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  1. and done


    well, partially, i plan on doing the same thing i did for sora-chi (which is multiple expressions)

    but i feel proud...sooooo.....KOREWA DOWDA~!

    time to play that game from compile heart tho'

  2. before; and after skirt drawing

    im still not used on drawing skirts -- or legs -- so theres that >.>



    also -- gonna finish this -- and then play death end re;quest, mainly couse of the glitchy/yandere vibes i saw on the 2nd game >.>


    792541_1597782281727.png aka this >.>

    what can i say ?, im a simp for yanderes

    i could die, but hey,  as the 2000's would say, yolo

  3. K, so my new canvas size should be 800x900 for full body arts


    lowkey, toke me like 2-3 hours, drawing the legs


    which gave the character im drawing...dwarfismn >.>

    girl, those tiny legs? with those big thighs ? 

    i cant even >.>

    but i get it now, THIS IS HOW IM GONNA DO IT

    I DRAW THE BODY (up to stomach)


    seriously, how do great artists, art >.>

    and here i did some lewds already <_>

  4. ghost of tsushima getting co op ?

    now i really need to save some cash to buy it >.>

    and since it can be played with story, i guess i wont be playing it, so i can be surprised when i play it with a friend

    also; update on drawing mi-tan


    im having a hard time on armpit, probably couse im not used to it >.>

    also, its a known fact that, im not good at drawing hands, sooo...

    had a few help on thisimage.thumb.png.cdb51402b6eb2f6d03467a7f2d2d6b2a.png

    and by few help -- i dont mean i watched the vid, i mean, i just looked at the lines, and somehow, i understand how things works >.>

    seriously, breasts are somewhat connected to body, im no girl, so i cant imagine how boob physics work <_>


    poses i draw are -- generally ones i did irl, NGL

    which means, i actually am doing that peace sign

    i get stared at by my brother too >.>


    lastly: god bless digital art; i cant draw this well, had it not been for digital

    you have no idea how many erasure i did for hands >.>

  5. image.thumb.png.d321b5e3785d2bf80b5f9ed86d5b29f8.png

    huh, i thought i drew mi-chan in her regular clothing with my new artstyle, but i cant seem to find one...

    guess that's what im drawing >.>

    i guess ill start with a new character sheet ?

    was planning on doing a manga with my OC's, but since its lacking character sheet...>.>

    guess ill do just that


    saw this and i had to share

    cant wait for him to hit NA >.>

  7. and im done with sora-chi art-sheet

    did so many expression, this is my first time doing so many in one panel, i went from 800x600 to 800x800 >.>


    incidentally, just a short intro on sora-chi


    Miyakawa, Sora -- often referred as "Sora-chi" by Mimi (the green-haired mimic) and "Sister Sora" by her fellow Nun/Religion, and "Miyakawa-san" by his childhood friend, Kou (haven't made character design or story of him yet >.>)

    and that's about it

    ...what >.>

    i said short intro >.>, i didn't say her backstory >.>....

    1. Omega-Sama


      Bro you got a very unique art style man! I love it keep it up fam

    2. XII360
  8. internet slowed down (someones probably downloading pawrn.meme)

    and phone is lowbat..soooo...

    image.thumb.png.7e8b26864803a9d26f86282f2c845dc9.pngmay aswell finish this to lessen my art load >.>

  9. i-i dont mean to be the breaker of feelings...but its also not my type of content -- and its precisely due to the music, ngl >.< but im sure someone in the forums digs those? cannot vouch anyone though
  10. but yea, today, i plan on catching up on the current FGO event (summer)

    which means --- i aint drawing jacksh*t >.>

    its almost done, just two expressions left (well, 1 and 1/2, couse i already did the rough sketch for other one...sooooo)

    should be done in a day or two, drawing them doesnt really take long tbh, due to being half body and shizzles

