead so i didnt join any forums due to the fact that i didnt find any fun ones and ya, hello everyone ;o
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