  11. im not sure of the details....but i think that's the fake website, or the one copying AF-forums? (but you said it was 4 years ago... so....idk >.>) feels like i've heard/seen of the name Ascended Vegeta somewhere though, cant remember where/when, but i feel i've seen him before nonetheless~!, hey! and welcome to AF-forums! i love your passion on making AMV's, i looked up your youtube channel, and saw you've been making those vids for 5 years (be it only few uploads, but thats how it is from the start --, even i drew little arts, when i just started) and yea, you can post your links/advertise in the "my stories" or "status updates" and, if you stay long enough...(e.g., active and friendly to other users and the such) im pretty sure theres a "super sekret club" somewhere in the forums, dunno whats the passcode/criteria for it though edit: almost forgot, shanabestgirl
  12. but yea, long post ahead, skip to bold text for tldr;

    woke up at 8am, ate foods, and then rested a bit, at 9am i went and walked/jogged a bit towards hospital i used to intern at with a single goal in my mind: to donate blood!


    ...arrived at 10:30am, didn't see a guard in the entrance, but i figured theres not much changes anyway, so went up to Blood bank section, saw few people in line, so waited a bit

    was wierd in the hospital, i knew a few, but i also didnt know allot of people (go figure, they hired new staff couse there are no more interns in there, due to covid)

    i still greeted some of the staff who went pass me, but i didn't bother trying to enter the pathology section, due to whole social distancing and stuff, and i wouldn't know what to say, aside from greet >.>

    might just get in their way


    but yea, waited a bit, 11:00am, nurse-chan asked me if i had a clearance (covid questionare), and i was like "wait wa", and she told me to ask the guard for details

    so went to guard, did some covid screening (there really wasnt though, just some fill up of some questionare form), and went back, being in line

    at 11:30am, i just knocked and saw a nurse that i knew during internship days, so she allowed me inside, and i easily filled some other blood donor forms, -- and everything was going well, until they checked my BP (blood pressure)


    it seemed my BP was high, and i somewhat knew why -- ITS BECAUSE MY DUM-DUM BRAIN WALKED ALL THE WAY TO HOSPITAL ON A HOT DAY, AND I WAS FULL OF SWEAT

    so yea, i got checked twice but my BP was still high ish, i told them im active in life in terms of exercising, so that helped me a bit (couse there are different values for those whom exercise allot)

    in the end though -- i had to meditate for a full hour to lower my BP -- at 12:40pm, i got my BP checked, and it was still semi high (not high high, but slightly), nurse-chan said it was fine i guess, since i really wanted to donate blood, i guess it wont hurt, + i looked good, and its not really hypertension-level high BP, sooooo


    got my blood drawn, and after 5 minutes, blood donation was done, i then rested for 15 minutes -- 5 minutes laying down, and 10 minutes upward sitting position -- to avoid being dizzy and stuff


    and then, i said my thanks, went to the blood bank laboratory -- and said my greetings, and i quote

    "Hi maam...Bye Maam" >.>....

    basically i just wanted to greet them couse one cool staff saw me, so i felt it would be rood to just leave without saying anything

    and then they said hellos and asked wtf i was doing, and then i told them and stuff on how im a donor and stuff


    one staff there went and said "wait have this"

    and gave me a ballpen -- WITH ALCOHOL IN IT


    i then thanked them, and went home --- walking >.>

    did stop a few times couse heart rate: ITS OVER NINE THOUSANDDDDDDDDDD

    oh and i guess, my sweat level: moist AF


    and then i got home at around 2:30pm, or 3pm, unsure -- rested a bit and also ate until 5pm (by rest, i mean play gacha games), which is the start of my online classes -- segwaying my art shiz while listening to the professor --

    and yea, thats about how my day went


    TLDR: woke up, went to hospital to donate blood, delayed for 3hours to relax a bit, went home, studied while drawing


    here are pics of my adventure today xD





  13. so i was drawing angry face

    while studying

    and somehow

    this happened >.>



  14. image.thumb.png.3b3d9e097552b5295cdc3ef53bcb42e9.pngwelp, 2 few more artsy's and im done with this drawing


    give me an expression, and ill draw sora-chi in that expression xD

    (gonna draw one where she's angry, but should still have space to draw other expression's too!)

    1. efaardvark


      How about Aqua's sort of an "I am not impressed" + "you gotta be kidding me" expression?  Whatever it was it was perfect.  :D 


    2. XII360


      @efaardvark basically, aqua image you posted ? i can do that 

      but isn't that pretty much just a smug face >.>


  15. welcome back to the forums or short visit of your childhood memories xD
  16. i saw this on YT Recoms, so im obligated to post it


  17. heyo~ and welcome to AF-forums~ i was summoned via the all-mighty-tag-kun, (thanks @Wedgy) and i must say, i am also a decent artist~! [albeit; i just recently found my wanted art-style] im also, currently at the procrastination stage, but yknow >_>... would thy' blesseth thee, with thy graceful artworks ?! (tl note: lemmeh seeh your works >: o)
  18. hm...


    i believe this is what people call


    i am become the embodiment of boredom


    i would draw, but my brother is using it (edit: my headset, i generally listen to songs while drawing, i probably forgot to write this couse, brain_dead.exe)...couse voice chat reasons

    so right now, i am, absolutely, bored

    ...ima go download pathologic 2, it looks fun <_>


    dont wanna invest too much time on playing though, seeing as how im studying, and wanna draw stuff


    give take; 


    im somewhat done on drawing sora-chi's character sheet


    i just wanna draw a few more other expressions/positions, cause, why not

  19. image.thumb.png.152e7a6286d7c8f29c790c1c0667d7d9.pngdoing a proper sora-chi character design, and not a lewd one >.>

    it was suppose to just be a face -- being i wanted to test a new style on eyes -- which barely changed -- was trying to copy/learn how this eroge's way of drawing eyes was

    and idk, all i did was put an extra white line on eyes >.>



    maybe couse your way of drawing eye's doesnt use blending x-sama, you dum-dum


    ill probably finish this....tomorrow?, if not tomorrow, probably this week, depends really, how studious i will be

  20. i posted it on my gallery, feel free to check it out

    its prettyyyy NSFW tho'

    drawing saliva was....hardfun

    and with this, i am return to studies >: o 

    i got 3 eroges in line to finish though, this is gonna be challenging for my....mentality >.>

    1. EvaUnit69


      I approve. Very much

    2. XII360



  21. i said id do it, and i sure as hell did it >.>


    its not finished

    i still have to actually pour milk on her mouth

    i am lewd : D


  22. im probably gonna draw a Kiara (FGO) version of this

    why ?

    BECAUSE, well, i i drew the mouth open, and that was what i was really aiming for, when i drew this

    but, since it felt wayyyy to NSFW (whoa, so i find those "melk spill" to not be nsfw enough, and not forgetting that sora-chi is half-neked)



    i also learned how opacity/blur works, so i somewhat improved on that part

    im god damn surprised i never used them

    i still dont wanna use vector layers though, its so annoying >.>


  23. ...how did i end up drawing this >.>

    im not sure if its nsfw-ish, but just to be safe, ill spoiler it



    i just wanted to draw an open mouth



    eat a hotdog <.>

    ...i may go all the way, and draw milk on her >.>

    i also, just, lowkey, wanted to draw a pink haired girl, I DIDNT MEAN FOR IT TO END THIS WAY

    im not sorry

    1. EvaUnit69


      All's well that ends with hotdogs and milk

  24. you may have all wondered where i have been...


    i've been in my house

    self quaranting

    : )

    also i've been playing one of my favorite monster girl-management--eroge---game, so there's that



    alraune best girl --- FIGHT ME

    followed by salamander

    followed by mermaid

    followed by elf

    followed by slime

    man almost everyone in this is a "best girl" >.>...


  25. XII360


    same here, touhou is intriguing af to me, the characters specificially especially how youmu beat reimu this past popularity poll
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